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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Phil Ross And BayView Entertainment Team Up To Release “Street Combat – Complete Mixed Martial Arts” DVD Set In June

Courtesy of BayView Entertainment, LLC:

BayView Entertainment and Hall of Fame Martial Artist Phil Ross are releasing “Street Combat – Mixed Martial Arts,” a four DVD and one CD collection, in June, 2008.

Hackensack, NJ, May 17, 2008 -- Hall of Fame Martial Artist Phil Ross and BayView Entertainment, one of America’s leading distributors of fitness, wellness and dance programming, are releasing an intense five disc (4 DVD and 1 CD) collection entitled Phil Ross’ Street Combat – Complete Mixed Martial Arts on June 10, 2008. The collection brings together four DVDs featuring Phil’s unique S.A.V.E. (Survive A Violent Environment) self-defense Mixed Martial Arts workout regimen along with an audio CD designed to stimulate mental conditioning and relaxation. The acclaimed S.A.V.E. DVD programs are intended to develop fitness and self defense skills by utilizing Mixed Martial Arts techniques with Phil’s guidelines and instruction. NJSportsonline.com named the S.A.V.E. series as “one of the best you can have,” placing it above the highly-regarded Krav Maga: Basic Combatives program. BayView Entertainment, one of America’s leading distributors of fitness, wellness, and other special-interest programs, will release the DVD & CD set in stores throughout the country and at all major online retailers, including www.Amazon.com, www.Barnesandnoble.com, www.BestBuy.com, www.FitnessFly.com, and others. The suggested retail price for the set is $59.99.

About the discs in the set – total running time 313 minutes plus audio CD.

Disc 1: S.A.V.E Level 1 – Learn footwork, kicks, and punches with this great beginner workout that teaches self-defense skills and tactics.

Disc 2: Fit 2 Fight – 90 minutes of heart-pumping, muscle-building fitness skills for the intermediate level martial artist; includes segments on grappling and defensive tactics.

Disc 3: Combat Ready – Advanced students will be challenged with this workout that includes high level combinations, defensive tactics, and grappling.

Disc 4: Let’s Sweat – The Ultimate Fitness Challenge includes one hour of routines designed to rip muscles, increase flexibility, and improve cardio strength.

Disc 5: Powerful Spirit audio CD – Training potential is maximized through empowerment and relaxation techniques explained in this mental conditioning audio program.

About Phil Ross

Master Philip G. Ross was the National Amateur Kickboxing Champion, an eight-time NJ State Gold Medalist, a National Greco-Roman Wrestling silver medalist, is a member of three Martial Arts Halls of Fame and has trained his students to hundreds of championship titles. In addition, Master Ross has instructed Federal Marshals, as well as numerous police agencies and private security forces. In addition to the martial arts and self defense application, Master Ross is a certified personal trainer and a celebrated fitness enthusiast.

About Bayview Entertainment, LLC:

BayView Entertainment LLC is America’s number one distributor of fitness, wellness, self-defense, dance and other special-interest DVD releases. Some of the diverse artists BayView represents include: Scott Cole, Judy Notte Howard, Cameron Shayne (Budokon), Phil Ross, Leisa Hart, Gilad, Patrick Goudeau, Amy Bento, Christi Taylor, Total Immersion Swimming, 8 Minute Abs, Joyce Vedral, Lynn Hahn, and Yoga Journal Magazine. BayView’s fitness DVDs include releases geared toward exercising the body and the mind. BayView Entertainment, LLC can be found online at www.bayviewentertainment.com or contact via e-mail at pr@bayviewent.com.

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