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Thursday, April 3, 2008

EPIC Shareholders Agree To Cancellation Of 15 Million Shares In Order To Enhance Shareholder Value

Courtesy of EPIC Corporation:

EPIC Updates Its Progress Report

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(April 03, 2008)--EPIC Corporation (OTC:EPIO) (the “Company”), a multi-media communications and broadcasting company, announced that two shareholders have returned 15 Million shares of EPIC's common stock to the Company and the shares have been cancelled and returned to authorized but unissued shares. The issued and outstanding shares of the Company is now 11,262,023 shares.

The Company, in exchange for the cancellation of the shares, agreed to issue the shareholders shares in the newly formed EPIC Communications Corp., a majority owned subsidiary of the Company, which is to become the multi-media communications and broadcasting operating company. EPIC will now become an operating company through its two subsidiaries, EPIC Communications Corp. and EPIC Financial Corporation.

During the past month EPIC has:

1. Completed the pilot show for is one-half hour sports show. The pilot show will feature Jeff DeForrest and Light Heavyweight boxing champion Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson who fights in Tampa Bay this April 12th. The fight will be carried on Showtime. EPIC plans to distribute the pilot show to many stations nationwide.

2. EPIC has completed it web site, www.epicfinancialnetwork.com, which includes links to various radio shows and other programing.

3. EPIC commenced developing new sports programing for its European distribution network.

4. EPIC has obtained proper State and Federal licensing, a major step in allowing EPIC to own and control its own content, allowing it to hold Mixed Martial Arts events. The first event is currently being planned.

5. The “Jeff DeForrest Show” has been expanded to weekly mornings on 640 am, Monday through Friday. His guests have included Sun Sentinel writer Ethan J. Skolnick, Lesley Visser, which appears on Fridays, and from time to time Jeff is joined by former Miami Dolphin and 1980 NFL Rookie of the Year, Troy Stratford.

6. EPIC has established an active program to identify potential acquisitions.

About EPIC:

Epic (www.epicfinancialnetwork.com) is a media and entertainment company, covering business, sports, sporting events, and the world of entertainment. It produces its own original programming on radio, television and the web. It offers services to third parties offering them exposure to a large and real audience for name branding, product introduction, and distribution of information.

For Further Information on EPIC go to www.pinksheets.com for quotes and financial information and Statement of information.

EPIC Contact:
Mick Bazsuly, 954-729-3899