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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Funk's Corner - Congressman Cliff Stearns To Attend Funking Conservatory Tryouts For All Japan Pro Wrestling

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

Congressman Cliff Stearns, Republican Incumbent for the 6th District will be in attendance this Friday March 28th as Funking Conservatory athletes tryout for positions with All Japan Pro Wrestling representative Osamu Nishimura.

Congressman Stearns has expressed interest in speaking with Osamu Nishimura about professional wrestling in Japan.

Nishimura will be attending tryouts this Friday and Saturday and is expected back for the next !BANG! TV Taping, Support the Troops 26, Super Summer Sizzler coming to the Funking Conservatory Sunday May 4th.

Leading candidates for a position with All Japan Pro Wrestling are Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell, (Currently under contract) Johnny Magnum with one trip to Japan under his belt, Shane Chung, Elvis Sharp, Blain Rage and former Funking Conservatory Women's Champion, Claudia Reiff.

Congressman Stearns is a recipient of Funking Conservatory Fighting Heart Award and a pair of wrestling shoes in recognition of his service to his community.

For training information, Tryouts for All Japan Pro Wrestling and scheduling at the Funking Conservatory visit our website at www.dory-funk.com or call 352-895-4658.