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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Courtesy of Rich Tate's GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com:


The drama continues. I received an email from Georgia Wrestling Promotions Owner Roger Cantrell stating that he has been receiving phone messages threatening his life. Cantrell said Verizon told him the messages were too short for them to be traced. Cantrell said he would have bodyguards and a deputy sheriff for protection at his March 28 show in Canton. (Larry Goodman)

According to Raven's official website, Raven will be opening up a wrestling school starting in May. The school will start in Columbus, GA, and might eventually move up to Atlanta. The school will work in conjunction with Great Championship Wrestling, based in Phenix City, AL. The other trainer lined up for Raven's school will be a man who also wrestled in WCW, WWE, ECW and TNA and like Raven, also held the GCW Heavyweight championship. That man is Johnny Swinger. (Brian Slack)

NWA Anarchy results from Cornelia, GA, on March 15: Adrian Hawkins beat Todd Sexton (with Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) via DQ in 8:48; Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers with Reverend Dan Wilson) beat G-Rated (Sal Rinauro & Seth Delay) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 9:10; Iceberg (with The Rev) beat Mikal Judas in 3:04 to earn a heavyweight title shot against Shatter at Hardcore Hell; Truitt Fields beat Don Matthews (with Melissa Coates & Brodie Chase) to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title in 9:30; Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) vs. Talent & Money (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) ended as a no contest when New Wave and Buck & King hit the ring; and Jerry Palmer beat Rob Adonis (with Jeremy Vain) in 15 seconds, so Palmer gets Vain in a bunkhouse match at Hardcore Hell. Click here for a full report. (Larry Goodman)

United Championship Wrestling results from Maryville, TN, on March 15: John Noble over Donovan Daniels; John Justice over J-Mac; the Rip over Trooper T; Moondog Chester over Scotty Atomic in a hardcore match; Travis Sawyer & Tony Lacassio over the Death Row Inmates; Shane Williams over Henry Hoss to retain the UCW Heavyweight Title; UCW owner Jesse Ellis then went over Williams in an impromptu to win the UCW Title, with help from Hoss, and afterward declared the title vacant; and Jeff Anderson & Edward Idol over Rick Steiner & John Justice. (Rich Tate, courtesy of Gene Restaino)

Results from March 15 for Southern All-Star Wrestling in Columbia, TN, at Morton's Auction House with 85 in attendance: Void beat Larry Cooter; Chris Cain beat Shaun Fatal; Arrick Andrews beat Sean Evans (with Anita Page) on a DQ. Evans got the pin with help from a chain supplied to him by his tag partner Void. Cooter stooged it off to the ref, who reversed the decision. Void then challenged Cooter & Andrews to a tag match for the return date on March 29. Andrews said let's do it right now, and SAW Commissioner Freddie Morton sanctioned the match; Arrick Andrews & Larry Cooter beat The Black Label Saints (Void & Sean Evans with Anita Page); and Hammerjack (with Paul Adams) beat Boogie Woogie Boy (with Miss Boogie) in a match where if Boogie won Miss Boogie would get five minutes alone in the ring with Adams. Finish saw ref Ricky Bell get bumped. Boogie hit the Boogie blaster and had the pin. After a lengthy cover with no ref to count, Commissioner Morton went to count the pin, but Adams grabbed his arm after two. Morton slid out to argue with Adams. Boogie joined the argument from inside the ring. Hammerjack came to, grabbed the slegehammer, and nailed Boogie with it. A groggy Ricky Bell rolled over and counted the 1-2-3. Morton ordered a match for March 29. Miss Boogie will finally get her hands on Paul Adams in a tag match with Hammerjack & Adams vs. Boogie & Miss Boogie. (Larry Goodman)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling results from the National Guard Armory in Gastonia, NC, on March 15, with an reported estimated attendance of 500: Amber O’Neal b. Christian Flake; Andrue Bane b. Chris Hamrick; Bobby Eaton b. Ricky Morton; MACW Heavyweight Champion Buff Bagwell won a reversed decision over MACW Jr. Heavyweight Champion Rikki Nelson in a non-title match, with Nikita Koloff getting involved; and Flake won a $1,000 inter-gender battle royal including O’ Neal, Bagwell, Hamrick, Nelson, Eaton, Morton, and Bane. (Larry Goodman)

The entire card for NWA Anarchy’s Hardcore Hell on March 22: Shatter (c) vs. Iceberg for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title with no DQ, Devil’s Rejects (c) vs. Awesome Attraction for the NWA Anarchy tag titles. If the Attraction loses they must split up, Fields (c) vs. Lewis for the NWA Anarchy TV Title, Palmer vs. Vain in a Bunkhouse Match, Slim J vs. Nemesis grudge match, New Wave vs. Buck & King vs. Hollywood Brunettes vs. Talent & Money in four way ladder match, Chase vs. Matthews with Melissa Coates as the special ref, Tank vs. Judas, and Hawkins & Day & Grissom vs. Sexton & Technicians. (Larry Goodman)

An official with Rock Parsons’ All-Star Championship Wrestling has announced that the promotion, which last promoted an event in Georgia in September 2007, will return in April, with plans of running in the state on a monthly basis. The promotion also runs events in other states, including Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. The announcement noted that Parsons intends to obtain a license soon in order to operate here. Also in the announcement were intentions of releasing a series of DVDs, including classic footage, dating back to the 1950s through the 1980s. A new website is expected to be designed to make this footage available, as well as from events run by ASCW, via PPV basis. Names released to be associated with the April show in Georgia were Ken Timbs, Jr., Ricky Morton, Bobby Eaton, the Masked Superstar, Bill Dundee, Ole Anderson, and Bobby Simmons. No other details have been made available. (Rich Tate)


Jerkin' the Curtain, hosted by Trent Van Drisse, will feature Faron Foxx on its show on March 17 at 11:00 PM ET. (Rich Tate)

Amy ‘Lita’ Dumas’ band, the Luchagors, will be playing at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC, on March 17. Check your local directories or the band’s site for more info. (Rich Tate)

GWH wishes a happy birthday to Mark Cantabury, Steve Armstrong, Sean Morley (37), and Kenny Dykstra (22).


1934: Leo Alexander defeated Al Stecher by disqualification two falls to one in the main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for promoter John Bollas. Red Carlton was credited as being a referee for this card.

1938: Ray Eckert defeated Spike O'Brien in the main event at the Warren Arena in Atlanta for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Frank Speer.

1945: Ben Bennicasa defeated Al Massey by disqualification in the main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Blockbuster Talun defeated Cowboy Luttrall in the semi-main event.

1953: We do not have results for this card, but Don McIntyre was scheduled to defend the Southern Heavyweight Title against Aldo Bogni in the main event at the William Bell Auditorium in Augusta for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Tom Mahoney.

1960: Freddie Blassie defeated Haystacks Calhoun by disqualification in the main event at the Columbus Sports Arena for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Fred Ward. Bill Dromo, Vince Bryant & Pepper Rodriguez defeated Jack Terry, Krusher Larson & the Great John L. in the semi-main event.

1962: The US Tag Team Champion Assassins and Eddie Graham & Dick Steinborn wrestled to a draw in a main event title match at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Tojo Yamamoto & Taro Myaki defeated Ray Villmer & Eduardo Martinez in the semi-main event, and Haystacks Calhoun defeated Hans Schmidt.

1964: Stan Stasiak, Rube Wright & Red Roberts defeated Bill Dromo, Guy Taylor & Chief Little Eagle in the main event at the William Bell Auditorium in Augusta for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Steve Manderson. Sputnik Monroe defeated Tim Geohagen in the semi-main event.

1968: Ray Gunkel, Buddy Fuller & Mr. Wrestling defeated Tarzan Tyler, Dr. M & El Mongol, managed by Gentleman X, in the main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. During the match, Gunkel removed the Dr. M’s mask to identify him as someone who strongly resembled Oki Shikina, but his face was covered so fast it could not be completely confirmed. X claimed, however, that Dr. M was not Shikina, but rather a Mexican wrestler named Senor Zapata. Tank Morgan defeated Mario Galento by disqualification in the semi-main event. Leo Garibaldi was credited as being a referee on this card. There was an announcement in the program for this card that although Channel 11 changed from WAII to WQXI, the “Live Atlanta Wrestling” program would still air from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. It was announced that Gene Kiniski would be wrestling on the card on March 22, 1968.

1971: El Mongol defeated Buddy Colt, managed by Homer O’Dell, in a main event Texas death match at the Macon Coliseum for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Fred Ward. Bob Armstrong defeated Kubla Khan, managed by Jack Crawford, in the semi-main event.

1973: Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated the Zodiac, managed by J.C. Dykes, to retain the Georgia Heavyweight Title in a match where the loser had to unmask at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. The Zodiac was forced to unmask and was identified as Bob Orton, Sr. Lou Thesz defeated Bobby Shane in the semi-main event. It was reported that Arman Hussein had been injured during a match earlier in the week, but no details were provided.

1974: Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Art Nelson in the main event at the Griffin-Barnesville Sports Palace for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Bobby Duncum defeated Mr. Wrestling #1 in the semi-main event.

1979: The Masked Superstar defeated Mr. Wrestling #2 by disqualification in the main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Tommy Rich, Wahoo McDaniel & Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Stan Hansen, Ole & Gene Anderson by disqualification in the semi-main event. Also, Blackjack Lanza, managed by Bobby Heenan, defeated Bob Armstrong.

1983: Tommy Rich defeated Buzz Sawyer by disqualification in the main event at the Columbus Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Fred Ward. Dick Murdoch defeated the Iron Sheik by disqualification in the semi-main event, and Bob Roop & Ivan Koloff defeated Paul Orndorff & Butch Reed. Also, Larry Zbyszko defeated Brian Blair.