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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Funk's Corner - Osamu Nishimura - Victory In Japan Over Triple Crown Champion - Italy's Il Marchese Returns

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

Last night (May 16) before a sell out crowd, Osamu Nishimura gained a victory over Triple Crown Champion, Suwama in the main event tag team match. (Nishimura and Nobukazu Hirai vs Suwama and El Samurai) This victory coupled with Nishimura's winning the NKPWA World Championship in a three way world title match with Kurt Angle and Riki Passan in Seoul South Korea gives Nishimura the inside track as first challenger to Suwama's Triple Crown Championship.
Osamu Nishimura returns to the Funking Conservatory to wrestle and scout wrestling talent for All Japan Pro Wrestling Sunday June 1st. for Support the Troops 27, "International Fight." Showtime is 7:00pm, Doors open at 6:30.

Il Marchese Returns from Italy to the Funking Conservatory

Professional wrestling is very popular in Italy and one of the top stars in Italy, Il Marchese (The Master) returns to the Funking Conservatory to participate in Support the Troops 27, "International Fight."

The style of wrestling in Italy is different than England, Japan and America. On our website at http://www.dory-funk.com on !BANG! TV Il Marchese faces Cory Chavis wrestling for the European Championship.

Support the Troops 27, "International Fight" will feature Osamu Nishimura, Rocky Johnson, Lexie Fyfe (AKA Hillary Clinton on WWE), Johnny Magnum, The Claw, Claudia Reiff, Dory Funk Jr., Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye, Elvis Sharp, Chris "The Animal" James, Will Power, David Sands, Pistol Peyton Gunn, Shane Chung, Damien and more...

For ticket information to our next !BANG! TV Taping Sunday June 1st and for training and tryout schedules for Osamu Nishimura / All Japan Pro Wrestling call 352-895-4658 or visit our website at http://www.dory-funk.com.

Dory Funk Jr. Coach of the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School -