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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chris Jericho Between The Ropes Interview

Courtesy of Adam Samons:

Between The Ropes
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
ESPN Florida AM 1080 and AM 1060
Simulcast online at BetweenTheRopes.com

On Tuesday night, March 25, WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho joined hosts Brian Fritz, Dickerman, and Vito DeNucci live on Between The Ropes on ESPN Florida AM 1080 and AM 1060 to discuss getting punched in the face by Big Show, his match at WrestleMania, his upcoming second book, and much more.

The interview started off with Chris being asked about how his face felt after taking a stiff right hand from the Big Show on Raw. Chris said that "it looked a lot worse than it really was, but it sure felt like getting hit by a ten ton hammer…It was one of those things where, when you watch it back, you're glad it looked as good as it did."

Chris also offered up his thoughts on the Big Show v. Mayweather match at WrestleMania saying that it's a "freak show. The size differential is just so ridiculous. I'm not expecting it to be a five star classic match, although it could be. I do expect it to be a total spectacle, which fits in with the whole WrestleMania vibe…It could be a huge train wreck or it could be awesome, but I know it's going to be interesting."

When asked if working as a wrestler feels any different since coming back from his hiatus Chris said that he was enjoying it more. He explained that ideas have seemed to come to him easier lately and that the company also seems to see him differently now that he is one of the more experienced workers on the roster. Chris also touched on balancing his busy life and said that now he's "focused a little bit more on the WWE. Another thing that's cool too is that when I leave the arena I can leave the work at the arena rather than carrying it around with me and thinking about things that I have no control over or aren't worth stressing over."

Next Chris touched on his match at WrestleMania, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. "I came up with the idea for the Money in the Bank match back in 2005 for the L.A WrestleMania and it worked out so well that it's become an annual tradition and a big part of the show. Usually the stories going into it aren't as strong as those for some of the other matches, but it's still become a highlight of the show. It's a stunt show, but it's also thrilling and exciting and there's something big at stake so people bought into that…I'd rather be in this match than another match just to be on the card since this one is a potential show stealer."

Jericho's work as an author was then brought up and he was asked what his upcoming second book might cover. Chris replied that he would treat it like A Lion's Tale, gearing it towards a non-wrestling fan reader since wrestling fans would like it anyway. He also said he would be writing about the Chris Benoit situation in the book and that he hopes he'll be able to gain some closure by doing so.

The interview finished up with some talk about how Chris didn't really burry too many people in A Lion's Tale. Chris said "there really wasn't a lot of burying because what do I have to burry and who do I have to complain about? My goal when I first started out was to make it to the WWE. And then at the end of A Lion's Tale I made it, so I win. Then when I got to WWE my goal was to be a champion and make my mark on the company and I did that as well. I guess you could do a burial maybe if I was run out of the business, blackballed, and buried myself, but that was never really the case. So why would I burry somebody when, in the end, I win?

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