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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Florida Championship Wrestling 2/5/08 Results: DiBiase Jr. Returns!!

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

(1) “The Natural” Nic Nemeth & “The Campus Legend” Brad Allen defeated Brandon Groom & Tommy Taylor.

(2) Jake of the Gymini defeated Sheamus via DQ

(3) In the mini-tournament to face Morrison/Miz, “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon defeated Gabe Tuft & “the Thoroughbred” Johnny Curtis.

(4) In the mini-tournament to face Morrison/Miz, “Handsome” Heath Miller & Steve Lewington defeated Bryan Kelly & Rycklon.

(5) In a Diva’s grudge match, Nattie Neidhart defeated Victoria Crawford.

(6) Mighty Mikey defeated Big Rob (w/ “the Natural” Nic Nemeth).

(7) “Stamped Kid” TJ Wilson defeated “Thee Superstar” Chris Gray.

(8) Ted DiBiase Jr. won a 6 man, 4 corner elimination match defeating Jake Hagar, “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee, “South City Thriller” Hade Vansen, Afa Jr. and 7 FT Giant Titan (w/Mosca).

After a controversial ending to last week’s event, Florida Championship Wrestling returned to Bourbon St. Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey for its February 5, 2008 event. Wrestling legends Mike Graham and Carlos Colon were in attendance.

(1) “The Natural” Nic Nemeth & “The Campus Legend” Brad Allen defeated Brandon Groom & Tommy Taylor.

Before the match Nemeth sent Big Rob to the locker room to get ready for his match, after he introduced Allen as a new member of their family. Taylor and Groom didn’t care who their opponents were and showed them by controlling the match for several minutes. Their momentum was stopped in its tracks when Nemeth kicked out of Taylor’s attempt at the figure four and Allen hit Taylor with a clothesline. But Taylor was able to tag in Groom before Allen could be tagged in. Groom hit Allen with the airplane spin and Taylor hit him with a missile dropkick. But as the referee put Taylor out of the ring, Nemeth snuck in with a cheap shot and rolled Allen on top for the win.

(2) Jake of the Gymini defeated Sheamus via DQ

You read that right, Jake of the Gymini took on the Irish powerhouse and early on it was a straight out power attack from both men. Twice Sheamus was knocked down by shoulder tackles and on the third exchange he went for a clothesline but was leveled by a flying shoulder tackle. Sheamus slid to the floor to rethink things when Jake grabbed him, but Sheamus grabbed hold of Jake’s neck and hit a Hot Shot. Once back in the ring Jake recovered and laid in the body shots until he ducked too soon and Sheamus lowered a forearm to his neck. This allowed Sheamus to work over Jake with a chinlock. But Jake fought to his feet only to be corner whipped and hit with a power slam for two. Sheamus went for another corner splash but this time Jake was nowhere to be found. Jake went to the power moves and hit a spinning neckbreaker for two followed by the TKO when Mr. Yamamoto came out and spewed the dreaded green mist into Jake’s eyes. Just when it looked like Jake was going to be double teamed, Jesse slid in from a ringside seat and attacked both men. He challenged both men to a tag team match on next week’s event.

FCW held a two week tag team mini-tournament to determine the opponents of WWE Tag Team champions John Morrison & The Miz at the February 15th Florida State Fair event. The following two matches in this summary will face each other on February 12th.

(3) “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon defeated Gabe Tuft & “the Thoroughbred” Johnny Curtis.

Last week Curtis and Kevin Kiley lost to Perez and Colon. This week he had a new partner who didn’t seem intimidated by the veteran team. They focused their attack on their opponent’s left side of the body. Nothing stopped Tuft and Curtis that was until Colon snuck into the ring as the referee was occupied but Tuft and tossed Curtis shoulder first into the ring post. Colon and Perez took turns locking Curtis in submission holds but none of them made Curtis tap out. Tuft actually hurt his partner as Curtis had a pin and the referee was busy putting Tuft out of the ring. Perez got himself in trouble when he dropped too soon and Curtis kicked him right in the chin and followed with a leg lariat. This allowed Tuft to tag back in and take on both men. This worked for a while but the number game was too much and as the referee put Curtis out of the ring, Tuft fell to a double team back suplex into a neckbreaker.

The representative of the FCW Southern heavyweight champion “Handsome” Heath Miller came out before his big match tonight to host his HAPPY HOUR. He claimed online he had a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT and he was going to unveil it tonight. But before he told everyone what it was he brought out Steve Lewington who had some explaining to do after hid actions last week. Lewington said it was in his best interest to help Miller last week because it got him one step closer to getting the Southern Heavyweight championship. Miller said his huge surprise was he wanted Lewington as his tag team partner tonight in the mini-tournament. Lewington agreed to put his differences aside at a shot to WWE World championship gold but he was interrupted by “The Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon who said they had just talked to ECW GM Armando Alejandro Estrada who said he was coming to Bourbon Street next week to see Perez and Colon advance to the 2/15 event. They said they didn’t care who their opponents were and that was when Rycklon & Bryan Kelly hit the ring for their match with Lewington & Miller.

(4) “Handsome” Heath Miller & Steve Lewington defeated Bryan Kelly & Rycklon

Kelly and Rycklon weren’t looking ahead to the Fairgrounds and went after Miller with a power attack. Lewington tagged in and went move for move with his former partner Rycklon trying to get control. Rycklon briefly won and brought Lewington to his side of the ring where Kelly tagged in. But Lewington was able to power Kelly to his side of the ring and tag in Miller who was hit with a back suplex. But when Kelly went for a corner splash, Lewington pulled his new partner out of way as the referee was busy getting Rycklon to his corner. Lewington and Miller did a good job of beating down Kelly but not that good of a job as Kelly was able to tag Rycklon back in. Rycklon went with a power attack but it was stopped short when Miller hit a spinning neckbreaker-like move to win.

In an unplanned interview, “Rough House” Ralph Mosca and the 7 Foot Giant Titan came out to the ring. Mosca said since he took over the advisory role with Titan, the Giant has been undefeated and won two number one contender battle royals. Mosca proclaimed himself “the King of Hardcore in Florida” and said after Titan wins tonight’s six man elimination match he was going to 100% guarantee Titan would be the Southern Heavyweight champion.

(5) In a Diva’s grudge match, Nattie Neidhart defeated Victoria Crawford.

This match came as a result of last week’s match against the Bella Twins where Crawford & Neidhart had a heated verbal exchange. It seemed Neidhart expected Crawford to be a push over but Crawford went hold for hold with the 3rd generation star. But it quickly went from wrestling holds to a knock down hair pulling fight. The referee was able to restore order and get both diva’s to get back to the wrestling and they did when Crawford backed Neidhart to a corner. But Crawford’s attempt at a head scissor was stopped as Neidhart dropped Crawford on the ring apron and hit a spear to the gut. Back in the ring Neidhart hit Crawford with a facewash and a dropkick to the ribs before going for the sharpshooter. But her attempt was countered by Crawford but Neidhart was able to counter into an abdominal stretch, with some help from the middle rope. Crawford was able to hiptoss out of the move and dropkick Neidhart. Crawford hit a Polish Hammer and a standing Bookend but got two. Frustration began to show on Crawford and she got a bit sloppy. It allowed Neidhart to lock in the Sharpshooter to get the submission victory.

(6) Mighty Mikey defeated Big Rob (w/ “the Natural” Nic Nemeth).

These two men have been facing each other in tag team matches for weeks and FCW decided to let them face off in a singles bout. Immediately Rob showed who had the power advantage by tossing Mikey around the ring on several lockups and shoulder blocks when Mikey went to the ropes. Rob challenged Mikey to a test of strength and Mikey accepted, but he regretted it when Rob picked him up with one arm, dropping Mikey back down before disjointing the left shoulder. Mikey tried to fight back several times and was finally successful with chops to the chest. But Rob caught him in the air on an attempted cross bodyblock and he tossed Mikey to a corner before scooping him up in a bear hug. Mikey held out and escaped the hold and went for a sunset flip but Rob blocked it and picked Mikey up in a double hand chokeslam. But Rob was slow to go for the pin and Mikey kicked out at two. Rob went back to the bear hug as Nemeth screamed at Mikey to tap out. Mikey nearly lost when his arm dropped twice but he powered up on the third drop. But Rob tossed him to a corner where Rob ran into Mikey’s boots and Mikey hit a cross bodyblock for two. Mikey went to the ropes for a move but Nemeth grabbed him. As the two men fought for control Rob attacked but decked Nemeth instead. Mikey snuck up from behind and rolled up Rob for the win. This didn’t sit well with Rob who charged out of the ring.

FCW Commissioner Steve Keirn came to the ring to address the fans about the status of the promotion. He brought up recent visitors to the shows like John Cena, Beth Phoenix, the Big Show and tonight we had legends Carlos Colon and Mike Graham. Mr. Keirn showed off the new FCW Florida Heavyweight championship that will be given to the winner of a match on February 15th. He said next week WWE Diva Eve Torres and ECW GM Armando Alejandro Estrada would be here. Keirn told Mosca he liked how he mentioned his hardcore background and next week if Mosca was man enough he was going to face “The Innovator of Violence” TOMMY DREAMER!!!!

(7) “Stamped Kid” TJ Wilson defeated “Thee Superstar” Chris Gray.

Before the match Thee Superstar had some words for everyone. He said it was a disgrace he had to wrestle in this piece of crap venue. This only angered the fans who considered Bourbon Street their home. Wilson decided to do his talking with wrestling moves that kept Gray on his butt for several minutes. Wilson went for an armbar submission but gray was able to make his way to the ropes causing a break. The duo faced off in a test of strength which was won by Gray who swept out Wilson’s legs. But Wilson used some leverage to get to his feet and send Gray scrambling to the floor. Gray figured out what his next move was and was getting Wilson to the mat after several forearm shots. Wilson fought out of a chinlock but Gray sent him to the mat with a shot to the ear. Gray went back to the head and neck with the chinlock but Wilson got to hit feet a second time, blocking a Gray hiptoss. Wilson followed with a dropkick to the face and a spinning kick to the ribs and another dropkick. Wilson hit a Northern Lights Suplex for two but he missed a slingshot elbow drop. This allowed Gray time to recover and hit a DDT with a legsweep for two. Gray countered out of a back suplex but he couldn’t avoid Wilson, who grabbed hold of Gray’s left arm and sat into a judo submission hold which got Wilson the win.

(8) Ted DiBiase Jr. won a 6 man, 4 corner elimination match defeating Jake Hagar, “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee, “South City Thriller” Hade Vansen, Afa Jr. and 7 FT Giant Titan (w/Mosca). A coin toss determined who was in the ring 1st while the other four remained on the apron, which were Titan and Bowdee. This was the order of elimination:

**Afa eliminated Titan by pinfall.

**Sinn Bowdee eliminated Vansen by pinfall.

**Afa eliminated Bowdee via pinfall.

**Jake Hagar eliminated Afa via pinfall.

Remember Tuesday nights you can see FCW live at Bourbon Street Night Club.

February 12th matches already announced:

“Rough House” Ralph Mosca vs. ECW’s “the Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer.

“Handsome” Heath Miller & Steve Lewington vs. “Puerto Rican Nightmare” Eric Perez & Eddie Colon with the winner advancing to the 2/15 match with WWE Tag Team champions John Morrison and the Miz.

Plus ECW GM Armando Alejandro Estrada and 2007 Diva contest winner Eve Torres will be in attendance!!

Coming to the 2008 Florida State Fair, well you better on Friday February 15th to see FCW live at 6 & 8PM in the Entertainment Hall. Be there early because before and after the events you can meet the wrestlers for photos and autographs. WWE Hall of Fame member “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes plus WWE tag team champions John Morrison & The Miz are going to be in attendance, more names will be announced later.

FCW will return to the Jewish Community Center on Saturday February 23rd with an 8pm belltime.

Be looking out for information on our TV tapings to begin on Thursday February 28th in Tampa.

On Saturday March 1st FCW returns to the USA Flea Market on US 19 in Port Richey for a 12pm show. Followed by an evening show at Ricochet in Ft. Myers 8pm.

For more information on the FCW Superstars log onto www.fcwwrestling.com