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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Based On Storylines And Wrestling That Was A Truly Fantastic Show!

Courtesy of my man, Raven ... I mean, Oliver Newman:

Company: AWW
Date: Friday 15th February 2008
Time: 7:45pm
Attendance: 180
Price: £5
Location: Bescott Crescent, Walsall, West Midlands. WS1 4TS

Trying a new addition to the report (post match comments) where I give wrestlers the opportunity to speak their mind. I hope you like the new feature! Now on with the report……

Stu Smith is your Ring Announcer for the evening.

Geraden vs. ‘Human Hate Machine’ Moralez

“Shrek, Shrek” chant starts up directed at Moralez. Lockup sees Moralez take the advantage by pushing Geraden off, the fans clap as Geraden fights back with kicks, punches and a clothesline unfortunately for him they have little effect on Moralez. Moralez throws Geraden off and quickly hits with a vicious senton! Moralez continues the assault with his infamous clubs and a big slam “Come on” Moralez shouts before once again jawing with the fans. Moralez connects with a big chop before taunting Geraden and the AWW fans with “This is your hero!?” That seemed to light a fire under Geraden as he fought back with forearms and an Enzuguri but a follow up high cross body has no effect as he bounces off Moralez! Moralez quickly follows up with a Tiger driver but that only manages a two count, the fans rally behind Geraden again with “Geraden, Geraden” chants, this isn’t enough as Moralez quickly ends the contest with a head butt/club combination.

Match Time: 7 minutes
Winner: ‘Human Hate Machine’ Moralez

Post match comments:

Moralez: “Do you want any more you little b******!” (Thoughts on Geraden), When asked about Geraden’s tag team partner Tommy Gunn “I look forward to head butting you again!”

My Thoughts:

Although a great showcase for Moralez’s power and skill, Geraden looked pretty poor in comparison as he was squashed by the much larger man. This would turn out to be the only questionable decision I felt that AWW management made on this night, but with the match that was subsequently announced it makes logical sense. Neither Geraden or Tommy Gunn could defeat Moralez on their own, so they have decided to team up against him at Aston Uni.

Queer as Folk (’Real Man’s Man’ Jules Lambrini & Desirable Danny D) vs. Clarke Foundation (‘Star Man’ Mark Clarke & Matt Clarke)

An hilarious “Break a nail” chant starts up directed at Lambrini, lockup but Lambrini quickly breaks the hold (by grabbing the ropes), on the second lockup Lambrini ducks under and starts disco dancing. “Too much self tan” the AWW crowd shout, Matt kicks off and waist-locks Lambrini but much to his chagrin Lambrini likes it as he bends at the waist! Matt is startled but continues with an Irish whip and follow up sunset flip but Lambrini just sits down directly on Matt’s face! Lambrini kicks D inadvertently whilst Matt tags in Mark, Mark fires up on D with chops to the head and face before the Clarke’s use Lambrini as a battering ram on D. The double teaming continues as Lambrini is Irish whipped into D, Lambrini falls backwards and D lands on his ’Jules’. The Clarke’s follow up with a hook bomb and the match is over.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winners: Clarke Foundation

Post match comments:

Clarke Foundation: “Hoping to be a top tag team in AWW (Thoughts on AWW Tag Division), we will take any challenge! Watch out, the Clarke‘s are about”.

Jules Lambrini: “Canal street, bigging it up with my homos” (When asked what is next for Jules Lambrini)

Desirable Danny D: “I’m not gay, I’m open minded!”

My Thoughts:

That was a highly entertaining back and forth tag match. Lambrini is quickly becoming my favourite AWW Wrestler as he is highly entertaining and you never know what he might do next. D plays the partner role well and together Queer As Folk are a great tandem who bring great entertainment to AWW. The Clarke’s showed the potential I have said they have on numerous occasions, getting the better of Queer As Folk when a lesser team would have fallen for their shenanigans.

Nick Knight vs. Dan Ryder w/Miss Ryder

The AWW fans clap and chant “Fat arse s***” at Knight, Knight doesn’t seem fazed and easily pushes Ryder off before taunting the crowd “look at these arms!” Knight puts Ryder in a headlock before changing to a wristlock, Ryder flips out and ducks a possible clothesline attempt but a lariat by Knight turns Ryder inside out. Knight pushes Miss Ryder down and that makes Ryder go absolutely ballistic! Hitting Knight with everything he has as the crowd chant “F*** him up Ryder, F*** him up” as Ryder is in the ascendancy Spud makes his way to the ring and with the referee distracted (making sure Miss Ryder is ok) Spud is able to hit with a Stunner, with Ryder out (despite looking on in disbelief moments earlier) Knight climbs the turnbuckle and delivers his Frog splash for the pinfall victory.

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner: Nick Knight


Spud continues the assault on Ryder, even with some of the fans chanting for him Spud retorts with “I don’t need your cheers” with the damage seemingly done Spud leaves. Ryder however manages to return to his feet and with microphone in hand has some choice words for Spud before challenging him to a 1 on 1 match in the main event of the evening, Spud grudgingly accepts.

My Thoughts:

This was an ok match where I believe it was more about storyline continuation then going out and having the match of the night. The main objective of the match worked though as Spud and Ryder built up more hatred and it led to the main event of the show, so from that perspective job done.

Mad Dog Maxx vs. Mat Mensa


The fans go crazy for the returning Mad Dog Maxx (Maxx hasn’t wrestled for AWW since losing a Cage Match to Dan Ryder back in November 2007). Maxx gets right up in the crowd’s faces before letting out an “ooooooooooooooooooooooooh” which scares a young girl to tears as she cowers behind her father. Maxx takes the microphone “Shut your stinking mouths up or I’ll kick your teeth down your throat!” Maxx continues “I walk around amongst you (Maxx is from Walsall) garbage eating, dole dusting tramps (the fans boo loudly) I’m the greatest wrestler in AWW”. The fans cheer loudly for hometown hero Mensa as he makes his way to the ring.


Slaps are traded mid ring, Mensa gets the better of the exchange and quickly fires off with chops, an arm-drag, a hip-toss and a slam much to the delight of the AWW fans. Mensa is caught off guard with a HURRACANRANA by Maxx! Who boasts to the crowd about how great he is. As he is boasting Mensa fires back with a hurracanrana of his own. Mensa quickly follows up with a dropkick causing Maxx to leave, Mensa follows and the two brawl around the Saddlers Club as the fans clap and cheer them on. The fans clap as Mensa attempts a high risk move but he is caught and crotched by Maxx who summons his Cruiserweight powers once again with a Franken-Steiner off the top rope. Maxx shouts out for a “lariat” but the time taken to boast allows Mensa to block and with the quick removal of his singlet straps he connects with a Perfect-plex for a close near fall. Mensa attempts a waist-lock but Maxx positions himself in the perfect position for a low blow and with a devastating lariat the match is over.

Match Time: 18 minutes
Winner: Mad Dog Maxx

Post match comments:

Mat Mensa: “I couldn‘t have wrestled a better wrestler (Thoughts on opponent Mad Dog Maxx), it was a good solid match and I‘m looking forward to a bright future in AWW”.

Mad Dog Maxx: “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh”

My Thoughts:

That was a really good match, highly enjoyable from bell to bell. Mensa’s AWW debut couldn’t have gone any better as he was inches away from beating one of the very best that AWW has to offer. Maxx returned with a bang also performing like he had never been away from AWW at all. The Cruiserweight moves were a sight to behold and added to a great all around contest.

BB Steele vs. Marcus Kool vs. ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine


“Metro-faggot” chant starts up as Steele and Devine form a strategy for dealing with Kool. Kool takes the time to sit with some of the fans before returning to the ring, Kool and Steele start the match so Devine decides to take a seat in the crowd himself. “BBS***, BBS***” chant starts up much to the chagrin of Steele.


Kool uses this distraction to slap Steele across the face, Devine checks himself out in the mirror as Kool and Steele continue to fight. Kool ducks under an attempted clothesline by Steele and connects with a shoulder knock down, motioning “You can’t see me” before fist dropping Steele. Kool continues the offensive with a head scissors and an arm-drag as Devine continues to watch on. Forearms and slaps are traded between Steele and Devine before Kool fires back with a desperation double clothesline, Kool quickly follows up with a side effect on Steele and a 6-1-9 on Devine. Kool is unstoppable (it would seem) as he lays Steele out with a Swanton bomb and connects with a Super-kick to Devine but just as he thinks it’s all over, Steele sneaks up from behind with a Back-cracker and with the 1, 2, 3 that follows wins his first match in OVER a year.

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner for the 1ST TIME in over a year!! : BB Steele


Steele celebrates like West Bromwich Albion have won the Premier League and leaves with Devine’s deodorant spray and mirror. Devine and Kool return to their feet face to face and after jawing with each other, punches are thrown and after Kool connects with a Spear the two brawl around ringside until AWW Roster members (Geraden, The Clarke Foundation and ’Sik’ Nik Dutt) separate the pair. Kool has the last word “I’m going to kick his stupid arse” the fans reply by chanting his name.

My Thoughts:

That was a good solid match between three of the best in AWW. The match told a great story as for long periods it was a handicap match vs. Kool, but when it came down to it wrestler’s ego caused Devine and Steele to argue and it almost cost them the match. As Kool did look invincible during the conclusion, unfortunately for Kool he took his eye of the prize for a split second and it cost him dearly. The Kool and Devine showdown after the match has added even more intensity to a great feud thus far.

Post match comments:

‘Metro-Sexual‘ Danny Devine: “I’ll do my talking at Aston Uni” (When asked about Marcus Kool)

BB Steele: “I‘m going to break his arm, his nose and he will regret the day he took AWW Championship shot away from ME!” (Thoughts on Lee Hunter)

Spud vs. Dan Ryder

After Spud spends way too much time jawing with the crowd Ryder grows angry and finally pulls Spud into the ring. Ryder continues the attack with a back body drop and a clothesline, before both men take the action around the Saddlers Club, when the action returns to the ring Spud begs off “Lets be friends” allowing him to catch Ryder unawares with an eye poke. Ryder is able to regain his bearings and after a leg trip connects with a standing moon-sault. Spud attempts a Super-kick but Ryder catches him and inadvertently knocks the referee down, Ryder attempts an RKO but Spud skilfully reverses into a Stunner (but the referee is still down) “Spud’s a loser” chant the fans. Miss Ryder checks on Ryder, Spud grabs her and threatens to urinate on her but Miss Ryder is able to break free and low blows Spud! Ryder returns to his feet and quickly connects with the RKO as the fans cheer him on (with the referee now back to his feet and in the ring) Ryder goes up to the top rope and flies off with his patented 450 Splash for the three count.

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner: Dan Ryder

My Thoughts:

That was a good match and a great way to end the show. I thought Ryder was being built up as an afterthought as the main event was originally supposed to be Carnage vs. Spud, but with Ryder obtaining a clean pinfall victory over Spud he is now right back in the picture come Aston University.

Post match comments:

Spud: Spud shouted obscenities and left (When asked about Dan Ryder & Carnage).

Dan Ryder: “Toothless and Fat” (Thoughts on Carnage) “Midget arse licking tosser” (Thoughts on Spud)”

Overall Thoughts:

I wasn’t happy with the way Moralez squashed Geraden (but it makes some sense from a storyline perspective), Queer as Folk vs. Clarke Foundation was a highly entertaining tag team match. Ryder vs. Knight helped progress the Ryder vs. Spud storyline so job done, Mensa vs. Maxx was a great all around contest and won my match of the night. 3 way match was a good solid contest and helped progress Devine vs. Kool feud. Spud vs. Ryder was a good match that helped add a lot of mystery to just who will win 3 way TLC match this Friday night! Like the title says this show had some good wrestling and excellent storyline progression and with an attendance of 180 on it’s debut show in Walsall, things are looking good for AWW.

Match of the Night:
Mad Dog Maxx vs. Mat Mensa

Next Show:
THIS Friday Feb 29th "The Big One 2008"
Aston University Student's Guild, Birmingham, B4 7ET
Tickets £8.00 standard, £6.00 students, OAP, concession (if you show valid student ID, wrinkles or false teeth)
Starts at 8.00PM.

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