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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gameness Fighting Championships Set To Be First Legally Sanctioned Mixed

Courtesy of Gameness Promotional Group/Gameness Fighting Championships:

Gameness Fighting Championships Set To Be First Legally Sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fight In Tennessee History

1 cage, 24 hungry fighters, thousands of screaming fans. With the passing of SB3836/HB2633, Tennessee fans are finally going to experience live, the heart-pounding excitement of watching a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event. Gameness (one of the biggest names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA) along with D1 Sports Training in Franklin, TN (one of the biggest name in Division 1 level sports training), are sponsoring the first Gameness Fighting Championships event, tentatively slated for Saturday, August 23rd. Some of the best fighters in MMA are expected to participate, setting this fight as one of the top sporting events in the Southeastern United States.

May 22, 2008 -- While other states have reaped massive rewards from this incredibly grueling sport, live MMA fights have been considered illegal in the state of Tennessee. That has changed this week with the passing of the Senate Bill. According to State Representative Curry Todd, the economic impact of these events can exceed nearly $100 million dollars.

MMA has been one of the fastest growing sports in the United States for nearly a decade. MMA has fueled some of the top Pay-Per-View events in history; it's top fighters earning millions per year from fights and endorsements and its spectators becoming quickly addicted. The sport itself is a combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) ground fighting, Muay Thai kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, as well as other traditional martial arts. The term Mixed Martial Arts was coined by combining these arts, and someone who trains in all these disciplines has become known as the true modern gladiator.

Gameness has been a household name in the world of MMA for years. Gameness' fightwear division as well as Ed Clay's Nashville Mixed Martial Arts (an MMA training facility held at the Gameness Training Center in Nashville), has been named by BusinessTN Magazine as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Tennessee for the past 2 years and is poised to do it again in 2008. Gameness Fightwear, located next door to the Nashville training facility, is considered one of the largest suppliers of ultra-quality BJJ apparel in the world. The Gameness Training Facility in Nashville trains hundreds of people and has been has been forced to take their fighters to other states to compete. It is home to BJJ Black Belts Shawn Hammonds, Ed Clay, and Sean "Spyder" Pullizano and has close ties to Cliff Fonseca's Guardian BJJ and John LeBlanc's Nemesis BJJ, both located in Murfreesboro. Fighters like in Tennessee have long been frustrated by the restrictions which stop them from being able to fight and compete in front of their friends and families. After the gut-wrenching training routines withstood by many to prepare for the rigors of the sport, being able to fight near their fans has literally brought tears to their eyes.

About The Gameness Promotional Group, LLC (GPG): GPG was formed in early 2008 to form, promote and stage regional MMA events in the southeastern United States. The company is currently run by Shane Messer, CEO of the incubator group (a private equity and business consulting firm) and co-owner of Gameness Fightwear, Ed Clay's Nashville Mixed Martial Arts, the Gameness Training Center, as well as other entrepreneurial projects headquartered in Nashville and Dallas. In 2006 Mr. Messer was named one of the top entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in the state of Tennessee, in 2007 he was co-CEO of one the of the fastest growing firms in Tennessee and was chosen as one of the top United Nations Volunteers for his work with Lawyers Without Borders.

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