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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scott James, Chavo Guerrero – Keys To Unlocking WWE’s Implausible Benoit Timeline

Courtesy of Irvin Muchnick:

On Thursday night this blog reported that the chief of security for World Wrestling Entertainment erroneously told Fayette County 911 that Chris Benoit had left a mysterious message for a fellow wrestler “this morning” – Monday, June 25, 2007 (http://muchnick.net/babylon/2008/03/28/benoit-911-call-wwe-security-chief-gave-wrong-day-of-wrestlers-last-message).

On Friday I left voicemail messages on what I believe to be the cell phone numbers for WWE’s Scott James and Chavo Guerrero. James and Guerrero were colleagues and friends of Benoit’s, and had the last known contacts with him. The authorities have determined that these contacts came after Benoit murdered his wife and their son.

Those two gentlemen are thus uniquely positioned to answer the question, “What did Vince McMahon know and when did he know it?” Of course, the question does not bear on the theory of the double homicide/suicide itself; the crime is open-and-shut. However, it does bear on the explanation of how the Benoit family tragedy came to be exploited for yet another high-rated dead-wrestler-tribute edition of Monday Night Raw, which began more than five hours after the long-decomposing bodies of Chris, Nancy, and Daniel were found in their home outside Atlanta. That exploitation, in turn, would become the first chapter in what McMahon surely anticipated as an epic struggle to spin the sports entertainment industry’s role in the early drug-related deaths of so many of its performers.