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Monday, March 24, 2008

New Wrestling Promotion Institutes Open Talent Draft

Courtesy of WCW Entertainment:

March 23, 2008 -

(NEW YORK) The newly established WCW Entertainment wrestling promotion is proud to announce the implementation of the first open talent draft in professional wrestling history. In the inaugural WCW MegaDraft, a total of 32 Stars will be contracted to the WCW roster for the promotion’s first events later this year.

“This open draft format is sure to garner interest from wrestlers across North America, and that's exactly the point,” said WCW Vice President of Operations Chris Orleans. “By opening our doors to wrestlers with all levels of experience and star power, we hope to create new stars and make a positive impact in the sports-entertainment industry.”

The WCW MegaDraft will commence on Sunday, March 30 at 5:00 p.m. (ET) and will be conducted via telecommunications from WCW Entertainment offices in New York. Draft updates will be regularly posted on WCW Entertainment's official Web site, located at www.WCWstars.com.

Any wrestler at any experience level or box office status can be drafted at any point in time based on their ability to come to terms with WCW Entertainment on a deal. Wrestlers who promptly broker their deal to compete in WCW will be privy to perks including (but not limited to): bonuses, higher match status on initial WCW events, and/or main event opportunities. Wrestlers who choose to extend negotiations for a longer period of time will not be offered these same opportunities.

The MegaDraft is an open draft continuing until all 32 WCW roster spots have been filled. If injuries occur, new WCW Stars can be drafted. All drafted Stars are under contract to WCW Entertainment.

All selections are subject to WCW review before they are announced. WCW Entertainment has the sole authority to approve all contracts.

Wrestlers interested in joining WCW Entertainment can e-mail megadraft@wcwstars.com with information about themselves (wrestling experience, promotions worked for, etc.).

WCW Entertainment is a subsidiary of Grand National Enterprises, LLC. WCW Entertainment produces and markets live events and televised programming featuring WCW Stars, including some of the best-known and up-and-coming talents in professional wrestling. For more information, see WCW Entertainment’s website at WCWstars.com.

Disclaimer: WCW Entertainment is in no way affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE Libraries. All WCW Entertainment productions are performance art, not athletic competition. Please don’t try this at home.