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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All Star Wrestling = British Wrestling At Its Very BEST!

Courtesy of Oliver Newman:

Company: All Star Wrestling
Date: Friday 1st February 2008
Time: 7:30pm
Attendance: 600 (Sell-Out)
Price: £12
Location: Oakengates Theatre, Telford, England.

Karl Kramer vs. Zulu Prince

The fans chant “Zulu, Zulu” as the contest begins. Lock up with Kramer getting the better of it (pushing Prince back into the corner and slapping him), Prince is incensed and chases after Kramer with his fist but at the last second refrains from punching. “Fatty, Fatty” chants directed at Kramer. A second lock up takes place this time Prince pushes Kramer into the corner and breaks cleanly (Kramer uses this to push Prince) who once again chases Kramer with his fist closed ready to strike, but just like the first occasion he refrains at the last possible second. Kramer picks up his first public warning for a closed fist shot to Prince, Kramer then locks in the sleeper as the ref checks the arm. Prince gets a surge of adrenaline and fights back with clotheslines and a shoulder barge for a two count, Prince finally slams Kramer for another two count. Prince continues the offence with a bulldog and clothesline but gets caught with a boot and a vicious slam by Kramer who finishes the match via a top rope splash.

Match Time: 14 minutes
Winner: Karl Kramer

My Thoughts:
Good long opening match allowing a story to be told. Kramer’s power vs. Prince’s speed and quickness, Kramer’s power allowed him to control long parts of the match but Prince’s speed and quickness meant at any point out of nowhere he could win the match. Fans were fully behind ASW newcomer Zulu Prince and almost led him to victory but on this night Kramer’s power was just too much.

USA vs. England
Bryan Danielson vs. Phil Powers

Handshake is shared by both competitors as the match starts. Lock up with Danielson arm-dragging Powers, the fans respond to Danielson’s “USA, USA” chant with an “England, England” chant. Danielson continues the attack with hip-tosses and a slam. Powers fights back with hip-tosses and dropkicks of his own leaving Danielson heading for higher ground. “England, England” chant starts up once more, Danielson offers Powers handshake (with crossed fingers that the audience can see) Powers falls for it and pays with a kick and an uppercut by Danielson flooring him. Danielson comes off the second rope with a knee drop and quickly applies the Canadian Mapleleaf as the fans chant “England, England” once again. Powers kicks Danielson off and nails a slam driver for a two count, Powers quickly follows up with a swinging neck breaker but Danielson crotches him as he attempts a high risk move. Powers regains his composure and pushes Danielson off, but misses with the subsequent missile dropkick attempt. Danielson uses his ring smarts and rolls Powers up in a schoolboy pin and with his feet on the ropes picks up the three count.

Match Time: 14 minutes
Winner: Bryan Danielson

USA 1-0 England

My Thoughts:
One of my reasons to attend this show was to see Bryan Danielson in action and he did not disappoint. He and Powers produced a good technical wrestling match,. Danielson started off as a sportsman (via the handshake) but when things weren’t going his way he became sneakier and more of a rule breaker (even picking up a public warning). Powers was resilient in fending off Danielson’s expert picking apart of his leg, Danielson’s change in approach actually worked (wrongly or rightly) when he picked up the pinfall victory.

USA vs. England
Gangrel vs. Doug Williams

“Doug, Doug” chant starts up causing Gangrel to start jawing with the crowd, who respond with a “Who are ya?, Who are ya?” chant. Lock up which Gangrel gets the best of pushing Williams back into the corner. Gangrel misses with follow up forearms allowing Williams to hip-toss and dropkick Gangrel until he hastily leaves the ring. Williams continues the attack with a basement dropkick and then forcefully brings Gangrel back into the ring. Gangrel applies the sleeper with his feet on the ropes (unbeknownst to the referee), Williams manages to fight out and returns with a European uppercut. Gangrel blocks Williams’s punches and replies with a back elbow, but the follow up roll up pin only gets a two count. Williams fights back once more with his high knee strikes and an uppercut for a two count of his own, a back drop follows but as Williams attempts a sunset flip Gangrel grabs hold of the ropes and picks up the win.

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner: Gangrel

USA 2-0 England

My Thoughts:
Good match. Williams was a surprise announcement for me and a welcomed one! Gangrel with his cheating and rule breaking was the perfect foil for Williams’s technical wrestling prowess and these two elements created a good solid wrestling match. Once again Gangrel could not put Williams away and had to cheat in the end to do so. England might have lost 2-0 on this night, but they can dispute both losses and will win the series somewhere down the road I believe!


Robbie Dynamite vs. Metal Master

“Get them spikes off” barks Dynamite, the ASW fans clap and stamp as the match gets underway. Lock up Dynamite pushes Master off, leg trips are traded producing an ECW like stand off. Neither competitor can get a clear advantage with their opponent slipping out of moves, the mirroring continues as headlock takeovers are reversed out of by both men. Dynamite applies the wristlock but Master just as quickly flips out and applies a hand twist. Dynamite crotches Master on the top rope, but Master punches back knocking Dynamite off, and connects with a flying shoulder tackle. Chops and Forearms are traded as the contest becomes hot and heavy, Master hit’s a perfect float over DDT and leg lariat to continue the attack. Master connects with an Asai moon-sault but gets caught when attempting a suplex, which Dynamite skilfully reverses into a DDT. Master is able to regain his composure and finishes the match with the Jackhammer, causing the ASW fans to go insane!

Match Time: 14 minutes
Winner: Metal Master

My Thoughts:
That was a great match! Mixing both technical wrestling and high flying which produced a breathtaking experience for the ASW fans. Master and Dynamite meshed well together, and once again with the time given both were able to give their very best for the fans. With Master picking up the win against the Middleweight Champion the ASW fans could well see a Title match between the two down the road and I for one would love to be present if/when that takes place!

A list of Birthday’s are run through (with each kid introducing themselves), a raffle and finally plugs for shops where All Star Wrestling posters are displayed.

Main Event
Canada vs. England
Rene Dupree & Quebeccer Pierre vs. UK Dream Team (Kid Cool & Deano)

Inaudible French Canadian promo, followed by “You have no respect for 3 Time Tag Team Champions!”. The Canadian national anthem then plays, interrupted by UK Dream Team’s entrance music. “Who are ya?” chants directed at Dupree and Pierre, Dupree wants the females to stop looking at his bottom. “England, England” chant starts up as Deano applies the headlock to Pierre, “Deano, Deano” chant starts as Deano bounces off Pierre (after attempting a shoulder block). Pierre’s shoulder knocks Deano down again but with the help of Cool and a pair of double dropkicks the UK Dream Team take the advantage and clear the ring. Dupree gets his first public warning for double teaming Cool for too long, Deano angry at the refereeing gives the ref an earful which only helps Dupree & Pierre in double teaming Cool. Cool fights back with an elbow to Dupree and then finally makes the tag to Deano! Who quickly takes over with a Superkick to Dupree and a 6-1-9 on Pierre, Deano covers Dupree (Pierre accidentally splashes Dupree trying to break up the cover) allowing Deano to connect with his patented second rope moon-sault for the three count.

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner: UK Dream Team (Kid Cool & Deano)

My Thoughts:
A good heated way to end the show. The fans were fully behind the English team whilst despising everything that the Canadians did (underhanded or otherwise). Power vs. Quickness was the theme for this match also, with Dupree & Pierre providing the power and Deano & Cool providing the quickness. The two teams worked well together to produce a good old school tag match, with England winning their first match of the evening.

Canada 0-1 England

Overall Thoughts:
Kramer vs. Prince was a good opening match. Danielson vs. Powers was a good technical match. Williams and Gangrel meshed well together to have a good match, Master vs. Dynamite was high paced, excellently wrestled and just a great match! Pierre & Dupree vs. UK Dream Team was a good old school tag match and a good way to end the show. ASW once again proved why it’s the best British Wrestling promotion with a fantastic card of wrestling (with each match give ample time to entertain the fans) and a sell out crowd, they do the easy things right and the fans respond in their droves by continuing to support the product.

Match of the Night:
Robbie Dynamite vs. Metal Master

For more information on ASW check out their website: http://www.bigtimewrestlinguk.com

If you would like to contact me: www.myspace.com/brummieol