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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alan Wojcik Reviews New KayfabeCommentaries Releases

Courtesy of the medium-sized man:

Since coming onto the wrestling DVD market KayfabeCommentaries.com has brought together some of wrestling greatest minds, colorful personalities and Gabe Sapolsky for different styles of shoot interviews that take you where fantasy and reality come together. In the process they have created two unique series that keep getting better with each release.

The first series is called Guest Booker where Sean Oliver matches a great matchmaker, wrestling mind or Gabe Sapolsky with a fantasy booking scenario, sitting them in front of a dry erase board with a roster to do what they will. In this scenario we have seen Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon and Raven rebuild WWF of 1984, ECW of 1996 and now we get the brilliant "Playboy" Gary Hart (who passed away days after making the DVD) who is asked to save the Dallas Territory/World Class from the promotions demise that began in 1986. A little background is provided by Oliver so the fans understand the terrain of the promotion. During that time WCCW lost major talent to Bill Watts’ UWF, their booker Ken Mantell to another promotion, Kerry Von Erich to the infamous motorcycle accident that June and owner Fritz Von Erich walked away from the National Wrestling Alliance cutting his ties to the Crockett’s.

Oliver allows Hart to book WCCW as if none of that ever happened. The exercise has Hart book from the early summer until the annual Star Wars card Thanksgiving night. If you have seen either history of World Class DVD’s you already know Hart was a walking wrestling encyclopedia and booking genius. Oliver lets him shine as Hart saves the territory by using the link to the NWA World Heavyweight and Tag Team championships to make his talent look great. Along the way you get a history of the Texas wrestling scene and what could have been. I strongly recommend getting this to broaden your mind and learn what true genius in wrestling looked like.

The other new genre of DVD KC.com has created is called YouShoot which is a new spin on the traditional shoot interview. Instead of a faceless interviewer asking the questions, Oliver sits the subject down in front of a laptop, reading questions fans and wrestling webwriters have sent into the website. Past subjects include the always controversial Honky Tonk Man and Missy Hyatt and are they are joined by the hardcore original The Sandman.

Thanks to a unlimited amount of his favorite beer "Hak" holds nothing back on his time in ECW, WCW, the WWE version of ECW, TNA, drug use in the business, rats, divas and other sexual situations, Tod Gordon, Paul Heyman and other things you need to see instead of read about. Sandman and Oliver sit for 2 hours and 20 minutes keeping the viewer entertained as the wrestling fans make things fun, serious and sometimes downright stupid. Sandman comes across as all three as well as very intelligent on certain topics. Grab this one if you were a fan of ECW or the man who carries a beer, cigarette and Singapore cane everywhere he goes.

According to the website address listed above they have two new items in preparation: YouShoot with Jamie Dundee and Guest Booker with Greg Gagne.