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Monday, February 25, 2008


Courtesy of Rich Tate's GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com:


Results from Friday night's Southern All-Star Wrestling at the Bakery in Millersville, TN, for a crowd of 110: Shane Eden beat J-5. J-5 worked Eden after the match until Chris Bomb made the save; Chris Eckos beat Drew Haskins; J-5 versus Chris Bomb went to a double countout; Arrick Andrews beat Chris Cain; The Tennessee Violence Authority beat T.J. Harley & Rex Sexton; and in a SAW TV Title Match, Damian Adams (champion) went to a DDQ with Rick Santel. The next TV Taping is February 29 at the SAW Arena (1214 B, Louisville Highway in Millersville, TN). 8 PM bell time with Mason Raige, Damian Adams, Boogie Woogie Boy, Arrick Andrews, The Tennessee Violence Authority, Rick Santel, Paul Adams, T.J. Harley, Rob-Roy McCoy, Tribal Nation, Big Rig Bully, Law & Order, and more. SAW will be in Columbia, TN, on March 1, at Freddie Morton's Auction House (700 Woodland St.), with Boogie Woogie Boy versus Rick Santel, Tribal Nation versus Law & Order, Chris Cain versus Chris Eckos in a 2 out of 3 Falls match, Void versus Shane Morton, and the debut of Steve O. SAW starts on the ION Network in Middle-Tennessee, Saturdays at high noon beginning April 5. (Larry Goodman)

United States Wrestling Organization results from February 22 in Nashville, TN, at the Stadium Inn (Attendance – 126): Gordon opens the show by bringing out USWO Champion Kid Kash, who says he cannot wrestle tonight due to having to catch a plane to get to a family emergency. Chris Michaels comes out and they do a mutual respect deal where Michaels offers to step in and take on Mitch Ryder in Kash's place later tonight. Kash agrees and allows Michaels to defend his belt as well, promising a real title shot next week if he wins. (Well, that's the way I interpreted it.) New York Gangster b Shane Smalls. Damien Payne & Lee Cross (w/Fetish & The Diva Lisa Fayzon) b White Tiger & Dyronic when Payne pinned Tiger. USWO Jr. Champion Petey Wright b Zack Storm after a restart that occurred due to Storm using the ropes to pin Wright. Steve O b Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles). Portia Perez b Hailey Hatred. Mark Anthony (w/Charming Charles) b Bushranger Kelly. Post-match, Anthony wrapped a chair around Kelly's head and went to stomp it. USWO Promoter Tony Falk made the save but got attacked by Anthony. In the melee, Michael Jablonski appeared for the first time since losing a loser leave USWO match, coming through a side door but was held back by security. Falk promised Jablonski would be reinstated by next Friday. LT Falk & Cousin Jason X & Steven Green vs Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix & JC Crowe when USWO Tag Champions Falk & Jason got stereo pins on Quarisma & Phoenix. Chris Michaels b Mitch Ryder. Announced for next week were Kash defending (presumably vs Michaels), Anthony vs Jablonski, and a Renesto-Steve O rematch. They are having a 7th Anniversary show on 3/7 with names to be formally announced next week. (Larry Goodman, courtesy of Jimmie Daniels)

Total Nonstop Action will be taping for iMPACT! at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, tonight and tomorrow night. Admission for tapings is free. Call (407) 224-6000 for more info. (Rich Tate)

Florida Championship Wrestling will be at the Bourbon Street Night Club in New Port Richey, FL, on February 26, beginning at 8:30 PM. Admission is $7. Advertised: Afa, Jr., versus Ted DiBiase, Jr.; Jake Hager defends the FCW Florida Heavyweight Title against Rycklon; the Puerto Rican Nightmares (Eric Perez & Eddie Colon) defend the FCW Florida Tag Team Title against Heath Miller & Steve Lewington; Brad Allen & Nic Nemeth versus Johnny Curtis & Kevin Kiley; Hade Vansen & Big Rob versus T.J. Wilson & Gabe Tuft; and Mighty Mikey versus Sheamus. There will also be divas in action, featuring Nattie Neidhart, Victoria, Daisy, and the Bella Twins. Lewington will be the guest for Handsome Heath’s Happy Hour. (Rich Tate, courtesy of Alan Wojcik)

Southern States Championship Wrestling will have a wrestling event at the Enigma Gym on Highway 82 East in Enigma, GA, on March 1. Bell time will be at 7:30pm. All tickets are $2. In an “Any Means Necessary” match, where there are no rules, NRN will be defending the tag titles against Gansta Nation. Chris Turner defends his Southern Heritage championship against Rouge. J.T. Taylor takes on Bryan Fury. Scotty Biggs faces off against Loco Motive. Also there will be a mixed tag match as The Soviet and Samantha Steele goes against Jelena and Tommy Flight. Also scheduled to be there: SSCW champion Jarrod Michaels, Mad Dog Miller, Johnny Flight, and Logan Stevens. (Brian Slack)

The Georgia Independent Wrestling Alliance returns on March 1 after a hiatus. They will be at the Eastman-Dodge Recreation Center in Eastman, GA, with matches starting at 7:30 PM. Advertised: GIWA Heavyweight Champion Shawn Hunter versus A.J. Steele; GIWA Tag Team Champions K.I. Elite versus Velvet Jones & Firewalker; the GIWA Mid-State Heavyweight Champion Cowboy versus Oko Nono; and Preston Paradise versus Johnny Camo. Mike Pain and the Slaughter Pitt are also scheduled. (Rich Tate)

World Wrestling Entertainment will be in Fayetteville, NC, on March 25 for the live ECW/Smackdown broadcast and tapings at the Crown Coliseum with action starting at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available at the box office and through Ticketmaster. Call (910) 223-2900 or (919) 861-2317 for more info. Batista, Edge, the Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, MVP, Matt Hardy, and CM Punk are scheduled to appear. (Rich Tate)


Monday Night Mayhem will feature Cassidy Riley on its show on tonight at 8:00 PM ET. (Rich Tate)

Jerkin' the Curtain, hosted by Trent Van Drisse, will feature AM Vision on its show tonight at 11:00 PM ET. (Rich Tate)

Trash Talking Radio, hosted by Mike Trash, will feature Rob Van Dam, MDogg20, and Eric Simms on its show on February 26 at 7:00 PM ET. (Rich Tate)

Wrestling Weekly, hosted by Doc Young and Les Thatcher, will feature Missy Hyatt on its show on February 26 at 8:00 PM ET. (Rich Tate)

In a message sent to us from Championship Wrestling Overload, it was stated, “the roster and dates are being finalized and a major announcement will be made in the coming weeks,” adding, “this is sure to shock Georgia wrestling and everyone involved.” There are no other details at this time. (Rich Tate)

There is another legends event coming soon to Carteret, NJ, on May 3. Legends of the Ring VI will take place at the Radisson Hotel from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Advertised: Verne Gagne, Greg Gagne, Ken Patera, Mr. Fuji, the Honky Tonk Man, Shane Douglas, Barry Darsow, Ultimo Dragon, Steve Blackman, Fred Ottman, Too Cold Scorpio, Mr. Hughes, Booker T, Chris Masters, Damien Demento, and Gillberg. For more info, send an email to ticketslotr@aol.com. (Rich Tate)

GWH wishes a happy birthday to Ric Flair (59).

On this day in 1934, Jack Lewis suffered a fatal heart attack after a match.

Danny Prickett died following a heart attack on this day in 2004. He was 58.

Cancer claimed Bill Mack on this day in 2004 at the age of 69.

Two years ago today, Jeff Barnes lost his life when he fell from a cliff while hiking. He was 23.

Tracey Richards passed away one year ago today at 50, losing her battle with cancer.


1922: Nick (Dick) Daviscourt and Wladek Zbyszko wrestled to a seventy-five minute draw at the Savannah Municipal Auditorium for promoter Max Bauman.

1930: Paul Jones defeated Milo Steinborn in the main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Henry Weber. It was reported that 3,500 were in attendance for this card.

1935: Jack Ross defeated Jim Hesslyn to retain the Southern Lightweight Title at the New Coliseum in Augusta for promoter Jack Browning. It was reported that 2,300 were in attendance for this card.

1936: Babe Zaharias defeated George Mansur in the main event at Loew’s Grand Theatre in Atlanta for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Henry Weber.

1944: Jack Miller and Al Galento wrestled to a draw in the main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones.

1949: The Golden Terror (Bobby Stewart), managed by Earl Wampler, defeated Thor Morgan in the main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Jack Sharkey was the special referee for the match. Nick Carter & Dick Lever, substituting for Wampler, defeated Chris & Babe Zaharias by disqualification in the semi-main event.

1964: A main event match featuring Bob Morrow versus Johnny Bruce was ruled a no contest at the Macon City Auditorium for promoter Fred Ward. Ward was not affiliated with Georgia Championship Wrestling at this time.

1966: A main event title match featuring World Tag Team Champions Eric & Karl Von Brauner, managed by Saul Weingeroff, versus Mario Galento & Chief Little Eagle, managed by Freddie Blassie, was ruled a no contest at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. It was announced that Buddy Fuller, Johnny Kace, and Klondike Bill would be wrestling on the card on March 4, 1966.

1969: Alberto Torres defeated Paul DeMarco in the main event at the Macon Coliseum for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Fred Ward. The Professional (Doug Gilbert) defeated Jim Wilson in the semi-main event.

1972: Dick Steinborn, Bill Dromo & El Mongol defeated Bepo Mongol (Nikolai Volkoff) & the Assassins by disqualification in the main event at the Paul Jones Sports Arena in Atlanta for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Steinborn participated in an autograph session for fans.

1975: Bob Armstrong defeated Assassin #2, managed by Rock Hunter, by disqualification in the main event at the Macon Coliseum for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Fred Ward. Toru Tanaka, also managed by Hunter, defeated Bill Watts in the semi-main event. Also, Robert Fuller & Don Muraco defeated Jerry Lawler & the Mongolian Stomper to retain the Macon Tag Team Title.

1977: We do not have results for this match, but a lights out match featuring Abdullah the Butcher versus the Mongolian Stomper was the advertised main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Ole & Gene Anderson defeated Mr. Wrestling #1 & #2 to win the Georgia Tag Team Title. Also, Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Lars Anderson, who was billed as a mystery opponent.

1979: Stan Hansen & the Masked Superstar defeated Mr. Wrestling #1 & #2 in a main event Texas tornado match at the Macon Coliseum for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Fred Ward. Wahoo McDaniel defeated Ole Anderson in a semi-main event Indian strap match. This card was originally scheduled for February 18, but was postponed due to a major snowstorm in the area.

1980: Kevin Sullivan defeated Austin Idol in a main event lumberjack match at the Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Charlie Harben. Also, Dusty Rhodes & Wahoo McDaniel defeated Terry Funk & Dory Funk, Jr., by disqualification.

1983: Stan Hansen defeated Ole Anderson in the main event at the Huntington (WV) Memorial Field House for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Les Thatcher. Butch Reed defeated Ivan Koloff in the semi-main event, and Dick Murdoch defeated the Iron Sheik. Also, Paul Ellering & Buzz Sawyer defeated Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana.