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Thursday, July 3, 2008

IMMAE Partners With The American Sports University And Ringleader Inc. To Launch The International MMA Hall Of Fame And International MMA Museum

Courtesy of IMMAE Media:

Huntington Beach, CA (7/3/2008) - IMMAE announced today a partnership with the American Sports University and Ringleader, Inc to launch the International MMA Hall Of Fame and MMA Museum. The International MMA Hall Of Fame is specifically designed to be all encompassing, in contrast to those launched by major fight organizations which honor only their contracted fighters. The International MMA Hall Of Fame will honor and recognize fighters from all countries and fight promotion organizations. It also seeks to recognize the work of Mixed Martial Artists from ancient Greek Pancrase Competitors in the Olympic games to Bruce Lee in the 70s. An ambitious schedule of post-humous inductions will be peppered in with the induction of modern MMA athletes from true no-holds barred wrestling to the Shooto organizations of Japan which preceded the modern American MMA scene. The producers of the Hall Of Fame felt that it was imperative to recognize these warriors as legends of MMA as equally as those that exist in today's scene.

The International MMA Hall Of Fame will be housed by the American Sports University, located In San Bernardino, CA. The American Sports University (ASU) is an independent and private degree-granting institution serving students from the United States as well as around the world. American Sports University addresses the need for high quality management of sports-related programs, with its sole academic focus on the discipline of Sports Education. Coursework is available for students who wish to concentrate in: Sports Health; Management; Marketing; Coaching; Training & Fitness; Recreation Management; Personal Security Management for Athletes; or Sports and Special Education at both the degree and certificate level. Programs emphasize theoretical and practical objectives in each area. ASU has made a commitment to promote the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and related combat sports. Even more ambitious is their desire to create MMA specific curriculum to supplement 4-Year Sport Management and Business degrees. This project is already in progress and underscores the special knowledge required for success specific to MMA.

The Hall Of Fame will be accompanied by a unique museum unlike that of any other sports museum. Unlike, many other sports museums which focus strictly on the athletes and their artifacts, the International MMA Museum will showcase the rich history of not only the athletes and promoters, but the manufacturers and the industry itself. MMA was born with a robust set of companies which overtime have grown into juggernauts and some of the top brand names in stores today. These companies grew along with the top fighters today, supported them, and the story of the athletes can not be told without the story of the companies that helped to build them. As such the museum will contain early artifacts and exhibits from early fighters and some of the first and now most prominent MMA companies.

ASU has agreed to house the International MMA Hall Of Fame And Museum in a gesture of goodwill to the MMA community. ASU -Founder and chairman Dr. Harry Hwang had the following comment, "We have finally found the right organizations to work with to make this MMA Hall of Fame possible, together with IMMAE, Ringleader Inc. and ASU great things will happen". The University is currently working on a qualification program to grant scholarships to hard working MMA athletes from across the country.

The relationship between IMMAE and ASU was made possible by Ringleader Fight News, a Southern California based newspaper which focuses on the MMA and Boxing communities. Ringleader Fight News has created one of the top combat sports focused newspapers. The newspaper is a publication for all types of fight fans including boxers, martial artists, coaches, clubs, schools, trainers and training centers alike. Ringleader's mission is to bring fight fans from Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts together. It has networked with the very best online fight related sites to bring "The Fight Fan" the most accurate coverage, information, updates, schedules and results from these sports.

The grand opening of the Hall of Fame and Museum is scheduled for the fall of 2008. A large ceremony will be held for the first inductees and you can expect top fighters and MMA celebrities in attendance. Jason Chambers, host of the popular Martial Arts show "the Human Weapon" from The History Channel, will MC the event and the inauguration ceremonies. New updates will be released over the next several weeks.

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For more information on "The Human Weapon" visit http://www.history.com/minisites/humanweapon

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