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Sunday, April 6, 2008

WSU Returns On 4/20 In Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Courtesy of Women Superstars Uncensored:

WSU Announces Special Sunday Show!

Where: ECPW Arena, located at 87 North Beverwyck Road in Lake Hiawatha, NJ
When: Sunday, April 20th, with a 2:30 Belltime
More info: WSUWrestling.com
Tickets: $5 or FREE with purchase of WSU DVD

Main Event Announced For WSU's 4/20 Event
The WSU Championship scene will be decisively decided once and for all on 4/20, as new WSU Champion Nikki Roxx defends her championship in a Triple Threat Match against the two co-number 1 contenders, Alexa Thatcher & Cindy Rogers. This match must have a winner as only a pinfall or submission will win the match. Furthermore, all WSU talent is barred and banned from interfering in this match. Any wrestler or personality that attempts to interfere in this match will be suspended from WSU for a year. This match will settle once and for all the true WSU Champion.

This show will take place on Sunday, April 20th, at the ECPW arena, located at 87 N. Beverwyck Road in Lake Hiawatha, NJ with a special 2:30 belltime.

This will be a special one show DVD taping and will be used to showcase all the local talent in the area. Already booked to appear on 4/20 are Missy Hyatt, Amy Lee, Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini, Roxxie Cotton, Discord, Rebecca Payne, Rick Cataldo, Missy Sampson, Alere Little Feather, Destiny, Becky Bayless, Foxxy Foxxy, Annie Social & many more. We hope to have some more match announcements later this week. Tickets for this show will be only $5 or FREE with the purchase of any WSU DVD.

This show will also feature several debuts, as several local talents look to break into the WSU ranks. There will be tons of fresh matches and many firsts on this show.

More matches have been announced for April 20th. Here they are:

In a J-Cup Tournament Rematch
Mercedes Martinez vs Becky Bayless
The first match between these two took place on 3/22 during the WSU J-Cup tournament. This was a hard hitting match, as Mercedes took the fight to Becky Bayless. Becky, knowing she couldn't match strength with Mercedes, tried using her brains to outwit Mercedes & the WSU referees! Becky handed Mercedes a loaded object, then fell down while the ref wasn't looking. The ref turned around and thought Mercedes KO'd Becky, calling for a DQ win for Becky Bayless. However, WSU Commissioner, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch came out to overrule the ruling and demanded the match to be restarted, inserting herself as referee to make sure no funny business went down! The match was restarted and Mercedes Martinez showed her dominance and desire, defeating Becky, enroute to winning the WSU J-Cup Tournament.

Now, Becky Bayless is pissed as she feels that she was screwed out of the J-Cup tournament. Becky, who hasn't made many friends in WSU, has seemingly formed an alliance with new WSU Champion Nikki Roxx. Is Becky planning on using her friendship and seedy tactics to take out Mercedes? Becky vows that she won't be beat by Mercedes and plans on returning the favor on 4/20. Mercedes told WSUWrestling.com, that she doesn't care who she has to wrestle, as every match just gets her closer to a WSU title shot. Mercedes vs Becky Bayless is 100% on, and you can bet that the winner of this will make their case to become number 1 contender to the WSU Championship.

Angel Orsini vs Kacee Carlisle
4/20 will be the night of many debuts, and Kacee Carlisle is one of the wrestlers debuting. Kacee Carlisle has won championships all over the country and is looking to test her mettle and prove to everyone in the wrestling world that she can swim with the big fish in the big pond that is WSU.

Kacee Carlisle asked WSU for only the best competition, as she did not want an easy match. Angel Orsini, coming off an impressive J-Cup performance, has answered Kacee's challenge.

Angel Orsini is one of the best wrestlers WSU has to offer. Angel has made it clear that she plans on getting a WSU title shot soon and will take out anyone in her path. By asking for the best WSU has to offer, Kacee may have gotten in over her head from day one. However, Kacee is determined and is on a quest to be the best, and Angel may fall victim as Kacee plans to trailblaze to the top. This first-time ever match is set and should be an eye opener.

8-Woman Elimination Tag Team War!
The Beatdown Betty's (Roxxie Cotton/Annie Social/Rick Cataldo/Rebecca Payne) vs Amy Lee/Missy Sampson/Alere Little Feather/Jana

On 4/20 there will be alot of firsts, and this match is an example of that, as this will be the first ever 8-Woman Tag Team Match in WSU History! We know that the ever flamboyant Rick Cataldo is in this match, but he demanded that WSU advertise this match as a womans match and not an intergender match, because according to him, "I'm more Diva than anyone on the WSU roster!"

The Beatdown Betty's was created by Roxxie Cotton. Roxxie, who has not won a match yet in WSU, is super frustrated and has found people in the WSU locker room who are also on the negative end when it comes to win-loss records.

Roxxie's first recruit was Rick Cataldo. Cataldo, fresh off firing his lawyer who he deemed wasn't living up to his end of the deal, met Roxxie at the mall. The two then went on a shopping spree together, where they spent alot of time trying on clothes, chewing gum and talking about boys.

Next to join the Beatdown Betty's was Annie Social. Annie seems to be the odd woman out of the trio, as she doesn't have the same interests as Roxxie or Cataldo. It seems that Annie tolerates the two, as they fight the common enemy in WSU. Just watch the matches to see the chemistry, or lack thereof in the ring!

WSUWrestling.com was informed that after the J-Cup tournament, Rebecca Payne felt slighted by WSU management. Payne said that she was forced to team with a jabroni ticket seller at the WSU King & Queen tournament. Payne then said WSU didn't give her time to prepare against Angel Orsini at the WSU J-Cup. Payne, sporting an 0-2 record, sent feelers to Roxxie, and Roxxie has accepted Payne on a probation basis to join the Beatdown Betty's.

The Beatdown Betty's have had their hands full with Jana, Alere Little Feather, Amy Lee & Missy Sampson in the past. Now it all comes to a head in this explosive 8 Woman Elimination Tag Team Match War! Will The Betty's get their first win as a collective unit or will the powerful team of Lee/Sampson/Feather/Jana be just too strong? Find out on 4/20!

Miss Belmont vs Discord
Two new comers to WSU will meet for the first time ever in their careers. Both are known to be from the dark side which makes this match appealing. Both, who are known for their gothic lifestyles, feel that the other is "fake" and not true goth. Belmont feels that Discord uses the gothic lifestyle as a way to a make her name for herself, while Discord feels that Belmont is a poser. Who's the real dark princess of WSU? Find out on 4/20.

In a special edition of Missy's Manor, "The First Lady of Wrestling", Missy Hyatt, will conduct the first interview with WSU Womens Champion Nikki Roxx. Making matters more special, Becky Bayless will also be appearing on the manor! With "The Walking Riot" Missy Hyatt, the WSU Womens Champion Nikki Roxx & the ever loud mouthed & controversial Becky Bayless in the ring at the same time, you can expect some fireworks & major relevations!

All this & much more is planned. Be there live!

There are two ways to order tickets. To purchase tickets for $5, please paypal $5 to BULLSMC@aol.com with your address in the "NOTE" section. You can also email BULLSMC@aol.com to pay for tickets by the mail.

You can also get free tickets to this show by purchasing WSU DVDs. When ordering WSU DVDs through DOIVideo.com, you can request free tickets by leaving a message in the "NOTE" section of paypal. This deal will not be available the day of the show, so to get free tickets you must order a WSU DVD in advance. This offer is also open on the new WSU "King & Queen" & "J-Cup" tournament DVDs.

Hope to see you there on 4/20, as the hardest hitting women return to the ring.