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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Misunderstood, Wildly Popular, Brutal, Fun, Criticized, Cool: Kimbo Slice! On The Cover Of ESPN The Magazine

Courtesy of ESPN The Magazine:

For Immediate Release
May 21, 2008 860-766-2000

IndyCar’s Helio Castroneves Tells The Mag that the Third Time will be the Charm And Bill Simmons Plays Word Association – KG. Clutch?

Look past his bald head, unruly beard, gold teeth and inked-up muscles on top of muscles. Look past the fearlessness that evokes fear in so many people, and you will find that MMA star Kimbo Slice lives a life of stark contrasts: In this week’s ESPN The Magazine cover story, “Not Quite What You Were Thinking,” writer Dan Le Batard takes a close look at the YouTube legend on the eve of his network debut and reveals that beyond his scary exterior Kimbo is a thoughtful friend, loving dad and a budding entrepreneur.

“He says he can see souls tremble, and dreams of tearing off a man’s arm and beating him with it.” Dan Le Batard writes.

Le Batard: “Are you crazy, Kimbo?”

Kimbo Slice: “A little.”

Le Batard: “Are you evil?”

Kimbo Slice: “Just a little.”

“I could have been on the cover of the newspaper as a killer…But who would have raised my boys?” – Kimbo Slice

“I see myself as an up-and-coming, intelligent black businessman.” – Kimbo Slice

“…Kimbo slice is a clown.” – UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez on a radio show

Also in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine, on newsstands today, Wednesday, May 21:

Yes, he won new fans on the dance floor, but Helio Castroneves knows the best way to maximize his star power is to waltz down the Indy 500 Victory Lane for a third time. In “Celebrity Jones,” The Mag’s Carmen Renee Thompson profiles the two-time Indy champ and “Dancing With the Stars” king, and finds a man who truly loves the spotlight.

Mag editor Sarah Turcotte presents a first-person account of her quest to play in the LPGA’s Michelob Ultra Open….And…The Sports Guy Bill Simmons dissects whether Celtics star Kevin Garnett has game in the clutch.

Other exciting features in this issue:

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS. During the NBA playoffs, the last few ticks of the shot clock pit offenses against defenses that more or less know what’s coming. But what may seem like a desperate, last-gasp scramble is simply a few more seconds to show who’s boss. By Chris Broussard.

FUTURES GAME. Worried your buddies will clown you for watching the MLB draft? Peep our detailed preview of this Year’s talented class – led by ace right-hander Mitch Harris of the Naval Academy – and a few years from now you’ll laugh last. By Jeff Bradley, Jerry Crasnick and Keith Law.

BECAUSE REALLY, THIS IS NUTS. Sam Whittingham’s quest to pedal the world’s fastest human-powered vehicle is downright death-defying (and a ton of obsessive fun). By Tim Keown.