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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Over One Million Fans Enter McMahon's Million Dollar Mania

Courtesy of ePrize, LLC:

PLEASANT RIDGE, Mich., June 11 -- In only one week, over one million WWE fans have signed up for McMahon's Million Dollar Mania, registering over two million sweepstakes entries. Traffic to the promotion site continues to reach historic levels as viewers look to cash in on World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Vince McMahon's generosity. The frenzy hit an all time high during the June 9 broadcast of Monday Night RAW on the USA Network when users signed up at a rate of 9,000 per minute.

"There was a fever of anticipation Monday night in Oakland," said Gabe Karp, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of ePrize. "We were thrilled to see this level of exhilaration matched through the online promotion. As Mr. McMahon knows, and this sweepstakes is proving, it's all about the money. Nothing moves viewers to their computers faster than cold, hard cash and the chance to be part of a dynasty like the WWE."

Unless fans visit WWE.com and register, they will have no chance of receiving a call from Mr. McMahon live on Monday Night RAW. It's just a matter of time before the Chairman closes his personal ATM machine to viewers. Fans may take part in the mania by logging onto WWE.com for their chance to win. Mr. McMahon will be sharing a million dollars of his personal wealth again on RAW, Monday, June 16, live from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eight winners were called live on Monday night and asked for the password to claim their part of McMahon's fortune. Steve Rosenzweig, the final winner of the evening, took home $250,000. As a longtime WWE fan, the 42-year-old internet retailer was thrilled to win from Mr. McMahon. "This sweepstakes," said Rosenzweig, "can definitely make a dream or two come true."

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