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Saturday, June 7, 2008

NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP!: PTW Wrestling - "What It Takes", Sat 7th June, Yorkshire

Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling:

In what has to be considered a major shock, the PTW Heavyweight Title changed hands in Ossett, Yorkshire; as Shabazz lost the championship to 'The Dark Angel' Mayhem under controversial circumstances. This, and more, as we welcome you to the results recap from Power Trip Wrestling - 'What It Takes', on Saturday 7th June....

* PTW's boss, Peter Staniforth, came out to start the show, and was immediately cut off within a couple of sentences; by the arrogant punk rocker Jack Toxic. Toxic went on to make his 'four reasons' why he felt PTW, Yorkshire, and Peter himself 'sucked'. Peter stood in the centre of the ring, took his sunglasses off, invited Toxic to do the same and say it to his face; and the two had a very intense staredown. Breaking the tension, Staniforth said that four insults....justified four OPPONENTS, and put Toxic into a gauntlet match; where he would have to fight one after another, after another...after another. Jack Toxic had a tantrum, claiming he'd only wrestle what he was booked for, a singles match; but after being taunted by Peter that 'being from Manchester, I guess I've confused you and I figure you might not even be able to count to four' - he decided that he'd take the challenge.

* Jack Toxic defeated James Dean Monroe, Danny Verile, James Tyler, and Bobby Falcon.

* El Ligero & Matt Myers defeated Martin Kirby & Nathan Irwin.

* Abdullah Qidar defeated Scott Adams.

* In the Six Man Tag Team Match, with elimination rules; the team of Sam Bailey & Alex Cyanide & Raynaldo faced off against Darren Mason, Adam James Bullivant, & Sam Baxter; with the final wrestler standing tall as the winner at the end being Darren Mason.

* In what must be considered an incredible upset, 'The White Light' Kevin Carter defeated Mad Man Manson.

* Damned Nation (Dragon Aisu & John Cameron) defeated Brad Flash & Mikey Riot.

* In the main event of the evening, 'The Dark Angel' Mayhem (w/Dan Edge) defeated Shabazz. Wild action around the arena, saw an even match, until two men jumped out of the crowd on behalf of Mayhem and attacked Shabazz, leading to the pinfall. These two men would be revealed as 1PW Academy wrestlers, who took it upon themselves to interfere in the match. Why? We're not sure. Peter Staniforth was way past furious, positively ballstic in fact; and came out to ringside and stated that Shabazz would get an immediate rematch. Shabazz took the microphone, and said that it took three people to beat him; and reiterated the desire for a rematch.

Dan Edge took the microphone, and stated if there was a rematch, it would be on their terms; and it would be a 'Three Stages of Mayhem' match. He led on to explain, that the first match would be decided by a standard pinfall, the second match would be an 'I Quit' match, and the final would be under 'Last Man Standing' rules. Mayhem would tease Staniforth by offering him the belt, as Peter reacted, he pulled it away. Peter shouted in anger, and Mayhem reacted in shocking fashion by punching PTW's owner out cold and left him laying on the floor. Shabazz attacked the 1PW Academy wrestlers and left them laying, and the challenge was accepted!

What goes on from here?! What is for sure are the following facts ....

1) We have a new PTW Heavyweight Champion, 'The Dark Angel' Mayhem; and Dan Edge's 15 month long quest to take the PTW Heavyweight Title into his managerial clutches has finally come to fruition.

2) Shabazz is furious that it took three people to beat him, and is literally counting the days to the rematch.

3) There's some kind of bad feeling between 1PW and PTW, and there is speculation that it is due to Peter Staniforth's well known past. We have no idea yet, why it would lead to 1PW Academy wrestlers to come to a PTW show and interfere in a match; but we're sure we'll find out.

4) After being knocked unconscious at ringside, Peter is currently taking a little time to evaluate the situation and the options that PTW have in the matter. He's as angry as hell, but he's also not talking....and that's worrying, as he is never short of words. What bearing do all the events of PTW 'What It Takes' have on the short term, and longer term future of Power Trip Wrestling?!......