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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Courtesy of GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com:


Peach State Pandemonium featured NWA Wrestling Showcase host and producer David Marquez, AWA World-1 South promoter Jody Peterman, and the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer this morning. Marquez updated us on the latest as it pertains to the June 7 NWA Showcase taping at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA, as well as the Showcase itself. We also discussed his career leading up to his current position, the state of the National Wrestling Alliance, and a few anecdotes from his time working with Gordon Solie. Peterman talked about his promotion, as well as the current state of the American Wrestling Association, including their legal battle with World Wrestling Entertainment. He also cleared up the confusion regarding the AWA Heavyweight and Tag Team Titles of late. Meltzer gave us insight into Total Nonstop Action’s Sacrifice PPV, taking place tomorrow night in Orlando, FL. He also gave us his thoughts on Nick Hogan’s eight month sentence handed down on Friday, and plugged some of the top stories from next week’s issue. Click here for the archive. (Rich Tate)

Total Championship Wrestling will be in Douglasville, GA, tonight at the National Guard Armory, with a starting time of 8:00 PM. Doors will open at 7:00. All tickets are $5, but kids under 6 get in free. Advertised: Damon Taz defends the TCW Heavyweight Title against Pretty Boy Floyd in a first blood match; Kenny Dees & Murder One defend the TCW Tag Team Title against Bulldog Raines & the Nightmare; Lamar Phillips & Jay Clinton versus Billy Love & Mark Pain; and Josh Storm versus Kid Ego. Also advertised to appear are Frankie Valentine and Ken Timbs, Jr. Call (404) 213-4632, (770) 871-0988, or (706) 716-5701 for more info. (Rich Tate)

Ultimate Christian Wrestling will be at the National Guard Armory in Canton, GA, tonight with a bell time of 8:00 PM. The doors open at 7:00. Advertised: Frankie Valentine & Colt Derringer versus Rob Adonis & Dustin Powers, with Jeremy Vain & Adrian Hawkins defending the UCW Tag Team Title against the winner later on the card; Kyle Matthews defends the UCW National Heavyweight Title against Andrew Pendleton III; J.T. Talent versus Slim J; and Brian Lawler versus Josh Stone. The debut of the “Talent Show” is also advertised. (Rich Tate)

The Future Wrestling Federation will be in Auburn, GA, at the Auburn Recreation Field tonight. Bell time is 8:00 PM, and tickets are $10. Kids 6 and under get in free. The show is a fundraiser for the Recreation Department. Advertised: Leatherface, Psychoman, Jamie Dean, the Russian Assassin, Jamie Holmes, Adam Stanton, Rob Russo, Drive-By, Brian Titus, Flatline, the American Nightmare, and Loco Motive, with manager Father John Christian. (Rich Tate)

The United States Wrestling Organization will be at the Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN, tonight. Call (615) 664-1669 for more information. Advertised for May 10: Tommy Capone & the New York Gangster defend the ATL Tag Team Title against Lee Cross & Slade, with Lisa Fayzon; Steven Green defends the ATL Junior Heavyweight Title against Kid Dynamite; Chris Norte versus Justin Spade; Dyronic versus Little Booger, with Charming Charles; Shawn Hoodrich versus Bizarre-O; and the Blue Amigo versus the White Tiger. (Rich Tate)

I Believe in Wrestling (the actual name of the promotion, seriously!) makes their promotional debut tonight at the Downtown Recreation Center on 649 West Livingston Street in Orlando, FL. Matches advertised: "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko & Chasyn Rance vs. The Vandalz, Jon Davis vs. Austin Amadeus, The Lifeguards vs. Nooie Lee & Demon Toro, Fantastic Dantastic vs. "Superstar" Sean Davis, Jaison Moore & Nick Holler vs. "The Marquee" Bruce Santee & Keith Blonde, "The Most Important Man Alive" Mister Saint Laurent vs. Andrew Wolf for the AWA Florida Heavyweight Championship, and Chris Jones vs. "Fabulous" Phil Davis. For more information, call (407) 694-3912. (Thomas Bugg)

The New Frontier Wrestling Association will return to the National Guard Armory in Franklin, NC, located at 192 Industrial Park Loop, tonight. Bell time is 8:00 PM. Advertised: Brokishi defends the NFWA Heavyweight Title against Talon Williams; a handicap match featuring Jamar Acid versus Ryan Michaels & Nigel Sherrod; Simon Sermon & Sebastian St. Clair versus Anthony Henry; Billy Starr versus the Bounty Hunter; Tommy Too Much versus Sci-Fi; K.T. Hamill versus Korrupt; and Danny Diesel versus Scotty Anderson. Also scheduled to appear are Jay Hartigan, Jen Holbrook, Ronda Lawrence, Dee Beyers, and Michael Gentry. (Rich Tate)

United Championship Wrestling will be at the National Guard Armory in Jacksboro, TN, tonight. Bell time is 8:15 PM. Advertised: John Justice versus Edward Idol; Jeff Anderson versus Willie B. Badd; and Keith Knox versus Jason Maxx. (Rich Tate)

Showtime All-Star Wrestling results from Millersville, TN, on May 9 at the SAW Arena aka The Bakery with a reported crowd of 120: Sigmond beat Chris Eckos, Drew Haskins beat Larry Cooter, Chris Cane beat Jeff Jamison, Spade vs Anthony Wayne ended in a no-contest when Frank Malone (with Cody Malone) attacked both, Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) beat Indian Outlaw, SAW TV Champion, Damian Adams beat Chrisjen Hayme, SAW Tag Team Champions, The Tennessee Violence Authority (with Paul Adams) went to a double countout with Arrick Andrews & "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant (with Miss Boogie). SAW returns to Columbia, TN at Freddie Morton's Auction House on Saturday, 5/17 with former WWE developemental wrestler Cassidy Reilly (Cassidy James in WWE) vs Damian Adams for the SAW TV Title. SAW returns to Millersville on Friday, 5/16 with a TV taping. (Larry Goodman)

United States Wrestling Organization results from their weekly show in Nashville at the Stadium Inn. Attendance was 76. A moment of silence was held for Tony Falk's father. Justin Spade beat Shane Smalls. New York Gangster beat Intern. ATL Jr. Champion Steven Green beat Lee Cross. USWO Jr. Champion Damien Payne beat Juicy JC Crowe by DQ when Gigolo Jay Phoenix & Luscious Quinton Quarisma attacked Payne. LT Falk made the save, then suggests he and Payne team up in the main event against Quarisma & Phoenix, which Payne accepts (thus completing his face turn). Tim Renesto (with Charming Charles) beat Petey Wright. USWO Champion Chris Michaels beat Seven (with Charming Charles) by DQ when Mark Anthony returned to attack Michaels. USWO Tag Team Champions Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix vs LT Falk & Damien Payne went to a no contest when ref Mark Owen called for the bell after the match disintegrated into a brawl. (Larry Goodman, courtesy of Jimmie Daniel)

Great Championship Wrestling had its weekly card on May 8 at the Great Skate Plex in Phenix City, AL: Micah Taylor defeated Shaun Banks w/Cru Jones. In a GCW tag title match, Tex Monroe and J-Rod defeated Murder One and Orion Bishop w/Wicked Nemesis by DQ. John Bogie defeated Randall Johnson. In an Interstate Title Match, Cru Jones retained the title against Scotty Beach thanks to interference from Shaun Banks. Johnny Swinger and Zero Tolerance defeated David Young and Bull Buchanan after Sonny Siaki attacked Young with a chair and Swinger nailed Bull with the Shaft. (Brian Slack)

Total Nonstop Action’s Sacrifice PPV broadcasts live on May 11 from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Advertised: Samoa Joe defends the TNA World Heavyweight Title against Scott Steiner and Kurt Angle in a three-way; a women’s battle royal featuring Gail Kim, O.D.B., Traci Brooks, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Jacqueline, Christy Hemme, Roxxi Laveaux, Rhaka Khan, and Salinas, whereas the winner gets a shot at the Women’s Title and the last eliminated gets her head shaved; a tournament for the TNA Tag Team Title featuring Team 3D, LAX, A.J. Styles & Super Eric, Christian Cage & Rhino, as well as pairings not yet determined among Sting, Robert Roode, Matt Morgan, B.G. James, Booker T, James Storm, Kip James, and reigning Women’s Champion Awesome Kong; and a match inside a cage billed to be thirty-foot in height, whereas the winner earns a future title shot at reigning X Division Champion Petey Williams, featuring Jay Lethal, Curry Man, Kaz, Alex Shelley, Jimmy Rave, Chris Sabin, Johnny Devine, Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt, and Consequences Creed. Frank Trigg, of MMA announcing fame, will sit in for color commentary during the main event. Rick Steiner is also to be on hand. (Rich Tate)

The Georgia Independent Wrestling Alliance presents “Stars and Stripes Forever” on May 24 in Milledgeville, GA, at the Centennial Center. Bell time is 7:30 PM. Veterans of all branches of U.S. Military will be admitted free. The card will be announced soon. (Rich Tate)

AWA World-1 South presents “Eruption in Ellaville”, GA, on May 30 at Buck’s Place, located at US Highway 19 South and 997 Broad Street. Bell time is 7:30 PM. Advertised: Tommy Rich & Chick Donovan versus K.I. Elite; the Bug, with Ron Niemi, defends the AWA Southern Heavyweight Title against J-Rod; Francisco Ciatso versus Barney Rumble; Ricky Romeo versus Big Bank Barfield; Mike Pain versus Q-Ball; and the return of Dale Lucas. (Rich Tate)

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced more dates in the south to take place in August. They will be in Chattanooga, TN, at the McKenzie Arena on August 3, with matches starting at 5:00 PM. Tickets go on sale June 28 at 10:00 AM, and are available at the venue and through Ticketmaster. Call (423) 266-6627 for more info. They will be in Macon, GA, at the Macon Centreplex Coliseum on August 4, with matches starting at 7:00 PM. Tickets go on sale June 27 at 10:00 AM, and are available at the venue and through Ticketmaster. Call (478) 752-1600 for more info. They will be in Atlanta, GA, at Philips Arena on August 5, with matches starting at 7:30 PM. Tickets go on sale June 28 at 10:00 AM, and are available at the venue and through Ticketmaster. Call (404) 249-6400 for more info. (Rich Tate)

DISCLAIMER: GWH is not liable for any card changes, cancellations, etc. We can only report what is reported to us. As always, we suggest you check with the promotion within 24 hours to verify information posted here.


GWH wishes a happy birthday to Verne Gagne (85) and William Regal (43).

Today in Memoriam: Big Daddy Lipscomb (31, 1963) and Ilio DiPaolo (68, 1995)


MAY 10, 1927 (TUESDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (John Contos – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jim Londos defeated Jack Keller > Wladek Zbyszko defeated Ivan Padukoff > Boxing Match: Dick Daviscourt defeated Jim Browning by KO in fifth round / Notes: It was reported that 2,500 were in attendance for this card.

MAY 10, 1932 (TUESDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (L.C. Warren – Promoter) > Jim Hesslyn defeated Jack Wagner > Charley Lehman defeated Bob Wilkie at 32:00

MAY 10, 1934 (THURSDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – LAKEWOOD HEIGHTS ARENA (Frank Bettis – Promoter) > Bob Anderson defeated Whitey Patterson > Ted Sarris defeated John Mauldin by disqualification > Chippewa Charlie defeated Son Almand

MAY 10, 1937 (MONDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – KEY ARENA (Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby – Promoters) > Red Dugan defeated John Dameron by countout > Tony Papalino defeated Paddy Nolan by disqualification > Buck Lawson defeated Don Rainey > Eddie Elzea defeated Jack McAdams / Notes: For unstated reasons, the wrestlers staged a sit-down strike before the matches, until the Athletic Commission warned them to wrestle.

MAY 10, 1946 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Dick Lever & Babe Zaharias defeated John Mauldin & Kay Bell > Rex Mobley and Bad Boy Brown wrestled to a draw > Jack Hader defeated Al Massey by disqualification > NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Bill Longson* defeated Nick Carter / Notes: Bill Longson had been the reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion since he defeated Bobby Managoff in St. Louis, MO, on February 19, 1943. This version was the one recognized by the National Boxing Association as the National Wrestling Association.

MAY 10, 1947 (SATURDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Tom Mahoney & Rudy Strongberg versus Nick Carter & Joe Corbett > Wristwatch Match: Al Massey defeated Al Galento > Leo Savage defeated Jack Dillon > Jim Coffield defeated Don McIntyre / Notes: Strangler Lewis was the special referee for the match between Jim Coffield and Don McIntyre. Tom Mahoney & Rudy Strongberg and Nick Carter & Joe Corbett were scheduled to wrestle each other, but no results were reported after the card.

MAY 10, 1954 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Tom Mahoney – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Lu Kimm defeated White Savage > Women’s Match: Suzanne Smith defeated Millie Stafford by disqualification > Harry Smith defeated Jack Thompson > Clyde Steeves defeated Red McIntyre / Notes: The match between Suzanne Smith and Millie Stafford was to earn a match for the Women’s World Title on May 31, 1954, but Tom Mahoney opted for a rematch since the match ended on a disqualification.

MAY 10, 1957 (FRIDAY) – COLLEGE PARK, GA – NORTH CLAYTON HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Al Massey & Chris Averoff defeated Bob Shipp & the Great Mitsu

MAY 10, 1960 (TUESDAY) – MACON, GA – MACON CITY AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bill Dromo and the Mask wrestled to a draw at 30:00 > ”The Masked Team” defeated Bill Dromo & Bill Alexander > Eric Pederson defeated Chief Little Eagle by disqualification Notes: It is unclear who the opponents were in the match with Bill Dromo & Bill Alexander.

MAY 10, 1961 (WEDNESDAY) – COLUMBUS, GA – COLUMBUS SPORTS ARENA (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Ronnie Hill defeated Jim Burke > Guy Mitchell & Chief Little Eagle defeated Gypsy Joe & Skull Murphy > No DQ Match: Jerry Graham defeated Bob Rasmussen

MAY 10, 1963 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Don McIntyre – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Tito Kopa and Silento Rodriguez wrestled to a draw > The Scufflin’ Hillbillies defeated Chris Averoff & Bulldog Lawley > Lenny Montana and Chief Little Eagle wrestled to a draw > World Heavyweight Title Match: Tarzan Tyler defeated Dick Steinborn* to win title / Notes: Dick Steinborn had been the reigning World Heavyweight Champion since he defeated Tarzan Tyler on May 3, 1963, in Atlanta.

MAY 10, 1965 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Steve Manderson – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jerry Miller & Jesse James versus the Corsicans > Mario Galento versus Frankie Cain > Tarzan Tyler versus Chief Little Eagle / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

MAY 10, 1966 (TUESDAY) – MACON, GA – MACON CITY AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bad Boy Hines defeated Red Dugan > Billy Hines defeated Jack Vansky > World Tag Team Title Match: the Mysterious Medics* versus Enrique & Alberto Torres went to draw / Notes: It was reported that 974 were in attendance for this card. The Mysterious Medics had been the reigning World Tag Team Champions since they defeated Eric & Karl Von Brauner on March 25, 1966, in Atlanta.

MAY 10, 1968 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bobby Hart defeated Silento Rodriguez > Jim Wilson defeated Oki Shikina > Tank Morgan defeated Johnny Walker > Enrique & Alberto Torres defeated the Rising Suns > Georgia Heavyweight Title Loser Leaves Match: the Big O (2) defeated Mr. Wrestling (1)* to win title > World Tag Team Title Match: Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller* versus Hans Schmidt & El Mongol ruled a no contest / Notes: Dick Steinborn was the special referee for the match between the Big O and Mr. Wrestling. Mr. Wrestling had been the reigning Georgia Heavyweight Champion since he defeated El Mongol on May 3, 1968, in Atlanta. Gentleman X (1) managed Hans Schmidt, the Big O & El Mongol. Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller had been the reigning World Tag Team Champions since they defeated Stan & Butcher Vachon on January 19, 1968, in Atlanta. In the program for this card, Paul Jones claimed he felt the Big O on the May 3, 1968, card was bigger and seemed stronger than the original Big O who had been here previously. It has been rumored that Tim Woods, who had been wrestling as Mr. Wrestling, was unhappy that he had been asked to not only leave the promotion following his match with the Big O, but to also unmask and finally reveal his identity. Though it had long been speculated he was Tim Woods, he was reportedly upset with this request and left the company abruptly following this card. It was announced that Dick Steinborn would be wrestling on the card on May 17, 1968.

MAY 10, 1969 (SATURDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – WQXI STUDIOS (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Silento Rodriguez & Little John defeated Los Toros > Bob Armstrong and Bill Dromo wrestled to a draw > Assassin #2 & Professional #2 defeated El Mongol & the Professional / Notes: This was taped for the “Atlanta TV Wrestling” television program hosted by Ed Capral.

MAY 10, 1972 (WEDNESDAY) – CARTERSVILLE, GA (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > The Avenger defeated Cisco Grimaldo > Karl Von Stroheim defeated Mike George > Jerry Oates defeated Oki Shikina by disqualification > Koa Tiki defeated Assassin #1 > Bepo Mongol versus El Mongol ruled a no contest / Notes: It is unclear as to what venue was the site of this card. Assassin #1 managed Bepo Mongol.

MAY 10, 1974 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Steve Keirn and Art Nelson wrestled to a draw > Dennis Stamp defeated Big Mac > Bob Sweetan defeated Earl Maynard > Ole & Gene Anderson defeated Jerry Oates & Jose Assari > Jos LeDuc defeated Bobby Duncum by disqualification > Bob Armstrong, Jerry Brisco & Robert Fuller defeated Ron, Terry & Jimmy Garvin > Title versus Title Match (No TL / No DQ): Bill Watts defeated Mr. Wrestling #2 / Notes: Jimmy Garvin managed Ron & Terry Garvin. For the match with Mr. Wrestling #2, Bill Watts retained the North American Heavyweight Title and won the Georgia Heavyweight Title. Big John was the special referee for the match.

MAY 10, 1976 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Charlie Harben – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > El Bracero defeated Mitsu Hata > Skip Young and Yasu Fuji wrestled to a draw at 15:00 > Dean Ho defeated Moondog Mayne > Dick Slater & Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated the Red Devils > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: Mark Lewin defeated Spoiler* by disqualification / Notes: Gary Hart managed the Spoiler.

MAY 10, 1977 (TUESDAY) – MACON, GA – MACON COLISEUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Charlie Fulton defeated Dean Ho > Randy Savage & the Assassin defeated Ted Oates & Roberto Soto > Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Lars Anderson > Macon Heavyweight Title Match: Ole Anderson defeated Mr. Wrestling #2* to win title > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: Paul Jones* defeated Gene Anderson by disqualification

MAY 10, 1978 (WEDNESDAY) – COLUMBUS, GA – COLUMBUS MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Doug Gilbert defeated John Ruggers > Paul Ellering defeated Jacques Goulet > Tommy Rich & Adrian Adonis and Wolfgang & Helmut Schmidt wrestled to a draw > Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated the French Angel > Texas Death Match: Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Stan Hansen > 1,000 Silver Dollar Match: Ole Anderson defeated Rocky Johnson / Notes: Rock Hunter managed Wolfgang & Helmut Schmidt.

MAY 10, 1979 (THURSDAY) – ROME, GA – ROME MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM (Charlie Harben – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Wahoo McDaniel versus King Kong Mosca > Bob Armstrong versus Blackjack Lanza / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Bobby Heenan managed Blackjack Lanza and King Kong Mosca.

MAY 10, 1984 (THURSDAY) – CINCINNATI, OH (Les Thatcher – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Tim Horner defeated Bob Roop > Brad Armstrong defeated Jake Roberts > Ted DiBiase defeated Sweet Brown Sugar > Les Thornton and Tommy Rogers wrestled to a draw > King Konga defeated the Spoiler by disqualification > The Road Warriors defeated Ron Garvin & King Kong Bundy / Notes: Paul Ellering managed Jake Roberts, Ted DiBiase, the Spoiler, and the Road Warriors.