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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More WWE® Fans Win RAW® Money

Courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.:

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 16, 2008 – The second week of winners in McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania™ giveaway has been announced. Eight lucky fans of “Monday Night RAW” won a total of $1 million dollars on tonight’s episode after each receiving a phone call from Mr. McMahon and knowing the correct password.

Just a few days ago, Denzel Parker, 15, from Virginia Beach, Va., was finishing his freshmen year at Landstown High School. Tonight, he is the winner of $125,000 in the second week of McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania.

Michael Leyva, 41, from Monroe, NC., was the second winner in McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania receiving $100,000 of Vince McMahon’s cash.

Jesse Jordan, 32, from Bethel, Ohio was the third winner in McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania receiving $50,000 direct from Mr. McMahon’s wallet after the original caller did not pick up their phone.

Kyle Mathisen, 26, a disabled Navy veteran from Hoyt Lakes, Minn., was the fourth winner in McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania receiving $175,000 of Vince McMahon’s fortune.

True to his character, Mr. McMahon called the fifth winner, Becky Carmon, 55, from Advance, NC, and surprised her with the charitable sum of $16. Vince McMahon made it up to the next caller, Alana Ayres, 23, from Westmont, Ill., who received $174,984 from the chairman’s personal bank account.

Peter Mauer, 39, from Bloomville, NY was the seventh winner in McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania receiving $75,000 of Vince McMahon’s own money.

Vince McMahon saved the best for last, giving away the most to date at $300,000 and saying thank you to Frank Turbeville, 32, from Haddon Township, NJ for watching Monday Night RAW.

In addition to the one million dollars given away on air, lucky fans attending tonight’s show were in the right place at the right time. Chairman McMahon continued his Million Dollar Mania generosity by giving away an additional $10,000 to attendees live at the E Center in Salt Lake City.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will continue to give away his personal wealth for a grand total of $1 million dollars each week as long as he likes. To participate, viewers must register on wwe.com each week and then watch Monday Night RAW on USA Network to acquire the code necessary to win. Winners will be contacted live throughout each Monday Night RAW broadcast.

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Note: Al lwinners must be confirmed in accordance with the Official Rules to claim prize, and if a winner is not so confirmed, that winner’s prize will be re-awarded.

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