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Friday, May 23, 2008

All Fighters Make Weight For UFC 84: 'Ill Will'

Results of today's weigh-ins:

Shane Carwin - 252
Christian Wellisch - 230

Dong Hyun Kim (who, for some reason, took off his socks, but not his beanie cap) - 171
Jason Tan(o) - 170

Jon Koppenhaver - 170
Yoshiyuki Yoshida - 170

Rich Clementi - 155
Terry Etim - 155

Kazuhiro Nakamura (who had to lose whatever he was wearing, which completely covered his eyes, on his head, although he put it back on for the staredown, which was quite intense; guess both guys have something to prove, because I'm not aware of any underlying heat) - 206
Rameau Sokoudjou (Joe Rogan didn't even try to pronounce his first name) - 204

Rousimar Palhares - 185
Ivan Salaverry - 185

Wilson Gouveia - 205
Goran Reljic (who actually headbutted Gouveia, causing a quick separation of the two) - 205

Antonio Mendes - 203
Thiago Silva - 205

Lyoto Machida - 203
Tito Ortiz (whose T-shirt read: "Dana Is My Bitch!") - 205

Keith Jardine - 205
Wanderlei Silva - 205

BJ Penn - 155
Sean Sherk - 155

Big pops: Koppenhaver (TUF, of course), Clementi (ditto), Sokoudjou (beats me).

Superstar pops: Tito (Mr. White's almost completely turned him into a babyface), Wanderlei, Penn, Sherk (who, with his humble nature, managed to turn something of a split crowd into a supportive one).

Conspicuous by his absence: Dana.