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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chris Jericho And Santino Marella Interviews This Sunday On The Main Event!

Courtesy of The Main Event:

Coming off of our Jeff Hardy interview last week, We come back with back to back interviews with current Raw Superstars Y2J Chris Jericho, and Santino Marella!

Jericho is no stranger to The Main Event, making his fourth appearance on the show, As shortly before the 2008 WWE Draft went down He joined hosts Ryan Rider, Steve Rockamaniac and The Viz to talk about the draft, Mr McMahon's million dollar mania, his feud with Shawn Michaels, his acting career and this Sunday's Night of Champions PPV.

Meanwhile Santino Marella is excited to step into The Main Event for what is guaranteed to be a hilarious interview, He'll speak on his quick rise to fame, winning the IC title on his first night, The infamous OVW-Slap incident, working with Stone Cold Steve Austin, his "ex" Maria, and so much more.

We're also tentatively scheduled to be joined by Former WWE superstar Ken Shamrock to speak on his wrestling career, his MMA career, and what he's up to now. So be sure not to miss The Main Event Wrestling Radio Show, This Sunday Morning from 10:30am to Noon on CJLO (in Montreal) and around the world on MainEventRadio.com