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Friday, June 20, 2008

TNA's Cowboy James Storm Has Harsh Words For Dory Funk Jr. On !BANG! TV

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

Now on !BANG! TV, Cowboy James Storm calls Dory Funk Jr. an "Old Geezer." After the altercation on !BANG! TV, Dory Funk said, "James Storm shouldn't be calling me an Old Geezer because it makes him look bad when this Old Geezer Kicks his ass."

July is a big month at the Funking Conservatory as there will be two !BANG! TV Tapings back to back. On Sunday July 6th, TNA's Cowboy James Storm will appear on !BANG! TV and on Sunday July 13th, All Japan Pro Wrestling's talent scout, Osamu Nishimura will be wrestling and scouting talent for Japan.

Call now to see how you can tryout for All Japan Pro Wrestling in July - 352-895-4658

Two matches have been released for the July 6th TV Taping, Johnny Magnum will wrestle Blain Rage for the !BANG! TV title and Shane Chung will face Elvis Sharp for the Funking Conservatory World Championship.

For ticket information for !BANG! TV and for training information at the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School, Call 352-895-4658

The confrontation between Cowboy James Storm and Dory Funk Jr. is now on !BANG! TV at http://www.dory-funk.com.