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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mickey's Teams Up With Top MMA Star Tito Ortiz

Courtesy of Miller Brewing Company:

Multifaceted partnership pairs one of the finest mixed martial arts fighters with the 'Fine Malt Liquor'

MILWAUKEE, April 23 -- Mickey's has been a powerful brand in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) over the past two years, and the "Fine Malt Liquor" has scored a knockout with its signing of one of the sport's biggest stars: Tito Ortiz.

Through the multifaceted partnership, Mickey's will develop promotions, events and packaging featuring Ortiz, who was a light heavyweight champion from 2000 through 2003. The Mickey's partnership also will tap into the power and popularity of "Team Punishment," Ortiz's training camp, which includes several top MMA stars and up-and-coming fighters.

"Over the past few years, Mickey's has learned that the sponsorship strength and fans' passion within the world of MMA lies with the fighters, so we're pumped to partner with Tito, one of the best and most popular athletes in the sport," said Patrick Minogue, Mickey's brand manager. "We're already hearing from distributors and fans anxious to get their hands on limited edition Mickey's cans featuring Tito."

Mickey's plans to leverage the fighter's popularity by developing programs that closely tie Ortiz to the growing malt liquor brand, while providing fans with the opportunity to keep tabs on this MMA star inside and outside the arena.

"Mickey's has been a favorite among MMA fans and fighters for a long time, so the 'Fine Malt Liquor' is a welcome addition to the Team Punishment family," Ortiz said.

Ortiz, also known as The Huntington Beach Bad Boy, has become a popular figure inside and outside the world of MMA. With 15 mixed martial arts victories, eight by knockout, Ortiz's next fight is scheduled for May 24 against undefeated karate master Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida at the MGM Grand.

Mickey's will provide updates on Ortiz promotions, events and packaging at Mickeys.com in the near future.

About Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor:

Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor earned a gold award in the American-Style Specialty Lager category at the 2000 World Beer Cup. Mickey's Ice earned a bronze award in the American-Style Specialty Lager category at the 2008 World Beer Cup. Available nationwide, Mickey's is known for its unique, keg-shaped 12-ounce, wide-mouth bottles. Mickey's sales grew nearly 7 percent in 2007. Mickey's Brewing Company is a subsidiary of Miller Brewing Company.

About Tito Ortiz

More information about Tito Ortiz is available at his official website, http://www.TitoOrtiz.com. Ortiz is represented by Scott Vener (Schiffo), Phillip Burton (WMA), Patrick Knapp (BHDRLF) and Jake Bloom (BHDRLF).

About Miller Brewing Company:

As one of America's oldest brewers, Miller Brewing Company continues the commitment of founder Frederick J. Miller to brew "confoundedly good beers" with "uncompromising quality." Through more than 150 years of innovation and brewing excellence, Miller has built a broad portfolio of award-winning beers that captures approximately 18 percent of U.S. beer sales. An unprecedented four-time gold award winner at the World Beer Cup, Miller Lite is the great tasting, less filling beer that established the American light beer category in 1975. Miller's latest innovation is Miller Chill, a chelada-style beer brewed with lime and salt to provide a unique twist on refreshment. The company also brews Miller Genuine Draft, Miller High Life, Foster's, Milwaukee's Best Light, Olde English 800, Mickey's Malt Liquor, Icehouse and Sharp's, a non-alcohol brew. Miller imports Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsner Urquell and Tyskie and offers the Sparks line of caffeinated alcohol beverages, as well as regional craft brews from the Leinenkugel Brewing Company and the Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company. Miller is a wholly owned subsidiary of SABMiller, one of the world's leading brewers with a global footprint spanning six continents. For more details, visit http://www.MillerBrewing.com.