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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alan Wojcik Reviews Legacy Of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

He's baaaack:

Just when you thought World Wrestling Entertainment and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had parted ways, they come back with another Austin DVD. This one is called The Legacy of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. If memory and some websites serve me right this is the 6th or 7th Austin video release. You’re probably wondering what’s so different about this one. Well besides being the most recent one, a few things come to mind.

In between the nineteen matches on the three disc set you get some insight from Austin about the match and an overall history lesson from his beginnings with WCCW and USWA to his stint in WCW with Hollywood Blonde partner Brian Pillman to ECW where he vented about being fired from WCW and finally his arrival in WWE where he achieved international superstar status. Like the other releases you get wrestling matches but this one has several matches never released on home video. This is the listing of the matches:

Steelcage match for the WCW World Tag Team championships Hollywood Blondes vs. Dos Hombres, Slamboree 5-23-93
vs. Brian Pillman, Clash of Champions XXV 11-10-93
WCW US Title vs. Ricky Steamboat, Clash of the Champions XXVIII 8-28-94
Triangle Match for ECW Title vs. Sandman vs. Mikey Whipwreck, 12-9-95
Caribbean Strap Match vs. Savio Vega, Beware of Dog 2, 5-26-96
#1 Contender for WWE Title vs. Bret Hart, Survivor Series 11-16-96
WWE Title Match vs. Undertaker, Cold Day in Hell 5-11-97
World Tag Team Titles Match Austin & Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart & British Bulldog, RAW 5-26-97
vs. Shawn Michaels, King of the Ring 6-9-97
World Tag Team Titles Austin & Dude Love vs. Owen Hart & British Bulldog, RAW 7-14-97
Intercontinental Title vs. Owen Hart, Summerslam 8-3-97
WWE Title vs. Dude Love, Unforgiven 4-26-98
First Blood Match for WWE Title vs. Kane, King of the Ring 6-28-98
WWE Title vs. Kane Raw is War 6-29-98
No Holds Barred for the WWE Title vs. The Rock, Backlash 4-25-99
Non Title vs. Eddie Guerrero, Smackdown 11-16-00
No DQ Match vs. Triple H, Survivor Series 11-19-00
Three Stages of Hell vs. Triple H, No Way Out, 2-25-01
No DQ for the WWE Title vs. Rock, Wrestlemania X-7 4-1-01

This DVD set is formatted like the Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan releases, meaning it’s not like the recent Shawn Michaels DVD with one disc dedicated to the biography of the superstar. It’s all matches with about five to six minutes worth of Austin talking in between the matches. Unless I am mistaken the set has no Easter eggs included. The bonus features are limited to a Summerslam pre-show match with Yokozuna and some items from Monday Night Raw that are probably on the fifteenth anniversary retrospective already in stores. Also the advertised Redneck Triathlon segment is not here instead we get the Gladiator Wrestlemania commercial and making of segment. My only grip is none of his singles matches as "Stunning" Steve Austin in USWA or WCW are not on the set. A match against "Gentleman" Chris Adams would have been great to see. Bottom line if you are a Steve Austin fan this DVD needs to be in your collection. If you never cared for the "Texas Rattlesnake" and never will care for him avoid this DVD set like the plaque because once you do open it and watch it you will be a fan of his.

The Legacy of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is available at retailers nationwide or on www.wwe.com in their Shop Zone section.