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Thursday, March 6, 2008

NAMMAE Announces Creation Of The MMA Hall Of Fame And Their Intention To Posthumously Induct Bruce Lee As The Father Of Modern MMA

Courtesy of Owned Entertainment, Inc.:

03/06/2008 - The North American Mixed Martial Arts Expo, better known as NAMMAE, will be creating a MMA Hall Of Fame, sponsored in part by Owned Entertainment, Inc. NAMMAE is currently in high-level talks with several influential museums to house the collection. Founder Brian Paul Jaus commented "The UFC actually has an incredible hall of fame production. The only problem is that by design it is going to honor UFC centric fighters only. Well not only did MMA exist before the UFC, but MMA is rapidly diversifying past the stage of a monolithic fight organization controlling the entire industry. There are very large high-profile fight leagues, albeit nowhere the UFC's size, launching all the time. So a true Hall of Fame for all of MMA must honor the entire industry equally and that is what NAMMAE's Hall Of Fame will be ideal for. As far as the action of making Bruce the first inductee, I don't think anyone in the know in this industry will argue and many people will feel that this move is long overdue. When I first bought the Tao of JKD as a teenager, I was reading the blue-prints for modern mixed martial arts as we know it today. I mean… who was talking about ground fighting as an augmentation to stand up 30 years ago? Bruce was. He called it Jeet Kune Do, but anyone looking with the eyes of today knows what we have come to call it. The answer is Mixed Martial Arts. The modern story of Mixed Martial Arts begins with him, and so will the MMA Hall of Fame." NAMMAE will announce further inductees over the next two months.


The NAMMAE Trade Show and Convention is the largest convergence of Mixed Martial Arts brands, leagues, athletes, equipment, training, apparel, media, and publications under one roof in the United States, if not the world. It is the epicenter for MMA apparel, equipment and general merchandise buying and selling, NAMMAE represents more than 95 percent of the industry and bringing together more than 400 MMA companies from all over the world representing every aspect of the MMA lifestyle. NAMMAE is the lifeblood of the industry.

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