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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DVD REVIEW: G.L.O.W.’s Greatest TV Moments DVD Boxset

Courtesy of Steve Rockamaniac:

“Direct from the fabulous Riviera hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, It’s the show that’s got it all! Action, Laughs, Excitement, and the world’s favourite feisty, funny females.. The All New GLOW!” It was the famous opening words of the syndicated Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling television program which would then be followed by the GLOW girls singing the theme song puns and all. But when the “Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling” first hit the airwaves in the late 1980’s, I was too young to watch and appreciate what GLOW had to offer, But in recent years when I would speak with those a few years older than I, they often put over the very unique product that GLOW had to offer.

Now those who once loved the cultural phenomenon that was GLOW, or for those like me, who never got a chance to see these ladies in action, Big Vision Entertainment has put together a 3 DVD boxset highlighting the greatest TV moments of the 1980’s classic. This set is a collection of Volumes 1 through 3 of the Very Best of GLOW, which had been released in separate volumes last year. Each DVD contains a complete 45 minute episode of GLOW, which features all the classic characters, their well known segments and of course the in ring action.

For those who have never seen GLOW this truly is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The show is a mix of female wrestling action and Saturday Night Live Comedy Skits. A typical episode would open the way I described off the top of this review and would then feature a GLOW Gossip segment hosted by Tiffany Mellons where some corny jokes would be made in relation to the stories mentioned. For example “Roxy Astor just broke up with her recent boyfriend after he claimed to be a diamond cutter, but that was only half true as Roxy found out that he actually mows the lawn at Yankee Stadium” Other well known segments include Godiva’s bare facts, Zelda’s Zingers and An examination with Doctors Fiel and Grope. They are all ways to tell super corny jokes, but in a very odd way this is entertaining. The announcer Mike Morgan is full of corniness throughout his description of the matchups as well.

The most important of all segments is the weekly installment of “Life in the GLOW house” which is a look in on the latest happenings where the girls of GLOW all live. More on this in a moment.

The matches are also very 1980’s TV style but with a twist, As the girls don’t have intro music, instead a pre tape video plays of them singing a rhyming theme song that in one way or another describes their character. The matches are not overly long running about 5 minutes in length. Also if you remember WWF Superstars, and how a promo cut by the superstar wrestling in the ring at the time would play in a small picture in picture video box, there is also one here in GLOW, except the promos are cut on the opponents they are currently facing.

Some of the famous GLOW girls are Babe The Farmer’s Daughter, Hollywood who is constantly stealing things from people, And the most famous of all GLOW girls has to be Tina Ferrari who would later be known as Ivory in the WWE.

Looking at each specific volume you can expect the following matches…

Volume 1: Babe “The Farmers Daughter” vs MTV (Melody Trouble Vixen), Hollywood vs Roxy Astor and Libert & Justice vs Daisy & Dementia. Plus the big main event of a 21 girl 10,000$ Battle Royale.

The subject of “Life in the Glow House” on this volume sees Big Bad Mama upset that the house’s trash had not been taken away by the city so she decides to run for mayor and challenges the current mayor to a debate. It’s a udder classic! As is the Don’t Drink and Drive Promo thrown in to close out the episode.

Bonus Materials include a GLOW scrapbook, which is actually very cool as it has real newspaper clippings about GLOW. Also two bonus matches are on Vol.1 which has Broadway Rose and Hollywood against Thunderbolt and Lightning, Also in a handicap match, Mt. Fiji VS The Widow & Star.

Volume 2 features The Widow vs Ninotchka, Tulsa & Babe vs Beastie & Daisy, Tiffany Mellon vs Tanya, Big Bad Mama, Hollywood & MTV vs Thunderbolt, Lightning and Mt Fiji. And the main event for the GLOW crown of Rubies, which is their version of a world title, see’s Godiva vs Cheyanne Cher.

The bonus materials are important as Tina Ferrari, who as I mentioned would later be known as Ivory in the WWE is featured in two matches, one against Attache in a submission match and the other has Ferrari teaming with Ashley and Little Fiji to take on Angel, Hollywood, and Vine.

Volume 3 features Vicky Victoria vs Daisy, Big Bad Mama & MTV vs Zelda & Mt Fiji, Cheyanne Cher vs Beastie and Godiva vs Ninotchka. The single’s matches are part of a tournament to crown a new champion.

The episode of Life in the GLOW house is a must see as it’s entitled “A date to remember” where Big Mama, Stinky and Hollywood trick Daisy into thinking that Donald Trump has asked her out on a date!!

Bonus matches include Beastie and Star vs Mt Fiji, and Big Bad Mama with MTV against Cheyanne Cher and Vicky Victory.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the footage, as this 1980’S series has transferred and held up well on DVD. If you’ve never seen GLOW, for the price it costs, Id recommend picking up a copy, its literally a wrestling treasure. If you watched it back in the day, then this will be your blast from the past.

The GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING’S GREATEST TV MOMENTS BOXSET is now available from Big Vision Entertainment for the impressive price of 19.98$, for more information head on over to www.bvdvd.com or check out the promotion’s official site at www.gorgeousladiesofwrestling.com and feel free to stop by The Main Event’s Reviews section at www.maineventradio.com/reviews.htm for tons of other DVD and Book Reviews.