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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Courtesy of Steve Rockamaniac:

2007 was undoubtedly the biggest year in TNA’s 5+ year existance. They had just come off of acquiring Kurt Angle in late 06, and during the year would acquire Booker T, separate from the NWA, and add a solid’s woman’s division, now you get the chance to relive the year with TNA’s latest DVD release, The Best of TNA 2007.

The Best of TNA 2007 is a DVD about 3 months overdue, but nonetheless is your video yearbook that was everything in TNA last year. Hosted by Barry Scott (the guy who does the unique voiceovers for TNA promo packages) the DVD is to a degree interactive, as it’s content was completely chosen by the fans in year end voting on TNAWrestling.com.

The top 7 matches of the year are featured in full, which are Sting vs Angle at Bound For Glory, Joe vs Angle for all the titles at Hard Justice, The King of the mountain matchup from Slammiversary, AJ Styles vs Rhino – Elevation X from Destination X, James Storm vs Chris Harris in a Texas Death Match, Christian Cage vs Kaz in the ladder match final of the fight for your right tournament, and LAX vs XXX in Six Sides of Steel from Bound For Glory.

As well, the awards for the following categories are given out… Finisher of the year - TNA Knockout of the year - Tag Teams of the year - Biggest Feuds of the year - Who To Watch In 2008 - The Best Of The X Division – and of course The TNA MVP Of 2007. A top 5 of each category is presented alongside interview comments from various TNA Stars talking about whoever garnered the spot in question. The comments are generally your typical put over spots and thus don’t expect anything special here. I also think Barry Scott as a host was a interesting choice, I love his voiceover skills for TNA promos, but after a couple of hours of him getting a little overexcited announcing an award category or match I grew somewhat tired of it.

Some of you may recall reports that this was to be a 2 disc set featuring the top 10 matches of the year as well as extras, But as you can tell by my description above those plans have changed, some have been quick to say the DVD is no longer worth it, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that. I kinda like the idea of having one DVD to add to my collection that enables me to look back on the year that was. Would I have liked a second disc with more footage? Of course, more is usually better when it comes to DVD sets, but that doesn’t make this single disc version a write off for me either. If anything it allows you to pick up some of the great TNA matchups from the year without having to buy multiple DVD’s, thus you can save some money. Ultimately I think this DVD best serves as a introductory DVD for new fans who want to know what TNA is all about.

TNA: Best Of TNA 2007 will be in stores on April 22nd nationwide and can also be ordered online via ShopTNA.com, For more information you can always check out TNAWrestling.com and to read my previous dvd reviews head on over to Maineventradio.com/reviews.htm