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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Florida Championship Wrestling 5-6-08 Bourbon Street Results NEW PORT RICHEY FL

Courtesy of Florida Championship Wrestling & David Westbrook:

Mike Kruel vs. Mr. Yamamoto
Mike Kruel via pinfall after a suplex.

9 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contender
Order of elimination:
Brandon Cruz
Vic Adams
Gabe Tuft
Kevin Kiley
Andrew Vein
Johnny Curtis
Greg Jackson winner

Sinn Bowdee vs. Matt Sydal
Matt Sydal via pinfall after a roll-up

Shawn Spears vs. Big Rob
Big Rob via DQ after the Campus Legend Brad Allen interferred Charles Evans made the save

Shawn Spears & Brad Allen vs. Charles Evans & Big Rob
Big Rob pinned Brad Allen after a powerslam

The Ass Kicker Jay Bradley vs. Colt Boom Boom Cabana
Colt Boom Boom Cabana via pinfall after a dropkick off the top rope

Tug of War
Victoria, Roca, Daisy, Taryn Terrell, & Sterling Jake Gabriel vs. Nicole & Brianna the Bella Twins, Miss Angela, & the Giant
All of the divas left the ring after the start and Sterling Jake Gabriel attacked the Giant. Sterling Jake Gabriel then proceeded to choke out the Giant with the rope. Referees came out to break it up.

Tag team match
Afa Jr. & the Upgrade Tyrone Jones vs. Atlas DaBone & Kevin Thorn
Atlas DaBone pinned the Upgrade Tyrone Jones after Afa Jr missed a superkick on Atlas DaBone and hit Tyrone Jones.

Handsome Heath's Happy Hour
Called out Florida Heavyweight Champion Jake Hager

Florida Heavyweight Championship Match
Handsome Heath Miller vs. Jake Hager
Jake Hager via pinfall after a modified fishermans suplex

Main Event
Florida Tag Team Championship Match
Stu Sanders & the Empire Drew McIntyre vs. Eddie Colon & Eric Perez w/ Miss Angela
Drew McIntyre pinned Eddie Colon. New Florida Tag Team Champions Stu Sanders & The Empire Drew McIntyre