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Monday, March 17, 2008

"Global Currents" With Host Kevin Newman Returns With New Episodes Saturday, March 22 - 7pm ET/PT On Global Television

Courtesy of Global Television:


TORONTO, March 17 - Global Currents, the Gemini Award-winning program hosted by Global National's Kevin Newman, returns with a new slate of episodes. Beginning on Saturday, March 22 - 7pm ET/PT, Global Television presents the first of seven new 1-hour independently-produced documentaries. Featuring the talents of our country's best documentary filmmakers, Global Currents focuses on character-driven stories about socially relevant issues. The tradition continues with the upcoming episodes specifically selected for their unique content and distinctly Canadian point-of-view.

Global Currents Spring 2008 Season Premieres Schedule: ((*)Broadcast schedules are subject to change, please check local listings.)

Hijacked Future - Premieres March 22 (*)Encore presentation(*): May 3

While our industrial system of agriculture is providing abundance and variety today, this Global Currents documentary warns us that it's an unsustainable system that will not be able to nourish and provide for us and our grandchildren in the future. It's a system that literally runs on oil, from fertilizers and pesticides, to the trucks and planes that transport food. And the source of our food - seeds - is being hijacked by a handful of corporations from the farmers who have for millennia, grown and saved them.

Branded: Saving our Town - Premieres March 29

When the mill closed in Big River, Saskatchewan, most of the town's jobs vanished overnight. Mothers and fathers have had no choice but to find work outside of this small community and sons and daughters are looking to the big cities for their futures. In the middle of the storm, the mayor, Sandra Gilbert decides to take desperate measures. Big River will "brand" itself. This is the story of Big River - a dying entity in Canada, a small town, and a group of people who passionately fight to keep theirs alive.

Debt Trap - Premieres April 5 (*)Encore Presentation(*): May 24

A look beyond blaming individual consumers, to examine the roles of lending institutions, the corporate sector, and governments in understanding the current debt crisis and what we can do to correct it. The film includes analysis from a wide variety of experts including a banking executive, a credit counsellor, an author who has written on the topic, a Canadian think-tank economist, a student federation leader, and a community activist.

The Cure for Love - Premieres April 12

Can gays and lesbians change their orientation? Is it ethical to market change as if this were possible? Who are the people who enter the ex-gay movement and what goes one once they're 'in there'? Does it exist in Canada? The Cure for Love examines the ex-gay movement through the eyes of the people on the inside: a pastor who runs an online youth forum, a robotics engineer who escaped suicide, and Brian and Ana - two people who have successfully reoriented and were married last year. Is anybody happy?

Arctic Hip Hop - Premieres April 19

One hundred Inuit teens, ten hip hop dancers and 5 days in the remote hamlet of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Capitalizing on the popularity of Hip Hop, social worker and long-time b-boy Stephen Leafloor has brought positive hip hop workshops to the north. While dancing to the beat, kids are encouraged to blend their rich, ancient culture with a modern one. Between backspins and body-waves, they discuss bullying, body image and suicide. Five days later they emerge not only better dancers, but more confident kids, who have a clearer idea of how to balance their cultural identity with modern times.

Real Fight Club - Premieres May 17

Ultimate fighting. Extreme fighting. Cage fighting. There are many names for the most violent, fastest growing phenomenon in youth culture and world sport today - seen everywhere from shocking backyard brawls posted on You Tube, to multi-million dollar pay-per-views. Despite once being banned in nearly every state in America, ultimate fighting's popularity has exploded, and is now an entrenched part of our culture. Its influence can be seen all over the globe; including Canada, with Montreal and B.C. now hotbeds for amateur and professional ultimate fighters alike.

Warrior Boyz - Premieres May 31

Investigating the long-running gang scene that has claimed over 100 young lives in Greater Vancouver's South Asian community since the late 1980's. Filmmaker, Baljit Sangra, herself a South Asian, looks behind the cliché's into the daily lives of three first generation Canadians to find out why these young people are drawn away from the strong family values of their parents into the false glamour of the gangster life. Warrior Boyz focuses on the often troubled and touching daily lives of two teenagers, Tanvir and Vicki, who are in danger of crossing the line from detentions at school to confinement in jail.

About Global Currents

Global Currents is a Gemini award-winning, critically acclaimed documentary series from Global Television that is committed to revealing extraordinary perspectives and issues affecting all Canadians. Hosted by Global National anchor and executive editor Kevin Newman, each weekly one-hour, independently-produced documentary represents the talents of Canada's best socio-political, environmental, humanist and scientific documentary filmmakers. Global Currents recently won the Best Documentary Series award at the 2007 Gemini Awards. www.globaltv.com/globalcurrents.

For further information: For media screeners and interviews, please contact: Jacqueline Kendall, Global Television, (416) 934-7850, jkendall@globaltv.com