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Friday, March 28, 2008

Benoit 911 Call: WWE Security Chief Gave Wrong Day Of Wrestler’s Last Message

Courtesy of Irvin Muchnick:

MARCH 28, 2008 – In the call to 911 just before the corpses of Chris Benoit and his wife and son were discovered last year, World Wrestling Entertainment’s chief of security twice stated the wrong day for the wrestler’s final cryptic text messages, an investigation by author Irvin Muchnick has revealed.

This finding raises new questions about the circumstances surrounding WWE’s Benoit tribute show, which aired on the USA cable network on Monday night, June 25, 2007. The company has defended the show by maintaining that it did not yet know that Chris Benoit had strangled his wife Nancy with a cord, snapped 7-year-old Daniel’s neck with a variation of his “Crippler Crossface” wrestling hold, and suspended himself by the throat from a basement gym weight-machine pulley.