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Thursday, March 27, 2008



Courtesy of Steve Rockamaniac:

Thomas Colfax, Sid Vicious’s representative, welcomes the media to the conference call, and tells us that Sid has a announcement regarding his future in the wrestling business and that he would like Sid to make the announcement after which a Q + A session would follow.

Sid comes on the line and announces that the NWA board of directors recently contacted him and following some negotiations, He has agreed to sign on with the company, and his first date will be April 18th in Rhode Island, and then April 19th in New Jersey.

Thomas Colfax then introduces a NWA Board of Directors member (Ed Truman?), who makes a statement about Sid’s deal with the NWA: “The NWA is proud to be able to give a platform like this to a major personality like Sid, the relationship between us is for multi dates, and again that relationship starts at the NWA showcase tapings as Sid said April 18th in Rhode Island and April 19th in Wildwood New Jersey..More dates will follow and we will now take your questions.

Thomas Colfax asks for questions to be on topic with the announcement, and turns it over to the press…

Q: In a interview that you did recently you were talking about making a comeback and one of the questions was would you come back to either TNA or WWE, and one of the things you said at that time was that you wouldn’t want to go to TNA because it wouldn’t give you the showcase, it wouldn’t be the type of the arena you wanted to work in, you wanted to work in front of a very large audience of fans such as a Wrestlemania, so with that said, why would go back to this route of doing the smaller arena’s?

A: Well there is one good reason for that, the NWA is not just located down in Florida, its located in Peurto Rico, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Europe and also the United States and also it gives me the bigger format or bigger podium to promote myself, me and some of the guys at the NWA, we got that understanding that if I get the chance to go back with Vince then we’ll work out a deal and I’ll move on, but the NWA right now gives me the best chance to further my future.

Q: So your ultimate goal is then to get back to Vince McMahon and the WWE or go into TNA?

A: Well that both, and also we talked to some guys at the NWA, im never gonna say never, this thing can really take off, and if it does, it could make me happy enough to stay here, but my ultimate goal is to make it back to WWE.

Q: How are you doing physically, how’s the ankle, and I know you had a few matches back in Canada and stuff like that, but what should people expect to see when they see Sid Vicious in the year 2008 while working for the National Wrestling Alliance.

A: …Well working at a recent show in Ottawa…There was a bunch of guys from TNA, I wont go through all their names, but they said that my match was the best match of the night, My condition is the better than it’s ever been, My leg is 100%, I run bleachers every day, Im ready to go.

Q: What would it mean to you to hold the NWA world title after having held the WWE and WCW world titles?

A: Well to me when I think of wrestling, I think of Harley Race and I think of the NWA, cause this guy went around and he is probably my favorite wrestler of all time, I look forward going to different towns, different parts of the country, different countries, and representing the NWA, and maybe being the champ.

Q: What is workout regiment like right now coming off of that horrible leg injury years back, and what made you decide to come back to wrestling?

A: Well first of all that’s not the way I see myself going out, I fought my ass off for over 3 and half, almost 4 years, to get to where I could walk and run properly again, My regiment is pretty easy, I get up at 4am, I have my first breakfast, I have a second breakfast, I go to the gym, I work out, after that, weather permitting, I go straight to the track and do my bleachers, I come home, I eat, I take a nap, I get back up, I go to the gym a second time, then I hit what I call all the small things, like ill just hit a small muscle group, I do agility drills, then go home, eat supper and go to bed, so its like 6 or 7 hours a day of training.

Q: Good to hear that you’ll be making a full time return to the world of pro wrestling, First these return rumours came up last year and obviously now they are no longer rumours, and in relation to your injury, obviously your feeling a hell of a lot better now and as you’ve explained your training a lot more, and in relation to that the rumours last year stated you were still having to use painkillers…

A: That’s not true, I haven’t used a painkiller in over 4 years, and that just not true.

Q: Ok so last year you absolutely no contact with the WWE either?

A: Last year Johnny Ace came to one of my shows in Connecticut, purposely just to watch me, he told me after the match that all we need to do at that point is have a physical, but then the very next week was when they had all those problems with the (steroid) commissions up in jersey or wherever that was.

Questions wrap up at that point and some more comments are made in closing…

NWA Board Member: For all of you wrestling fans out there, you’ve been waiting for a man like Sid Vicious to come back to the sport for a long time, I have been waiting for a man like Sid Vicious to come back, Sid is a former NWA world tag team champion right Sid?

Sid: Yes, And you know what you guys, we can hit on this right here, this will be, in all of sports history, the biggest comeback of all time, no one has come back from something like this, and im not only coming back, but im coming back in better shape, bigger stronger faster, and with a dirtier attitude.

NWA Board Member: You know, the wrestlers in the NWA need to look at this as a platform to up their game, Sid Vicious is one of the toughest, meanest, strongest and biggest wrestlers of all time, he has a platform that is not only national and international television, he has the ability to go to New Japan, and meet some of their biggest champion such as Nakamura, he could go to Mexico and meet some of their biggest stars such as Blue Demon, and of course once he is comfortable, im sure he is gonna set his sights on the NWA world title that’s currently held by Adam Piece, and one never knows, Sid could be the man that wears the belt next, and then he would of accomplished pretty much everything there is to do in this game as far as gaining world titles, and as he said at that point, set his sights for higher things,

Sid: And that’s true

NWA board member: And were glad to have you here

Sid: Well im glad to be with you guys, ive had interest in TNA before but ive told them I wasn’t interested in their small format, I believe the NWA has a bigger format, when it comes to world, and the name itself means more than whatever they can make TNA say, this deal is a blessing, im so happy to be a part of the NWA, im so happy to maybe mentioned one day with people and names like Harley Race, and I will go for that title and if I do, I hope to be able to defend like Harley for all those years and bring the NWA to every town in the US and all over the world.

NWA board member: And we look forward to that also.

Conference Call Wraps Up.