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Thursday, July 24, 2008

PTW Wrestling RESULTS (23/07/08) - Featuring BBC TV EastEnders Actor!!!

Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling:

* PTW's Summer Tour 2008 began way louder than we expected....we had sunshine, we had ice-cream, we had clipboards....and we even had a star from the worldwide known BBC Television soap 'EastEnders' in the building, no less than Jamie Borthwick; who plays the character of 'Jay Brown' and can be watched many times a week in the programme currently! And yes....he ended up getting involved!

Power Trip Wrestling - Summer Tour 2008 - 23rd July - Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK - Results and round-up

Attendance : 170

The evening began, in front of a loud and excited crowd, as PTW's boss Peter Staniforth came to the ring to loud cheers and welcomed everyone to the first of what will be six shows there. Peter made reference to EastEnders acting star Jamie Borthwick being in attendance, and invited him up to the ring and shook hands with him. Dan Edge took it upon himself to interrupt, and after verbally abusing Jamie and showing no respect at all; the young Mr Borthwick could take no more and shoved Dan Edge to the floor to the crowd's approval. Peter then told Edge that tonight, the ever present rivalry would continue between Peter and Dan; as it would be Peter's choice of tag team ('The Red Hot Swingers' G & Del Rico), against Dan Edge's choice of team (which he refused to reveal until the time). As Edge got out the ring, Peter said it was time to start the show with the first match.

* Marcus Phayer defeated Mason Storm.

* In an intergender match, the popular Aphrodite defeated Mikey The Pikey,

* 'Special Agent' Nick Bourne defeated 'A-Star' Andy Poole.

* 'Red Hot Swingers' G & Del Rico w/Peter Staniforth defeated Jay Cool & Dragonian w/Dan Edge.

G, Del Rico, Peter Staniforth, and a chosen young lady from the crowd celebrated and danced; and we went into a break for photographs, autographs and more. PTW are very open in our love for the fans, and the ring was full of children asking for things signed and pictures posed for.

* In Tommy Stevens's 'Chav Challenge,' where he offered out anyone from the crowd; including our Eastenders acting star; Tommy Stevens defeated what we have since found out was a wrestling trainee called Liam who had come to the show looking to see if there was any work available. The victory came from Tommy Stevens using, to the shock of many, the Styles Clash.

* Kevin Carter w/Peter Staniforth defeated 'FireStorm' Gino Perri, in a fast paced comedy match. Kevin was his typically easily distracted and hyperactive self; who got constantly excited over chants of 'seaside' and this lead to Peter hitting his own wrestler with the infamous Clipboard of Doom - purely to calm him down for a minute! Once he came round, Peter apologised to the crowd and Kevin; and explained that Kevin's just a little bit over excitable! The match was quick, full of action; and sharp moves; and Kevin Carter took the win with a cross-body from the top rope. After the match, Kevin once again got a little bit too lively and jumped up into Peter's arms to celebrate; and Peter once again hit him with the Clipboard and knocked him out temporarily to calm him down!

* And in the main event, which was an 'I Quit' Match, Captain TNT defeated 'Scorpion' Bill Duffy. Hard hitting, with wild action outside the ring, featuring a chain; these two nearly took the building down in their intensely fought battle. Captain TNT won the match, to the wild approval of the fans, when he literally choked out Duffy with the steel chain and forced him to say 'I Quit.' After the match, a furious Duffy was enraged and angered at the taunts from the crowd; and this lead Jamie Borthwick to slap him round the face - HARD - to the hilarity of everyone in attendance. Bill Duffy left the venue embarrassed and beaten, as the fans celebrated with Captain TNT.

* Peter Staniforth came out for one last time, to thank everyone for what had been a wonderful evening; but was caught out and totally surprised by his sister in law Jennie who pointed out that Peter's birthday was in a few days time and told Peter to get up in the ring; and the crowd sang Happy Birthday loudly as a very emotional Peter stood there in the middle of the ring smiling

We will have pictures very soon on our website, which can be found at www.powertripwrestling.co.uk; of the stars of PTW and EastEnders actor Jamie Borthwick for all to see, and we thank him for his involvement in the show last night. At PTW, we don't lay by the 'rules' of the 'establishment' and the people who think they literally own British Wrestling - we believe in having fun, and the main thing to us is entertaining the fans and everyone having a good time. That's what we're all about, and always will be!! Our next show is on Wed 30th July, so watch this space for more reports on Power Trip Wrestling's Summer Tour 2008!