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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Results From Fusion Pro Wrestling's Nexus 2008 4-Year Anniversary Show

Courtesy of Fusion Pro Wrestling:

Surprises instore when attendind Fusion Pro Wrestling shows. A.J. Styles and former WWE superstar Bobby Lasley in attendance.

Results from NEXUS 2008

Jack Mecidol def. Frostbite
Jack Mecidol gains a victory against Frostbite with a flying headbutt. The headbutt resulted in Frostbite losing his two front teeth and being rushed to the hospital.

Arik Angel and Incredible Kanto def. Jason Noel and Gregory Quest
Kanto won the match for the team by frogsplashing Jason Noel. After the match Mr. G.Q. gave Jason Noel two neck breakers due to them losing the match.

After a backstage interview Duff Doyle challenged Stondifirous to a match.

Stondifirous def. Duff Doyle
Stondifirous defeated Duff Doyle via a victory roll while holding the ropes.

The Phenomenal A.J. Styles def. Sensational Paul Diamond
After their match Billy V and Jeff McAllister came out and beat down both A.J. and Diamond Duff Doyle came out for the save only to be beat down with a chair by Stondifirous.

On The Bench with Shipright
Charles Shipright came back with his OTB segment to interview Fusion veteran Duff Doyle. Billy V, Jeff McAllister and Stondifirous came out and interrupted Charles. Charley B came out with important backstage information and Shipright cut to the Fusion Tron. Backstage Diamond and A.J. were demanding a 2 on 3 handicap match in which Victoria Starr and Ms. Starr set the 6-man tag match for the main event.

Dustin Uhrich def. Raheem Rashaad
This championship match was heavily contested after Raheem came out and interrupted the singing of the National Anthem at the beginning of the show. The match was going Raheem's way until the crowd bolstered Dustin's confidence levels in the ring resulting in him getting a submission win via an ankle lock. Your new Fusion Champion Dustin Uhrich

6-man tag Match
Billy V, Jeff McAllister and Stondifirous -vs- Paul Diamond, A.J. Styles and surprise partner BOBBY LASHLEY

Paul Diamond, A.J. Styles and Bobby Lashley dominated this match in surprising fashion. On a hot comeback Bobby Lashley came in and cleaned house. After a powers slam to Billy V he tagged in Paul Diamond. Diamond brought in a win with his Sensational Shooting Star press.