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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NAMMAE Announces Tito Ortiz Will Join Chuck Liddell As A Headliner For The July Super MMA Tradeshow In Anaheim California

Courtesy of NAMMAE Press:

March 26, 2008 - NAMMAE announced today that Tito Ortiz has signed on along with Chuck Liddell to host the July Mixed Martial Arts Super Tradeshow in Anaheim California. Tito will be co-hosting the event and bringing his world famous clothing label with him, Punishment Athletics. Tito and Punishment Athletics attended NAMMAE’s first show in December of 2007 and became a huge draw for fans and generated massive foot traffic and winding lines. Tito Otriz has ventured further into the mainstream than most other Mixed Martial Artists with his appearance on the popular TV show “The Apprentice”. His popularity in the mainstream markets is gaining daily, as is the popularity of his clothing label Punishment Athletics.

Founder of NAMMAE Brian Paul Jaus comments, “We are ecstatic to have Mr. Ortiz back to NAMMAE for a second year. Mr. Ortiz was one of the largest draws for our December show, and Punishment Athletics’ booth was surrounded by hundreds of fans waiting for his autograph almost all weekend. Mr. Ortiz is not only a tremendous Mixed Martial Arts competitor, but very well spoken and very keen on public relations and interactions. Mr. Ortiz has both fought, and commentated in the Mixed Martial Arts field and now has moved on to more mainstream projects such as “The Apprentice” and his own entertainment endeavors. We could not be more excited about partnering with him for this event, and we already know the fans will be lining up in droves to see him”.

Kristin Ortiz of Punishment Athletics commented, "Being a part of NAMMAE was a huge success for us in 2007. Punishment Athletics® and Tito Ortiz™ are anticipating another overall successful event at NAMMAE 2008. We look forward to another exciting weekend with the never ending crowd of fans and customers."

In late 2007 NAMMAE, the hither-to unknown company run by fighters turned businessmen, pulled off a near coup in the industry by signing Randy Couture and drawing out nearly the entire MMA industry in a weekend super event. Thousands of spectators came out making the first year success of the show legendary in the industry.

NAMMAE is expecting hundreds of top Mixed Martial Arts Apparel and Gear Manufacturers and upwards of 10,000 fans and spectators. They have adopted the catch phrase “Where the industry converges” and have vowed to stop at nothing in their quest to be the premiere tradeshow and exposition source in Mixed Martial Arts.

This announcement will co-inside with the official launch of their marketing campaign in preparation for the July super event. This event will include the tradeshow and exposition as well as a concert and a massive Mixed Martial Arts fight sponsored by a large fight league which will be revealed in the coming weeks.

For more information on Tito Ortiz and Punishment Athletics, please visit http://www.punishmentathletics.com