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Friday, March 21, 2008

Not Sure How Definite Pat Smith Is For Yamma Pit Fighting's Debut Show

In a weird development, even for pro wrestling/mixed-martial-arts, Pat Smith, signed to replace Don Frye as Oleg Taktarov's opponent on April 11, was arrested in the wee hours of Friday.

Smith faces charges of felony-attempting-to-elude, illegal-possession-of-a-prescription-drug, and reckless driving.

This, after an extremely high-speed chase (lasting less-than-ten-minutes, but, at times, reaching speeds of roughly one-hundred-thirty-miles-per-hour), near Smith's home in Bryan County, Oklahoma.

No word on whether Smith has made bail (it's a holiday weekend, so even if he had wanted to, he might have to wait), or how this directly affects his deal with YPF, but either way, it's looking like he's gonna have some trouble being ready for such a high-profile role.