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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

VPW 2 Year Anniversary Results With Molly Holly, Jason Static Retaining Championship, Out Of Control

Courtesy of Victory Pro Wrestling:

VPW 2 Year Anniversary Show Results 3/8/08

The hot streak of 2008 continued as VPW broke its previous attendance record set in January with a packed house of over 400 fans. Everyone at VPW would like to thank each and every fan that came down to the show. VPW would also like to thank Nora Greenwald, the former Molly Holly, and Pete “Drago” Sell for their participation at the event. Both were class acts that were well received by the fans. VPW would also like to thank the members of the Jerky Boys who were in attendance checking out all of the action.

The 2 Year Anniversary Show kicked off in style with Jerry Fitzwater singing a special song to commemorate the occasion. Then in a move that was in reaction to feeling threatened at recent events, Fitzwater introduced his new personal security guard, Mikey. Fitzwater gave Mikey a badge to wear proudly and charged him with his duties. As the Jerry Fitzwater Show continued, Don Tony, Jay Lover and Mack Daddy Flexx were introduced as the guests. Don Tony immediately addressed the fans and laid it all out. Don Tony announced that he had planned to bring in Shark Boy to take out VPW Champion Jason Static, but due to the blizzard in the Midwest, Shark Boy was not able to make it. Don Tony then made it clear that Shark Boy would debut in VPW in the future. With that out of the way, it was time for business. Don Tony, Jay Lover and Mack Daddy Flexx make it perfectly clear that tonight would not be a wrestling match, but a fight. They opened a challenge to change the previously scheduled tag team match to a New York Street Fight that would also included both team’s managers. At that point, Joe So Delicious, Sabotage and Tony Lo hit the ring and a wild brawl immediately ensued. It took several members of the VPW roster and all of VPW’s security team to separate everyone. That small sampling set the tone for the utter chaos that would occur later on.

The first official match of the evening saw VTG Enterprises members Scotty Rio and Mr. Professional defeat Chopsaw and DC Diamond in a tag team match. Johnny “Muscles” Marinara and Vinny the Guido accompanied Rio and Professional. “Brooklyn Doll” Gina Bella was once again at ringside checking things out, but she took a clear interest in Chopsaw during the match. In fact, Chopsaw and DC Diamond’s loss could be attributed to Gina Bella distracting Chopsaw at several key moments during the match.

The second match of the night featured Nick Noshus continuing his undefeated streak when he pinned “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher. Noshus had the gall to come down to the ring wearing a t-shirt that had a list of everyone he has defeated since debuting in VPW. What made matters worse was that Gallagher’s name was already on the shirt before the match even started. Gallagher was accompanied by his new valet, Ms. Terri.

Up next was a special grappling challenge that saw Johnny “Muscles” Marinara knockout Eric Vale Tudo in Round 2 of this special match. Muscles was accompanied by Vinny the Guido while Vale Tudo was accompanied by UFC competitor Pete “Drago” Sell. Drago joined LC Queenz and Earl McMuffin for commentary during the match. Vale Tudo had control during the first round, but thanks to what appeared to be a loaded glove, got knocked out in the ring. Not liking the poor showing of sportsmanship, Drago stormed the ring and made quick work of both Muscles and Vinny.

Following that unique match, VPW bid farewell to Major Intencity when Major Intencity defeated Nightmare in what looks to be his final match in VPW. A product of the Doghouse, Intencity took several years off before returning to action last June. Intencity remained undefeated in singles action during his time in VPW. Prior to the match, Intencity gave a speech that was straight from the heart. After defeating Nightmare in a close match, all of Intencity’s friends from the locker room came out in celebration and carried him up on their shoulders all the way to the back.

After the celebration was the night’s VPW Championship match. This hard fought match saw Jason Static defeat Javi-Air with “The Long Kiss Goodnight.” Both men gave it their all, but in the end, Static was able to ground Javi-Air. Prior to the match, Static once again offered a rose to a lovely lady at ringside, but insulted her immediately after giving her the rose.

Intermission kicked off in a very unique fashion with the Zombie chasing Jerry Fitzwater’s security guard Mikey around the ringside area to the delight of the fans. Jason Static was still at ringside while this occurred, but the champion was spared an attack by his rival. During intermission, everyone on the VPW roster was available for autographs and photographs. Special guests Molly Holly and Pete “Drago” Sell also joined the fans for a meet and greet.

Next was a tag team revenge match that saw Eclipse defeat the Suburban SWAT Team. When Joey Everlast arrived at the building, Eclipse literally attacked him, dumped him in Jay Delta’s car and quickly took off. Johnny Suburban and Mikey Old School got the building shortly after and couldn’t find their partner. Everlast’s location was revealed when Xandar Page informed the crowd that they had Everlast. Jay Delta then wheeled out Joey Everlast, who was gagged and tied to a wheelchair. With Everlast in no condition to wrestle, Mikey Old School, the SWAT’s manager, stepped up and took the spot. During the match, the former manager of both the Suburban SWAT Team and Eclipse came down to ringside and assisted the SWAT’s. At one point, Xandar Page grabbed Jack’s briefcase and went to strike Joey Everlast. This caused Old School and Suburban to lose focus and that loss cost them the match. After the match, Joey Everlast was set free. Also after the match, Johnny Suburban presented Jack O’Hearts with a shiny new necklace.

Following that was a triple threat match featuring Jorge Santi with Kitty Vaughn, Minyon and the Zombie. Despite the two cruiserweights somewhat teaming up against the big man, the Zombie was victorious in the match after he pinned Minyon.

The next match was a tag team rematch that saw E.J. Risk and Justin Toxic defeat Livewired. It looked like Livewired would make it two in a row, but a man later revealed to be Tough Tommy hit the ring and cost Livewired the match. It appears that Tough Tommy will be Risk and Toxic’s new enforcer.

In the New York Street Fight, Mack Daddy Flexx and OZHB members Jay Lover and Don Tony defeated Best Bodies, Inc. members Joe So Delicious, Sabotage and Tony Lo. This match literally saw all hell break loose and was without any doubt, the wildest match in VPW history. Words can not describe the utter carnage and chaos that occurred during this fight. There was as much action in the ring as there was outside of the ring. It took a ladder, chairs, a trash can, an umbrella, metal trays, various objects and tons of Easter eggs, but the score was definitely settled and Best Bodies, Inc. did not go home happy. Don Tony even had his face wrapped in plastic and was suffocated by Joe So Delicious. Several people walked away injured, including Don Tony, who suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken finger.

VPW will return to Centereach on Saturday night May 17th with a one night tag team tournament to crown the first ever VPW Tag Team Champions.

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