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Friday, February 29, 2008

FCW Saturday Noon Port Richey, 8pm Ft Myers

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

This Saturday Florida Championship Wrestling returns to the USA Flea Market for a 12 noon event. The Market is located at the corners of US 19 and SR 52 on the Port Richey/Hudson border.

*BATTLE ROYAL! $5,000 Grand Prize!*

5. 7 Ft Giant Titan, Afa, Heath Miller, Steve Lewington, Eric Perez, TJ Wilson, Eddie Colon, Rycklon, Sheamus, Ted DiBiase Jr, Johnny Curtis, Sinn Bowdee, Brad Allen, Mighty Mikey, Kevin Kiley, Nic Nemeth, Hade Vansen, Tommy Taylor, Chris Gray, Gabe Tuft, Kafu, Brandon Groom, David Mercury, and Joshua Masters

4. Victoria VS. Nattie Neidhart

3. Hade Vansen VS. Bryan Kelly

2. Sinn Bowdee VS. Greg Jackson

1. Kafu VS. Gabe Tuft

Then FCW returns to Ft Myers and Ricochet Night Club, 3853-B Cleveland Avenue in the K-Mart shopping center. Doors open at 7 with an 8pm belltime. Admission is $10 dollars. Due to city ordinace all patrons must be 21 and up unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian Want to find Ricochet online: http://www.ricochetnightclub.com/index.php


Afa VS. WWE/ECW Hardcore Legend, Tommy Dreamer

Billy Kidman (Challenger) VS. Jake Hager (Champion)

"Handsome" Heath Miller & "Sterling" Steve Lewington (Challengers) VS. "The Puerto Rican Nightmares" Eric Perez & Eddie Colon (Champions)

Big Rob VS. Ted DiBiase Jr.

"The Natural" Nic Nemeth & "The Campus Legend" Brad Allen VS. "Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson & Gabe Tuft

Sheamus VS. Mighty Mikey

Victoria VS. Nattie Neidhart

"South City Thriller" Hade Vansen VS. Johnny Curtis
Florida Championship Wrestling is the developmental territory for World Wrestling Entertainment owned and operated by Florida wrestling legend Steve Keirn. FCW allows the future stars of the WWE a place to train and perform in front of a live audience each and every week. The FCW roster boasts 2nd & 3rd generation wrestlers including Afa Jr. (WWE Hall of Famer’s the Wild Samoans), Ted DiBiase Jr. (son of the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase), Nattie Neidhart (the legendary Hart family) and Eddie Colon (Puerto Rico's Colon family.)

They are part of an excellent roster of athletes that includes: FCW Florida Heavyweight champion Jake Hager, FCW Southern Heavyweight champion "Handsome" Heath Miller, Mighty Mikey, "The Natural" Nick Nemeth, "the Campus Legend" Brad Allen, Big Rob, Rycklon, Mr. Yamamoto, "the Carnival Freak" Sinn Bowdee, "South City Thriller" Hade Vansen, "Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson, "the Thoroughreds" (Johnny Curtis & Kevin Kiley), "Sterling" Steve Lewington, The 7ft Giant Titan (managed by "Rough House" Ralph Mosca), Sheamus, "Puerto Rican Nightmare" Eric Perez, Brandon "the Greek" Gabe Tuft, Kafu, "Thee Superstar" Christopher Grey and "the Rascal" Tommy Taylor. Don’t forget the gorgeous FCW Diva’s Victoria Crawford, Maryse, Daisy, Miss Angela, Tayrn Terrell and the Bella Twins (Nicole and Brianna)

Check out www.fcwwrestling.com for more information on local events and bios on the superstars!