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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CelebDirect Inc. To Fully Enforce The Trade-mark “In The Raw®” After A Successful Ruling Over The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) In Canada

Courtesy of CelebDirect:

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.--(July 22, 2008)--CelebDirect (Pink Sheets:CELI) is fully enforcing its rights and Canadian exclusivity for the stated wares and services connected to the Canadian "In the Raw®'' trade-mark. CelebDirect acquired the Canadian registered trade-mark “In the Raw®” from Danny Alex. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) Opposition Board issued its decision with respect to the Alex Opposition of the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) Canadian trade-mark application for "RAW." The ruling confirmed what Alex believed in that certain wares listed in the RAW trade-mark application 1,153,018 were confusingly similar (and thus lacked distinctiveness) from the Alex "in the Raw" registered trade-mark. The registered wares and services for "In the Raw®" in Canada are:


"Entertainment services, namely the performance of live music concerts; audio and video recording and production services; composition of music for others; public appearances on behalf of others; and endorsement of products and services of others."


"pre-recorded audio compact discs, audio cassette tapes and video cassettes; music videos; posters and photographs; key rings; clothing namely hats, caps, cowboy hats, T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, pajamas, lingerie, jackets and coats; pens; pencils; erasers; flags; pennants; towels; blankets and sheets; license plates; notebooks and notepads; stickers; playing cards; school bags and knapsacks; computer mouse pads and computer screen savers; watches; condoms."

The 23 page ruling was dated June 18, 2008 with the result the World Wrestling Entertainment’s Canadian trade-mark application 1,153,018 for “Raw” was denied for the following wares:

"pre-recorded records; pre-recorded audio and visual tapes; pre-recorded video tapes and cassettes, pre-recorded audio-cassettes, pre-recorded tapes; posters; mounted and unmounted photographs; full line of clothing, namely tops, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, pullovers, blouses, jackets, coats, trousers, pants, jogging suits, exercise pants, exercise suits, sweatpants, shorts, underwear, boxer shorts, socks, clothing ties, pajamas, belts, gloves, wrist bands, bandannas; headgear, namely hats, caps; stickers; playing cards; mouse pads."

CelebDirect is now fully enforcing its rights and Canadian exclusivity for the stated wares and services connected to the Canadian "In the Raw®" trade-mark. It is also investigating a number of other trade-mark infractions in Canada with regards to the trade-mark “In the Raw®” that it has identified and will provide further information to investors in the near future.

CelebDirect has begun and is expanding its’ sales and distribution initiatives for “In the Raw®” branded products and services across Canada via Direct Response initiatives and related media. The “In the Raw®” trade-mark contains all the ingredients for ongoing potent branding of “In the Raw®” products and services.

CelebDirect Inc. recently unveiled the Muscle Flex™ (www.muscleflex.tv) and is preparing for wide-scale distribution through 30 minute infomercials and related media. The Muscle flex is the only machine of its kind that delivers strength, flexibility and cardio training all in one fluid gliding motion. It also improves posture, sculpts and tones and develops long lean toned muscles.

CelebDirect acquired the trade-mark “In the Raw®” from Danny Alex for 40 million Class “A” Common restricted shares.

The Muscle Flex is a multi-patented fitness, wellness and toning machine. CelebDirect shall aggressively assert its patent rights with respect to the Muscle Flex™.

“Muscle Flex,” “Extreme Machine” and “Your Workout Starts Here …” are trade-marks of CelebDirect Inc., All Rights Reserved.

CelebDirect has finalized its purchase of "In the Raw®" trade-mark from Alex with the appropriate documentation currently being registered.

About CelebDirect

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