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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've Recently Been In My Own World (Yes, Even More Than Usual) ...

So, don't ask me what this is about (I'd guess, if pressed, self-defense classes), but according to CNN, here's a portion of what's going to be featured on tonight's edition of 'Prime News' (whatever the hell that is):

"The sport commonly known as Ultimate Fighting… for kids as young as 6. That's not a typo. Six years old. Some critics of mixed martial arts have described it as 'human cockfighting.' And parents in Missouri are actually letting their kids learn this kill-or-be-killed mentality."

The two-hour broadcast airs from 5-7 PM ET, and since I'll be off killing-or-being-killed, I won't see it. If you, however, decide suicide or murder aren't your bag, feel free to check out this mess and, should you choose, share your thoughts or even provide us with a recap.