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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Courtesy of GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com:


Peach State Pandemonium will feature Randy Harris, of the Southside Trash, as well as Bob and Pam Allyn, daughter-and son-in-law of the late Gordon Solie, tonight at 9:00 PM ET. We will also be recapping and reviewing the National Wrestling Alliance event held in Atlanta, GA, last weekend. Feel free to call in at (347) 324-5735. (Rich Tate)

World Wrestling Entertainment’s SmackDown/ECW crew will be at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, tonight. (Rich Tate)

Click here for spoilers from Tuesday night’s Total Nonstop Action tapings in Orlando, FL (Rich Tate)

Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling and Power Pro Wrestling are teaming up for a special Father’s Day event at the Recreation Center in Bremen, GA, on June 15. Bell time will be 7:00 PM, and doors open at 6:00. Ringside tickets are $9.00, and general admission is $7.00, although kids 6 and under get in free and fathers will be admitted for $6.00. Advertised: Cru Jones, Bulldog Raines, Frankie Valentine, Murder One, J-Rod, the Nightmare, Chris Lightning, the Super Destroyer, Jay Clinton, Chris Ganzer, Lamar Phillips, and Billy Knight. (Rich Tate)

AWA World-1 South will be at Buck’s Place in Ellaville, GA, on June 28, located at US Highway 19 South and 997 South Broad Street. Bell time is 8:00 PM. Advertised: the Bug defends the W1S Southern Heavyweight Title against Tommy Rich; Jake Roberts versus Lou Cypher; Jake Slater versus Chick Donovan; a three-way featuring Pete Cannon, Brokishi, and Pain; Ricky Romeo versus Francisco Ciatso; and Barney Rumble versus Big Bank Barfield. Call (229) 942-0902 for more information. (Rich Tate)

Championship Wrestling Overload will be at the Johnson County Recreation Department in Wrightsville, GA, on June 28. Bell time is 7:30 PM. Doors open at 7:00. Admission is $6.00, while kids between 6-12 get in for $3.00. Children 5 and under admitted free of charge. Advertised: Bobby Joiner defends the CWO National Heavyweight Title against T.W. James; Iron Bear defends the CWO Southern States Heavyweight Title against Cynder; Derrick Andrew Reynolds versus Damien; Damien Dread versus Loco Motive; and a three-way featuring Ivan Parker, Jorge Sanchez, and the Cowboy. Also advertised are Shawn Hunter, Will Allen, Flatline, Leatherface, Kage, and the Ringlord. (Rich Tate)

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Click here for a review of the Showtime All-Star Wrestling broadcast from May 31. (Larry Goodman)

Dan Masters has finished putting together a couple more clips from the National Wrestling Alliance event at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. Click here for some backstage footage with Mike DiBiase, and here for an interview with Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express, as well as their induction into the Hall of Fame. Bill Behrens sent us the footage of the NWA Anarchy match. Click here for the video. (Rich Tate)

Larry Goodman just finished with the final installment of the Q&A session at the NWA Anarchy Fanfest, held on May 31. Click here for audio, featuring Jerry Palmer, Bill Behrens, and the Devil’s Rejects. (Rich Tate)

GWH wishes a happy birthday to Magnum T.A. (49) and Mike Enos (45).

Today in Memoriam: Hans Lerche (1971) and Toots Mondt (82, 1976).


JUNE 11, 1934 (MONDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – FAIR STREET ARENA (Jason Thompson – Promoter) > Young Londos defeated Frank Remille > Eddie Stecher and Oscar Williamson wrestled to a draw > Bill Crussell defeated Spike O’Brien

JUNE 11, 1936 (THURSDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – NEW COLISEUM (Bill Metzger – Promoter) > Yusef Hussane versus Prince Lulani Manai > Southern Lightweight Title Match: Jack Ross* versus Johnny Marrs / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Jack Ross had been billed as Southern Lightweight Champion since January 8, 1936. Incidentally, Ross was also recognized as the Southern Light Heavyweight Champion during this time frame for promoter Frank Bettis.

JUNE 11, 1937 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – WEST END ARENA (Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby – Promoters) > Eddie Elzea versus Jack Bloomfield > Buck Lawson versus Petro Rossi > Women’s Match: Dolly Dalton versus Joan Rogers / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 11, 1945 (MONDAY) – SAVANNAH, GA – SAVANNAH MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Lou Masters, Dick Leonard, and Buster White – Promoters) > Al Massey defeated the Green Hornet by disqualification > Nick Carter defeated Vincent Lopez > Pat Kelly and Dobie Osborne wrestled to a draw

JUNE 11, 1948 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Johnny Long & Bobby Roberts defeated Jim Coffield & Al Galento > Babe Zaharias defeated Jack Page > Women’s Match: Violet Viann defeated Mae Young > Women’s Match: June Byers defeated Rose Evans / Notes: Rose Evans substituted for Helen Hild in the match with June Byers.

JUNE 11, 1954 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Harry Smith versus Frank Thompson > Jack Dillon versus Tex Riley > Don McIntyre & Chief Big Heart versus Jack Steele & El Toro > Bill Longson defeated Lu Kimm / Notes: Aside from the match between Bill Longson and Lu Kimm, no documented results for the remaining matches on this card have been found.

JUNE 11, 1960 (SATURDAY) – MARIETTA, GA – LARRY BELL AUDITORIUM (Elmo Chappell – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Doug Gilbert versus Corsica Joe > Lou Whitson & Doug Gilbert versus the Corsicans > Bill Dromo versus the Mighty Yankee / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 11, 1962 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Steve Manderson – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Pedro Godoy versus Chief Little Eagle > Andre Drapp & Ivor Barrett versus Lenny Montana & Laverne Baxter / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 11, 1965 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jesse James defeated Bob Dalton > The Corsicans defeated Billy & Bad Boy Hines > Greg Peterson defeated George Harris by disqualification > Tony Borne defeated Tony Baillargeon > Southern Tag Team Title Match: Mario & Al Galento defeated Joe Scarpa & Chief Little Eagle* to win title / Notes: Leo Newman managed Tony Borne. Al Galento was being billed as a brother to Mario Galento. Joe Scarpa & Chief Little Eagle had been the reigning Southern Tag Team Champions since they defeated the Corsicans on June 4, 1965, in Atlanta. It was announced that Eddie Graham would be wrestling on the card on June 18, 1965.

JUNE 11, 1966 (SATURDAY) – MARIETTA, GA – LARRY BELL BALLPARK (Elmo Chappell – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Greg Peterson versus Inferno #1 > Bob Armstrong versus Danny Little Bear > Bobby Shane & Greg Peterson versus the Infernos / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. J.C. Dykes managed the Infernos.

JUNE 11, 1971 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – PAUL JONES SPORTS ARENA [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Roberto Soto defeated Cisco Grimaldo > Dick Steinborn & the Professional defeated Rocket & Flash Monroe by disqualification > Kubla Khan defeated Fidel Castillo > Handicap Match: Klondike Bill defeated Homer O’Dell & Buddy Colt by disqualification > Georgia Tag Team Title Match: Ray Gunkel & El Mongol* defeated the Assassins / Notes: Ray Gunkel & El Mongol had been the reigning Georgia Tag Team Champions since they defeated the Assassins on April 2, 1971, in Atlanta. Homer O’Dell managed Buddy Colt. Charlie Smith was credited as being a referee for this card. It was announced that George Scott, Salvadore Lothario, Pepper Gomez, Ken Russell, Killer Karl Kox, Haystacks Calhoun, and the Sheik would be wrestling in Atlanta soon. Ray Gunkel participated in an autograph session for fans.

JUNE 11, 1973 (MONDAY) – COLUMBUS, GA – COLUMBUS MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Mark Starr versus Tiger Conway, Jr. > Midget Match: Little Tokyo versus the Haiti Kid > Derrell Cochran versus Bill White > Bill Dromo versus Sputnik Monroe > Jerry Oates & Mr. Wrestling #2 versus Bobby Shane & Billy Spears > Columbus Heavyweight Title Match: Bobby Duncum* versus Bob Armstrong / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 11, 1973 (MONDAY) – COLUMBUS, GA – COLUMBUS MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Dick Steinborn – Promoter / All-South Wrestling Alliance) > Bill Bowman versus Kubla Khan > Mixed Tag Team Match: Joe Turner & Barbara Owens versus Sheila Reeves & the Avenger > John Foley versus the Champ > Jack Armstrong versus El Mongol > Boxing Match: Wayne Cowan versus Ted Oates > Argentine Bolo Match: Argentina Apollo versus Assassin #2 / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Mr. X managed Bill Bowman and Joe Turner. Rock Hunter managed Assassin #2.

JUNE 11, 1974 (TUESDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Ann Gunkel – Promoter / All-South Wrestling Alliance) > Sky Hi Clark defeated Jerry Graham > US Heavyweight Title One-Night Tournament: Ray Candy (Winner) Assassin #2, Ox Baker, Jonathan Boyd, Norman Charles, Charlie Cook, Wayne Cowan, John Foley, the Great Fuji, El Mongol, Ted Oates, Angelo Poffo, Lanny Poffo, Oki Shikina, Crusher Verdu, Bearcat Wilkerson, the Mighty Yankee, and the Magnificent Zulu also participated / Notes: Rock Hunter managed Jerry Graham, Crusher Verdu & the Mighty Yankee.

JUNE 11, 1974 (TUESDAY) – MACON, GA – MACON COLISEUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > The Great Mephisto defeated Steve Keirn > Macon Tag Team Title One-Night Tournament: Ron & Terry Garvin (Winners) Dennis Stamp & Mr. Wrestling #2, Bob Sweetan & Big John, Robert Fuller & Bob Orton, Jr., Jack Welch & Gene Yates, Ole & Gene Anderson, Bill Dromo & Jerry Oates, and Art Nelson & Doug Somers also participated / Notes: It is unclear as to the pairings and results of the tournament. Jimmy Garvin managed Ron & Terry Garvin.

JUNE 11, 1976 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Wayne Cowan defeated El Bracero > Rick Martel versus Jan Nelson > Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Ron Bass > Stan Stasiak & Dick Slater defeated Ken Mantell & Dean Ho > Dusty Rhodes defeated Abdullah the Butcher > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: the Spoiler* versus Mark Lewin / Notes: Rick Martel and Jan Nelson were scheduled to wrestle each other, as were Mark Lewin and the Spoiler, but no results were reported after the card. Mr. Wrestling #2 was the special referee for the match between Dusty Rhodes and Abdullah the Butcher. Gary Hart managed Abdullah and the Spoiler.

JUNE 11, 1977 (SATURDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – WTCG STUDIOS (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Dick Slater defeated Mike Pappas > Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Tom Lackston > Handicap Match: Waldo Von Erich defeated Terry Gibbs & Eddie Griffin > Tony Atlas defeated Bill Howard > Harley Race defeated Randy Alls > Ole & Gene Anderson defeated Mike Stallings & Larry Cheatham / Notes: This was taped for the “Georgia Championship Wrestling” television program hosted by Gordon Solie.

JUNE 11, 1979 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Charlie Harben – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Genichiro Tenryu defeated Bill Howard > Mike Stallings defeated Carl Fergie > Ray Candy defeated Chick Donovan > Tony Atlas versus the Masked Superstar ruled a no contest > Georgia Tag Team Title Match: Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff* and Tommy Rich & Wahoo McDaniel wrestled to a draw / Notes: Bobby Heenan managed the Masked Superstar.

JUNE 11, 1982 (FRIDAY) – CHARLESTON, WV (Les Thatcher – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jerry Brisco defeated Tom Prichard > Buzz Sawyer defeated Kevin Sullivan > John Studd versus Leroy Brown ruled a no contest > Dusty Rhodes & Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated the Masked Superstar & the Super Destroyer > Ric Flair defeated Tommy Rich

JUNE 11, 1983 (SATURDAY) – CHATTANOOGA, TN – CHATTANOOGA MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM (Bill Dundee – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Carl Fergie versus the Masked Panther > Rick Rood & Joe Lightfoot versus the French Angel & the Bounty Hunter > Brett Wayne versus Norman Frederick Charles III > Larry Hare & Bill Rose versus the Fantastic Ones > Ron Garvin versus the Iron Sheik > Bill Dundee versus Dutch Mantell / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Jim Cornette managed Carl Fergie, Norman Frederick Charles III, the French Angel, and the Bounty Hunter. Paul Ellering managed the Iron Sheik.