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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

VPW 7/26/08 Results W/ Jason Static, Javi-Air, Eclipse & Much More

Courtesy of Victory Pro Wrestling:

VPW Eclipsed 7/26/08
Official Results & Notes

VPW would like to thank the over 250 fans that came out to Deer Park for a special fundraiser event in support of the Deer Park Community Center. A lot of money was raised for a great cause and a fun time was had by all.

The night started out with a battle between two of VPW’s top cruiserweights, “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage and “The Miracle” Javi-Air. The sneakiness of the Best Bodies, Inc. member was not enough to overcome the heart of Javi-Air.

Next was a triple threat matches featuring two impressive VPW debuts and one VPW veteran. Nightmare defeated “The Answer” Pete Simmons and Hawaii Allen in a competitive match.

Following that encounter, a member of the Deer Park Community Center management team, Greg Stengel, came out to thank the fans for coming out and supporting the center. Stengel is known as Coach Greg to many of the fans in attendance. Unfortunately, Coach Greg was rudely interrupted by Nick Noshus. Noshus berated Stengel and demanded that he leave “his” ring. Eventually Stengel had enough and shoved Noshus down. This confrontation was cause for VSK, one half of Livewired, to hit the ring and prematurely start their match. Despite his best effort, Noshus proved too much for VSK to handle. That loss didn’t stop Coach Greg from dropping a big splash on Noshus to make sure that he shut up the bully for the night.

The fourth match of this special event saw Best Bodies, Inc. member, “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious defeat “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher.

After that was the VPW Championship match between champion Jason Static and longtime rival, Richie Tyler. Unfortunately, Tyler couldn’t overcome the leader of Best Bodies, Inc. While Static remains champion, he has number one contender Mack Daddy Flexx looming on the horizon.

Next was a singles match featuring members of rival tag teams. JMS of Livewired defeated Justin Toxic of Pretty Poison. Livewired and Pretty Poison have already had several encounters in VPW and both teams are looking to get a shot at VPW Tag Team Champions Eclipse.

It was then time for the Jerry Fitzwater Show. Fitzwater was back from his semiannual overseas hair beautification that caused him to miss the event two weeks back. Fitzwater’s guests were members of VTG Enterprises including Vinny the Guido, Scotty Rio and Johnny “Muscles” Marinara. Fitzwater was seeking Vinny’s thoughts on potentially being forced out of VPW. Rio and Muscles were set to face the Funky Fresh Boyz in a match that would have the losing team’s manager leave VPW. That meant that either Vinny the Guido or Ms. Terri would be gone. The Funky Fresh Boyz decided to crash the party and get their match going right then. The fans were hoping for Vinny to hit the road, but unfortunately, the Funky Fresh Boyz went down and Ms. Terri is out.

The eighth match was a special exhibition tag team match that will not be included on the DVD. The Flight Crew defeated Richie Tyler and Hawaii Allen. The Flight Crew consisted of Mike Flight and Jason Static. They were accompanied by Mile High Melissa.

The main event of the evening saw reigning VPW Tag Team Champions Eclipse defeat their archrivals, the Suburban SWAT Team. Both teams have been at war with each other for all of 2008 and things don’t look like they are cooling off anytime soon. Mikey Old School accompanied the Suburban SWAT Team to the ring.

VPW 2008 Upcoming Event Schedule

September 6th – Centereach VFW Hall
November 1st – Centereach VFW Hall
December 13th – Centereach VFW Hall

More dates to be announced!

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VPW Wrestling School

For those looking to enter the wrestling business as a wrestler, manager or referee, look no further than the VPW Wrestling School. The school is conveniently located at the Deer Park Community Center in Long Island. Sessions are held every Sunday from 4pm until 10pm. The Deer Park Community Center is located at 41 Homer Avenue in Deer Park, New York.

Call 631-357-1810 or email info@victoryprowrestling.com for complete details.