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Friday, June 13, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling – Episode 47

Courtesy of Larry Goodman:

Airing May 31, 2008 on ION Network affiliate WNPX 28 in Nashville

Showtime Allstar Wrestling TV is available at www.sawonline.tv along with other exclusive video content.

Michael St. John and Reno Riggins did the opening from the interview area this week with the fans chanting “S-A-W, S-A-W, S-A-W” in the background.

(1) Sean Casey (with Tiana & Sexy Lexi) beat C. M. Sigmon in 4:58. Casey was ecstatic about his entourage. Lexi entered the ring by straddling Casey as he lounged across the middle rope. Sigmon got off to a fast start with a flying headbutt for a two count. Casey bailed and used his ladies as a shield to set up a sucker punch on Sigmon. Lexi got in some punches of her own. Reno said she looked like a tough broad. Casey used a middle rope leg drop to the back of Sigmon’s head, but Sigmon got a foot on the ropes. As Casey worked over Sigmon, MSJ noted that Lexi was more involved in the match. Riggins said he would like to get to bottom of what their roles were. Casey paused to get a kiss from each of his ladies, and Sigmon rolled him up for a two count. Sigmon used some short rights to spark a comeback and hit a powerslam for a near fall. Riggins said Sigmon was working with an injured ankle and a damaged cheekbone. Sigmon got another two count with a rolling reverse. Lexi tugged away at Sigmon’s leg, and Casey capitalized with the superkick for the pin.

Throw it up. Throw it down, baby. The sexiest thing to ever hit SAW is back in town.

MSJ interviewed Casey and his harem. Casey informed the smart marks that Lexi was the legit daughter of Brian Pillman. Casey said he got robbed of the title last week against champion Damian Adams. “Shades of Brian Pillman shining through,” said Lexi. Casey said it was time to party and MSJ was not invited. St. John confessed he was sweating.

Showtime Allstar Wrestling returns to the Saw Mill in Millersville, Tn on June 6 with Damian Adams (c) vs. Kid Kash for the SAW Championship.

MSJ was in the ring with “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant and Arrick Andrews. Our heroes were riding high after what they did to the Tennessee Violence Authority last week. Boogie said that after beaten down for months (no exaggeration), Dream Team found a way to survive. They rolled a tape of the lights out incident that ended with TVA laid out and Dream Team in possession of their weapons. Andrews said Paul Adams been trying to take him out for a long time, but Dream Team was finally on a roll. Paul came out on the ramp with TVA, who were selling the beating like two creaky old men. Riggins intercepted them. Two police officers entered the ring with a warrant for Dream Team’s arrest on aggravated assault charges. The cops confiscated the pool cue and sledgehammer and put the cuffs on Dream Team. Paul was beyond self-righteous on the mic.

You need to get them out of here. They need to go have three hots and a cot over at the Crossbar Hilton downtown. That’s where thugs and hoodlums like that belong.

MSJ called it a travesty. Paul said he felt safer already. Hammerjack claimed he had been unable to sleep. Dillinger said he violated with his own pool cue. As the cops were escorting him out of the ring, Andrews said this was not over.

Back from commercial, Riggins and St. John were at a loss for words. They thought they had seen it all in pro wrestling and now this. They show a replay of the incident. Riggins wondered what action the SAW legal team (calling Bart Durham?) might take in light of the Dream Team’s arrest.

MSJ interviewed T. J. Harley about the injury that had put him out action. Harley called it a bump in the road. He explained that he hurt his leg doing a match in Canada and suffered a laceration that required 15 stitches. They showed a close up of the wound. Harley said he would be out for two weeks.

(2) Frank Malone (with Cody Malone) beat Shane Eden via submission in 1:17. Cody looked even weirder than Frank with bow tie, suit coat and shorts. Eden’s blows had no impact on Malone, who locked in the cobra clutch and choked Eden out like he was nothing. Malone left a pair of dice in Eden’s hand.

MSJ tried to interview Malone. Couldn’t get a word out of him.

A highlight package promoting the upcoming return of the Naturals aired.

(3) Drew Haskins beat Ric Santel (with Paul Adams) by lasting the five minute time limit. Santel was all business, pounding on Haskins right from the opening bell. Riggins said it was public knowledge that he was Haskins’ trainer. Riggins admitted that Haskins got lucky last week when Santel dropped his guard. Santel taunted Reno. Haskins came back with some pathetic punches. Santel kept beating Haskins down. Paul said he wasn’t going to soil his hands on Haskins. At the 3:30 mark, Santel was toying with Haskins and refusing to make the pin. Riggins said he was tempted to throw in the towel. Santel was rocked by a barrage of lame punches. MSJ said 30 seconds to go. Santel fired up and put Haskins on his facw with the Santel Slam. The bell rang at the count of two. The time was 4:41. St. John said the timekeeper hit the bell because his watch was a bit off. Santel was irate. Riggins said he had nothing to do with it.

Santel punished Haskins with another Santel Slam. Indian Outlaw made the save.

The Action Rental Slam of the Week was Kid Kash’s brainbuster on Jeff Jamison.

A Team was celebrated their dastardly dead backstage. Paul said (with Dream Team gone), SAW was an idiot free zone. Hammerjack was still focused on being abused by the Dream Team. Dillinger was relieved to have a safe working environment. Santel complained about the Indian interfering in his matches and asked for match against Outlaw next week. Paul asked Santel not to kill their buzz. It was time to go hit the Sizzler.

(4) Damian Adams beat Chris Cane to retain the SAW Television Title in 5:21. Kash joined MSJ on commentary. MSJ brought up the controversial “luck of the draw” to determine title challengers. “I can get my shot any time I want it. I’m Kid Kash.” Damian’s shoulder went flying into the post when Cane moved. Kash said he would never make a mistake like that. “Colossal Chris” worked on Damian’s arm. Kash said they both sucked. Cane hit a single arm DDT. Kash said Damian was getting manhandled by Frodo. Kash begrudgingly gave Damian props for defending the belt night in and night out. Damian made a one-armed comeback. Cane ducked the bicycle kick and landed a roundhouse to Damian’s bad arm. But Damian ducked Cane’s flying bodypress and hit the bicycle kick for the 1-2-3.

Kash presented Damian with the belt and offered to shake hands. Damian hesitated. The fans chanted “No! No! No!” Kash said he was still coming after the belt and they could do it the easy way or the hard way. Kash said it was all about competition, and he was extending his hand as a sportsman. The fans loudly voiced their disapproval. Damian fell for it. Kash laid Damian out with the brainbuster. He started to take the belt and then though better of it. The closing shot was Kash dropping the belt across Damian’s limp body.

Closing Thoughts: This episode was big on storytelling and character development. The wrestling was secondary. Casey’s ménage a trios is evolving into an interesting story. They teased tensions within Tiana. The arrest angle was great stuff. TVA acting mentally traumatized was hilarious. They made a huge deal out of it, really gave it a chance for impact to register on the viewer. Nicely done. The Harley interview was a neat credibility builder. The segment with Malone was just right –short and sweet. The risk is all in over exposing him. The longer they can keep the mystery going, the better. They’ve done a great job with the Haskins/Santel story. Santel’s cockiness got the better of him again. It was awesome the way they vaguely implied that Riggins surreptitiously helping his underdog trainee. The postmatch set up Santel/Outlaw. But where do they go from with Haskins from here? One thing for sure, It’s a sin for any wrestler from the state of Tennessee wrestler to throw punches likes Haskins. This A Team vignette stuck better than the last limo segment because it was less chaotic. They’re cementing Paul Adams as the ultimate evil mastermind, so his comeuppance should make for some choice stuff. Damian gave Cane way too much. It’s not like the guy is a top contender. It should have been complete domination, and Damian challenging Kash to back up his mouth. Still, Kash laying Damian out at the end did make me want to see the match despite one huge problem: it just can’t be a good thing when the fans are smarter than the babyface champion. Kash needs to do the right thing for Damian (and SAW) when they do the match.