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Monday, April 7, 2008

InterVision Network Corporation (IVNET) To Power Streaming Broadcast Of Free King Of The Streets (KOS) Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event To A Global Audi

Courtesy of InterVision Network Corporation:

InterVision Network Corporation (IVNET) To Power Streaming Broadcast Of Free King Of The Streets (KOS) Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event To A Global Audience On April 26th; June Event To Be Broadcast Live

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(April 7, 2008) - InterVision Network Corporation (PINKSHEETS: IVSW) (see website www.ivnet.tv) announced today the formation a joint venture with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) industry giant World Extreme Fighting Championship (WEF) (see website www.WEFFighting.com) and world-class production company Sunrise Studios, Inc. (Sunrise) (see website www.SunriseStudios.tv) for the purpose of offering live MMA events to a global audience on a pay-per-view basis.

The first event available for global online broadcast will be the April 26th King Of the Streets (KOS) Mixed Martial Arts event (MMA) from Birmingham, Alabama. The KOS event will feature exclusive MMA content that cannot be seen anywhere else. The fight card will include two bare-knuckle cage fights, one of which is a woman-on-woman clash. The KOS event will be available free online at www.KingOfTheStreets.com, and distributed globally and exclusively via the IVNET Content Delivery Network (CDN).

"We believe that this will be a great opportunity for a broad audience to see the world-class production capabilities of Sunrise Studios and WEF," said Bob Pianka, President of Sunrise Studios, Inc. "In our opinion, no one on the planet puts together a better event than the WEF and Sunrise when we come together for the King Of the Streets events."

"The free live webcast will give global exposure to our world-class CDN," said Richard A. Luthmann, IVNET's EVP for Marketing and Development. "We broadcast to a simultaneous user base of over 3 million each and every week with our DJ Culture Global Remix -- the hottest live show on the internet, featuring exclusive remixes and celebrity guests, available only on IVNET.TV Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm EDT." Luthmann continued, "We expect no less than 200,000 global users to view this free live MMA event and are looking at an explosive user growth projection. We are confident that the IVNET CDN will be able to support a simultaneous global user base in the tens of millions as the need arises for the MMA and other events."

Due to existing contractual obligations regarding ticket sales to the live event, the April 26 broadcast will be a tape delay broadcast of a live event taking place on April 19th. After the April event, the joint venture agreement between IVNET, WEF and Sunrise contemplates a similar-style MMA pay-per-view event each month, for which users will pay a fee for the live event. The next event will take place on June 21.


IVNET, the world leader in IP broadcasting development and related technologies, is the first and only truly Global Online Broadcasting Network. Founded in 2005 and publicly traded as of January 2008 as InterVision Network Corporation (PINKSHEETS: IVSW), IVNET develops original programming and distributes entertainment and business content for corporate partners.

Central to IVNET is the unparalleled content delivery network (CDN), several proprietary content delivery processes and related software and hardware. These CDN processes support live streaming services to several user mediums, including cell phones and computers, in high definition broadcast quality to any global location.

To meet the needs of our partners, IVNET operates as two interrelated divisions:

InterVision Network Corporation (IVNET)

IVNET.TV is the product offering of parent company IVNET. The premier site for global content, IVNET.TV collects general interest media from around the world, supports user content submissions, and hosts original paid programming and advertisements. With 3.5 million unique users each month, IVNET.TV delivers an established and loyal customer base to our corporate partners.

InterVision Streaming Corporation (iSTREAM)

iSTREAM is the corporate division and brand name of IVNET's exclusive Content Delivery Network. Specifically designed to deliver high definition content without the limitations of typical online broadcasting, the iSTREAM universal codec and CDN offers superior streaming capabilities for our partners' business, entertainment, and promotional needs to user computers, cell phones, and, soon, televisions.

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