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Monday, June 16, 2008

MSCW 6/15 Results

Courtesy of Lekisha F. Oliver-Burdine:

Last night Mid-South Championship Wrestling returned home to Bowling Green, KY and to Sunday nights. Many old faces came out along with many news faces. Attendance was around 60-70. Your referee's for the night were Terry Brown and "Wild" Bill Miller.

Mid-South promoter, JW Wildfire opened the show and welcomed everyone back to Mid-South Championship Wrestling and back to Sunday nights. He talked quickly about the tradition of Sunday night wrestling in Bowling Green and how glad he is that we are back. He told everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Match #1) "The Real Deal" Derrick Neal pinned "Impressive" Anthony Wayne w/ Big E.

Wayne tossed Neal to the outside. As Neal was on the apron Anthony went to suplex him in. Neal blocked and hit a sunset flip. Wayne held onto the top rope and the referee saw this and kicked his arms. Wayne fell back for the three count.

Match #2) David Rose & The Flying Dragon beat "Honest" Jimmy & Double D.

Match #3) Kid Dynamite beat "Impressive" Anthony Wayne.

Anthony Wayne came out whining about his loss earlier. Commissioner Triplet then told Wayne he would make it up to him and allow him to wrestle again. He then brought out Kid Dynamite. Dynamite went for a monkey flip but Wayne held on and rolled Kid up with his feet on the ropes. The referee again saw this and pulled Wayne over allowing Kid to roll Wayne up for the win.

Match #4) "The Redneck Outlaw" Otis Bass w/ Big E retained the Southern Kentucky Title over JW Wildfire by DQ.

Otis grabbed the cowbell like he was going to use it. He tossed it to JW and then hit the mat. The referee turned around and then saw Wildfire with the bell.

Match #5) "The Southern KY Superstar" Randall Shane & "The Notorious" Vic The Bruiser beat Val Joiner & Eric Benjamin to become the new Mid-South Tag Team Champions.

Vic and Eric go to the outside. Val and Randall are battling on the inside. Shane holds Val up for Big E to throw powder but they both duck and the referee gets hit and goes down. With the referee blinded Val hit Shane with his version of the code breaker and covers him. The referee can't see whose covering who but makes the count. Vic then comes in and hit's Val with a samoan drop. He then puts Shane onto Val. The referee finally gets enough powder out of his eyes and see's Shane on top. After the match Vic and Shane take out Eric Benjamin.

Match #6) "Cowboy" Bud Ellis beat Mid-South Heavyweight champion, "The Headliner" Chris Michaels via countout.

After the match Bud challenges Chris to a "Lumberjack" match next week for the title. Commissioner Triplet makes the match.

MSCW returns to Bowling Green, KY next Sunday night at The Boys and Girls Club. Doors open at 6 PM with bell time at 7 PM. Admission is $6.00. Kids 4 and under get in FREE.

Mid-South Heavyweight Title
Lumberjack Match
"The Headliner" Chris Michaels vs. "Cowboy" Bud Ellis

Grudge Rematch
The Flying Dragon & David Rose vs "Honest" Jimmy & Double D