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Saturday, April 19, 2008

RESULTS: PTW Wrestling - Saturday 19th April - Stevenage, England!

Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling:

In front of a loud and enthusiastic crowd, Power Trip Wrestling presented "One Wild Night," a show that lived up to it's title; on Saturday 19th April 2008, in Stevenage, England! We had surprise unannounced guests, and lots of crazy action!


* The boss, Peter Staniforth, came out with his son Andrew; and he and the crowd sang 'Happy Birthday' to him as Andrew's 9th birthday is on the 22nd of April. During the song, Dan Edge came out, and the older Staniforth went ballistic that Edge would have the arrogance to interrupt such an event. Peter's bodyguard, 'GoldenGloves' Paul McSherry, clearly felt the same way as he came out from the back and attacked Edge. McSherry lifted Dan up, and as ever, the Clipboard of Doom would connect with Dan Edge's skull - but it wasn't Peter swinging....It was Andrew! Proving the apple never falls far from the tree, and like father like son, Andrew was content with the first swing; but Peter wasn't, and told Andrew to take one more shot! After this, Paul McSherry hit him with his swinging powerslam; and Edge was left laying. Peter would finish the situation by telling Dan that "the one thing you don't ever, EVER do....is mess with my family."

* Gold Thunder w/ Dan Edge defeated Paul McSherry. A good opening match, which despite a great performance from McSherry, saw the debuting and mysterious Gold Thunder take an upset victory.

* Mean N' Green (Anton Green & Maverick) w/Mr Tenacious defeated Jay Cool & Wheeler. Solid tag team action, as the battle proven Mean N' Green took the win. Backstage promo footage would see a strange incident, where Green and Maverick would come to an agreement with Peter Staniforth for him to stay out of their business during the evening; with a promise that Peter's daughter Victoria (and her feared 'Woo Lock' submission hold) would be persuaded to keep away from them. This clearly made some kind of difference in the match. But with 'Team Woo' member Jay Cool involved in proceedings, the question to be asked - is why did Peter do this?

* For the reborn UWL Heavyweight Title - 'The Wild Card' Kyle Kraze defeated Rich McClaine. Kyle Kraze returned to the dark side, as he aligned himself with the V.I.P. group of Braddock, and Frantastic. Their influence was the deciding factor, as Kraze became the UWL Champion. After the match, a beatdown was always on the cards; but who came out of the crowd to save his now regular tag team partner in other promotions? No less than one of the best wrestlers in England, and one of the most respected - Ashe!!!! This would come into play again later in the evening.....

* Hair vs Hair - Mikey The Pikey w/Aphrodite defeated Action Jackson. Jackson's trademark long ponytail was cut off after the match, and the crowd were shocked.

* 'The Enforcers' Braddock & Frantastic defeated 'The Natural Superstars' Darren Mason & Nathan Irwin w/Peter Staniforth. The Northern stars, Mason & Irwin, from NGW, did their best and had the crowd's belief in them; but the power of Braddock & Frantastic was just too much for them. After the match, similar antics from earlier ensued with another beatdown, but Rich McClaine and Ashe came out and challenged 'The Enforcers' to a future match in PTW; much to the approval of the fans.

* PTW Cruiserweight Title Match - G 'The Ghetto Superstar' defeated 'The P*ssed Off Politician' Richard Parliment, and Del Rico; to retain the championship. After the decision, the bizarre masked man Dragonian came out and attacked G and Del Rico; screaming for Peter Staniforth's attention finally. A particularly unamused Staniforth came out, and politely suggested that Dragonian get out of his ring; as he is not welcome in PTW.

* Former star back in the day from UWL, BRAWL, and many others - all the way from Scotland - Jimi Infinity, defeated Alex Cyanide, and Matt Myers. Jaws dropped, as those who remembered Infinity were shocked to see him; but pleased to see him take a well earned victory in a hard fought match.

* And in the main event of the evening, Shabazz retained his PTW Heavyweight Championship, against Nero. A tough battle, which saw Nero take a nasty bang to the head on the outside in particular. Staniforth and Edge had their regular verbal fights on the outside, and Nero spat water all over the Owner of PTW. Edge's finding humour in this would see Peter hit him with the Clipboard over the back, and after Shabazz took the win with his RKO finishing move; Nero attempted to apologise to Peter for the water incident. For one second, it looked as if the boss might be forgiving, but then what could only be described as a Clipboard shot from Doom and beyond knocked Nero pretty much unconscious at ringside. Shabazz challenged Dan Edge to bring someone who is capable of beating him in future, and celebrated with the fans in the glow of another successful PTW Heavyweight Title defence.

* PTW will announce their next show very soon, and thank all involved - from fans to PTW 'family,' for their support.