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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Gist Of It - Tonight's Episode Of 'ECW On Sci Fi'

From Tulsa's Convention Center:

- Mark Henry was trying to brag, but he was quickly interrupted by the longwinded Tommy Dreamer and his goofy sidekick, Colin Delaney. Dreamer wanted a title shot (yeah, that'll mean ratings), but Henry would only oblige if Delaney could defeat him.

- Speaking of goofy sidekicks, Matt Hardy had a pair, teaming with Finlay and Hornswoggle. That trio defeated Chavo Guerrero (with Bam Neely), The Miz & John Morrison. Chavo took a 'Tadpole Splash' and 'Celtic Cross,' then was pinned by Finlay.

- In a touching scene, Dreamer and Delaney affirmed their feelings for one another.

- Theodore Long and Tiffany were welcoming newly signed Atlas "Carlito Wannabe" Ortiz (Atlas Dabone). Even though he still "isn't under contract," Armando Estrada barged into Long's office and was made to face Ortiz. Long, Mike Adamle, and Tazz spoke about the "New Superstar Initiative," so guess that will be a regular thing.

- Ortiz defeated Estrada. Estrada dominated (and, fuck, did he use a lot of armbars!), but was eventually caught with the ever-impressive backslide and pinned. Atlas and his gear both suck, and even though some of the crowd sort of got behind him, I don't see the appeal.

- Henry squashed Delaney (with Dreamer). Powerslam and pin.