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Monday, February 18, 2008

Dan Ryder & G ’The Ghetto Superstar’ Put On A Wrestling Clinic At PTW ’New Beginnings’

Courtesy of Oliver Newman:

Company: Power Trip Wrestling
Date: Saturday 2nd February 2008
Time: 6:30pm
Attendance: 40
Price: Adults £7, Children £5, Family of Four £20.
Location: Netherton Village Hall, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4SR.

Peter Staniforth walks down to the ring with ‘Golden Gloves’ Paul McSherry, seemingly not happy at being in Netherton he calls the fans ‘Northern monkeys’ and continues "I'm not saying you Northerners are inbred, but when I looked in the local phonebook; you all had the same surname" That insult was one to many for the fans (one fan in particular) who makes his way into the ring, where he is pummelled by McSherry and taken away by St John’s Ambulance Crew.

‘Golden Gloves’ Paul McSherry w/Peter Staniforth vs. Matt Myers

McSherry poses before locking up with Myers, the two competitors proceed to trade wristlocks before McSherry applies the full nelson. Myers skilfully reverses out into a wheelbarrow bulldog as the fans clap. McSherry levels Myers and then jumps coast to coast to deliver a devastating Van Terminator! McSherry shows off his kick boxing skills (with Myers crotched on the ropes) and quickly follows up with a senton (from outside to in on the downed Myers) before connecting with a Jackhammer for the three count.

Match Time: 4 minutes
Winner: ‘Golden Gloves’ Paul McSherry

My Thoughts:
McSherry looked impressive as he basically squashed Myers! Not really enough time to see if McSherry is the ‘real deal’ but he made enough of an impression to show that maybe he could be just that in time. The first time the ring announcer made this hard for me to write as without results being posted I had no idea McSherry faced Matt Myers, unfortunately this would be a theme of the night.

‘The Natural Superstars’ (Nathan Irwin & Darren Mason) vs. ‘100%’ Dan Edge & Kyle Ashmore

Edge tells the fans “I’m the most entertaining thing to enter your lives since the invention of Television”. ‘The Dark Angel’ Mayhem makes his way to the ring, and into the corner of Edge & Ashmore, Ashmore and Mason trade dropkicks and hip-tosses in the early going as neither man can get an advantage. Mason and Irwin show the fans a unique double team move (slingshot into a spine buster), following with a Mason knee to the face and a splash by Irwin. Mayhem chokes Mason while the ref is distracted the fans chant “Darren, Darren” Mason fights back with clotheslines to Edge and tags in Irwin. Irwin goes on the attack with dropkicks to Edge (but with the referee distracted by Ashmore & Mason fighting in the aisle) Irwin gets levelled by a Mayhem spear and is pinned by Edge.

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winners: ’100%’ Dan Edge & Kyle Ashmore

My Thoughts:
A number of errors at the beginning of the match stopped it from being a good contest. Irwin’s enthusiasm and charisma added a lot to the match and almost made up for aforementioned errors; a couple of unique and innovative double team moves helped the crowd get back into the match. Once again the ring announcer made it difficult for me as I knew ‘The Natural Superstars’ as Darren and Primadonna before reading results.

Winner is allowed ringside for PTW Cruiserweight Title Match
Geraden vs. ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine /w Ms. Ryder

The fans clap for Geraden and boo Devine as the match is about to get underway, Devine attacks from behind but Geraden quickly fights back with a hip-toss and arm-drag sending Devine out of the ring. Geraden follows but is slapped by Ms. Ryder for his troubles, Devine takes advantage of this and rams Geraden into the steel ring post back first. Devine taunts the PTW faithful with “Is this all he’s got”. Devine continues the attack with a backbreaker which garners a two count. Dan Ryder is watching the match intently from the stage; Geraden goes on the offensive but is caught by Devine who applies the backbreaker stretch! “Tap, Tap” Devine shouts but Geraden reverses out with knees to the head, Geraden continues the offence with back elbow strikes and with a follow up RKO seems to have the match won! Until Ryder distracts the referee, allowing Ms. Ryder to crotch Geraden as he attempts a high risk move, Devine takes advantage of this with a spike DDT from the top rope for the three count.

Match Time: 6 minutes
Winner: ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine

My Thoughts:
For the 6 minutes given that was a damn good match! Devine and Geraden’s styles meshed well and that produced a good outing for both men, Ryder’s interference made logical sense as he would like the numbers game to play a part in the outcome of his PTW Cruiserweight Title match later on. Good booking and a good match = a good job all around by PTW management. My only qualm is the match would have been even better had it been given the time it deserved!


Mr. Portugal vs. Jay Cool w/Peter Staniforth

The PTW fans clap as the competitor’s lockup in the centre of the ring. Cool gets the advantage pushing Portugal back into the corner, a second lockup allows Portugal to push Cool back into the corner and on the break he high fives Cool! Portugal uses Cool’s bemusement to apply a wristlock which Cool reverses into a headlock before Portugal returns with an arm drag of his own. Cool asks Portugal to “Watch the wiggle” as he wiggles his finger in the air Portugal does and feels a slap from Cool, Portugal tries to return the favour but Cool is too smart and slaps him again! Cool chokes Portugal on the ropes allowing Staniforth to smack Portugal in the head with his patented clipboard, he then boasts to the referee “You can’t do anything to me!” Portugal fires back with a series of dropkicks and with a fame-asser is able to put Cool away for the win.

Match Time: 6 minutes
Winner: Mr. Portugal

Staniforth, Cool and Portugal have an impromptu dance-off which is short lived as ‘The Dark Angel’ Mayhem and 100% Dan Edge make their way to the ring. Mayhem wasted little time destroying Cool and Portugal with vicious choke slams before Shabazz ran in for the save.

My Thoughts:
Decent match for the time given, a few good comedy moments (including watch the wiggle). But the match really ended before it had a chance of getting going, 6 minutes seems to be the theme of this show as thus far very few matches have gone over that time limit. Mayhem’s destruction was fine as it led to crowd favourite Shabazz making the save.

Damned Nation (Dragon Aisu & Cameron Kraze) vs. Mojo & Martin Kirby

As Damned Nation make their way to the ring a few over zealous 1PW fans try to cause a commotion, Kirby and Mojo get the crowd going so much so that Damned Nation threaten to go home. When a dance-off is proposed Kraze hilariously replies “We have moves we just choose not to use them”.


Kirby and Kraze start off the match with Kraze knocking Kirby down via a shoulder block. Kirby immediately fights back with a flying back elbow off the second rope. Fans clap as Kraze tags in Aisu who forces Kirby into a corner but misses with a follow up chop. Kirby ducks under an attempted Aisu clothesline and replies with a dropkick, but Aisu fights right back with forearms and chops, before Kirby makes the tag to Mojo. Aisu hit’s a lariat on Mojo; Kirby connects with a cross-body on Aisu before Kraze hits his patented Titanic on his knee! Kirby and Mojo fight back with a double clothesline before Kirby connects with poetry in motion, he might have celebrated a little too much as Aisu and Kraze catch him in their elevated downward spiral for the three count.

Match Time: 18 minutes
Winner: Mojo & Martin Kirby

The fans boo Damned Nation as they leave and cheer and clap as Kirby & Mojo make good on their promise of a dance-off, even getting the referee (who looked a lot like Ric Flair) to do the worm!

My Thoughts:
That was a good match! Both teams worked well together and the fans reaped the rewards of a competitive back and forth tag team match. Kraze although new to team Damned Nation worked well with Aisu, I have never seen Kirby and Mojo team before but they also worked like a well oiled machine. 18 minutes was more than enough time and I now see this is one of the reasons why other matches on the card got less time.

PTW Cruiserweight Title
G ’The Ghetto Superstar vs. Dan Ryder © w/Miss Ryder & ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine

Ryder ducks out of the lockup and takes the time to comb his boots! With his boots thoroughly combed he returns to G and engages in a test of strength where he manages to put his boot below G’s jaw and drops down in a move I have never seen before!! “I’m running rings around him” Ryder boasts as he circles the downed G, Ryder applies the headlock but G pushes off and returns with a Japanese arm-drag, hip-toss and finally a leg lariat which sends Ryder out of the ring. Punches are traded centre ring as both competitors look for an advantage; G gets the best of it and connects with a picture perfect tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Before following up with a backdrop to his knee, Devine sees his partner in trouble and distracts G allowing Ryder to arm himself with a pair of brass knux (unbeknownst to the referee) but as Ryder attempts to attack G he CLOCKS Devine, G takes advantage with a schoolboy pin becoming the NEW PTW Cruiserweight Champion! 3-some commiserate Ryder as they bark “We lost but we’re still beautiful”

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner and NEW PTW Cruiserweight Champion: G ‘ The Ghetto Superstar’

My Thoughts:
That was a fantastic match! A feud that has been building for several months now, clicked in amazing fashion on this night. Any critics of either mans wrestling ability are surely put in their place right now as Ryder and G wrestled a clinic in front of the PTW fans. The match told a great story as Ryder did everything he possibly could to put the resilient G away but he couldn’t, he tried to cheat (it backfired) and with that a new champion was crowned. The time limit was fair for the match but given the way it was building if it had have been allowed 5-10 minutes more we might have been looking at an early match of the year candidate. Well worth the price of admission alone!

Stevie Lee vs. John Chapman

Chapman endears himself to the PTW fans  “This is a pikey northern town” Lee uses this to arm-drag Chapman to a “We hate Spurs” chant. Lee is caught on the wrong end of a slap after a second lockup, Chapman follows up with shoulder thrusts and a dropkick before removing his Tottenham Hotspur Shirt (much to the chagrin of the PTW fans). Lee slams the mat for fan support and fires back with a chop and a snap-mere for a two count. Chapman returns with a huge boot to the face but is caught by Lee in a quick pin for the three count.

Match Time: 6 minutes
Winner: Stevie Lee

My Thoughts:
That has to be single hardest match report I have ever done! Once again huge problems with microphone and ring announcing quality meant I knew both men by the outfit’s the were wearing!! The match once again was cut short and never had a chance to amount to anything, although the effort was there from both competitors.

Main Event
For the VACANT PTW Heavyweight Title
‘Exotic’ Leo Dekker vs. Shabazz w/Peter Staniforth

The fans chat “Gay boy, gay boy” at Dekker, Dekker applies a waist-lock and transitions into a snap-mere. Dekker continues the offence with a wristlock and shows his devious side by stamping on Shabazz’s hand, Shabazz fights back with an arm-drag and Dekker heads for higher ground with blood coming out of his nose! Shabazz attempts to bring Dekker back in but just plays into his hands as once again he gains control of the match. “Shoe pants” is the unusual yet unique chant by the PTW fans, double clothesline leaves both men laying as the referee starts his count. A chop/punch trade commences, Dekker grabs Staniforth who smacks him with his clipboard, Shabazz follows up with an atomic drop and an RKO to become the NEW PTW Heavyweight Champion!

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winner and NEW PTW Heavyweight Champion: Shabazz

‘The Dark Angel’ Mayhem and 100% Dan Edge make their way to the ring, Mayhem spits in Shabazz’s face and the two face off with Mayhem getting the better of Shabazz with a couple of spears. Mayhem then places Shabazz’s title in a cross like manner, Staniforth apologises to the Northern PTW fans as they shown their worth by supporting Shabazz. He then attempts to make Shabazz vs. Mayhem but before he can an angry Shabazz lays down the gauntlet to Mayhem!

My Thoughts:
A good back and forth match to end the show with. Dekker was competitive in losing so he really didn’t lose much in the eyes of the fans. Shabazz proved why he is one of the most valuable players in PTW with another good solid performance, the Mayhem interference from earlier in the night made more sense following this match. Although I have yet to see Mayhem wrestle a 1 on 1 style match I’m sure the upcoming match vs. Shabazz should be a good one.

Overall Thoughts:
Paul McSherry looked impressive! Nathan Irwin showed great personality in his tag match. Geraden vs. Devine was very good for the time allowed. Mr. Portugal vs. Jay Cool was a decent comedy match, Tag match was very good but may have gone a little long. Ryder vs. G was fantastic! Lee vs. Chapman was very difficult to write about. Shabazz vs. Dekker was a good solid main event. The major problems on this night were in the ring announcing and lack of a working microphone, which made my job incredibly difficult. 40 people attending a show is a pretty poor attendance, but PTW still has a young, hungry roster who want to achieve great things. So if the errors are eradicated PTW has a lot of potential going forward, what the future holds for PTW? We shall see………

Match of the Night:
PTW Cruiserweight Title
G ’The Ghetto Superstar’ vs. Dan Ryder ©

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