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Thursday, August 7, 2008

DVD Review: PWG Sells Out – The Best Of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Volume 1

Courtesy of Main Event Radio's Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson:

When a cult favorite band signs a major record deal, some of their fans turn their backs claiming they sold out, so when southern california’s Pro Wrestling Guerilla signed a national DVD distribution deal with Big Vision Entertainment, they decided to pre empt those cries, and title their Volume 1 release “PWG sells out” However unlike any musical act, you wont be hearing fans of PWG crying this as they’ve built up a loyal fanbase with their impressive in ring action and just as impressive roster, which not only features some of the best that So Cal has to offer, but also boasts the big names of today with the likes of Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Christopher Daniels, Bryan Danielson and AJ Styles, and what better way to familiarize yourself with PWG then with The Best of PWG Volume 1 now available on DVD.

Over the last few years ive been watching a lot of indy wrestling, although much of that was from here in Canada, slowly but surely the guys I had grown to enjoy here were expanding into the US, IWS stars Kevin Steen and El Generico are two examples of this, and one of the reasons I discovered PWG. As I began to watch more and more US stuff one thing was always constant, and that was PWG’s solid roster, solid lineup and solid in ring action. Month in and month out, Id take a look at the card and every time there was multiple matchups I couldn’t wait to see, and multiple big name talent from other companies all on one show. PWG’s greatness didn’t stop there as they always throw in a dash of humour, ranging from some of the most unique show names to the somewhat over the top announcers.

Looking more specifically at this DVD, PWG Sells Out is a 3 disc, 9 hour best of package offering up over 20 matches. The first thing you should notice is that 21 matches over a 9 hour period equals out to an average of 25 minutes a match, and in this day and age of people complaining about too much talk and not enough wrestling, then you are about to enter wrestling heaven with this DVD. It’s literally impossible, after watching the 9 hours of action to pick and choose some of my favorite matches without forgetting something just as worthy, that’s how good this DVD is, so instead here is a quick match listing…

Disc One: Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe, A cage match for the title between Adam Pearce and Frankie Kazarian, CM Punk vs. Super Dragon, Christopher Daniels vs. Jack Evans, Samoa Joe vs. Super Dragon, AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe and AJ Styles vs. James Gibson

Disc Two: Tag Team Titles vs. Masks Chris Bosh & Scott Lost vs. The Aerial Xpress
8 man tag Super Dragon, El Generico, Jack Evans, and Kazarian, vs. Scott Lost, Ricky Reyes, Davey Richards, & Joey Ryan, Super Dragon vs. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen in Guerilla Warfare, Tag Team Titles - Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs Super Dragon & Davey Richards, A cage match for the PWG title between Joey Ryan and. B-Boy as well as a pair of El Generico matches, one with CIMA and the other with Pac.

Disc Three: Guerilla Warfare Match for the World Title: Joey Ryan vs. Human Tornado, Mr Wrestling Kevin Steen vs Pac, Kaz Hayashi vs. PAC
Tag Team Championship - PAC & Roderick Strong vs The Briscoe Brothers
Tag Team Championship - Steenerico vs PAC & Roderick Strong and minutes after that match El Generico vs. Bryan Danielson with the world title on the line.

For those who may not enjoy some of the humour the announcers have to offer, a atmospheric audio track is offered which regardless of the announcers is always a nice option in my books because it allows you to enjoy the matches as if you were there. The DVD’s menus are also incredible with faceoff video clips before each match as well, all of which is just another added touch making this DVD the total package.

The back cover of this DVD jokes about how you should stop reading and quickly head to the register because someone might figure out that your ripping them off paying such a low price for a such a high quality product and I couldn’t agree more. When it comes to bang for your buck, this is the DVD of the year, buy it now, you wont regret it.

PWG Sells Out: The Very best of Pro Wrestling Guerilla is now available on DVD from Big Vision Entertainment. The 3 Disc set sells for 14.99 over at Big Visions website at bvdvd.com, You can also check out PWG’s official website at prowrestlingguerilla.com for more info.